My Inspiration

My Inspiration

Sunday, 30 October 2011

A really interesting post that will entice you all to read my blog all the time...

So, my bloggy friend Erin over at Living In Yellow put a link to my blog from her blog. And of course that means that about a billion people will see it and maybe click it and maybe read my blog.

Exciting? Yes.

Stressful? Even more so.

Now I feel like I have to write a really awesome blog so that when someone comes to my blog they're all "OH EM GEE, THAT GIRLS BLAWGGIYT BLAWG BLAWG IS SOOOOO AWESOME! I HAVE TO BE A FOLLOWER, RIGHT NOW!"

Yeah, I know. Scary.

So, here is my super interesting blog for today that will make people want to read my blog every day.

Ever notice how socks lose their match in the wash?

Isn't it weird that dogs have cold noses, even in the summer?

Onions are really gross.

OK, so, I can't think of anything super interesting right now. So maybe I'll just post some really cute pictures of my daughter.

We just did a Halloween shoot with our favorite tiny town photographer. Aislynn did the shoot with her bestie M, who has parents who are our besties Je and Ja.

I'm not going to post the pics with M, because I don't have permission from her parents, but just imagine how cute my little baby is with another really cute kid who is dressed as a flower. Super cute.

Here is my little chick a dee for you all to enjoy. 

Does it make me a bad parent that this one is my fav? 


Erin said...

So so precious :) she is the cutest little chic ever.

Anonymous said...

Love the photos! Also, the one of her crying is one of my fav's too!!! I have one of Elia crying like that when she was 3 months old - will always be one. See you both soon.

Just Another Mummy Blog said...

So glad other mom's know I'm not being cruel when I say it's my fav. She's just so darn cute when she's making that face. See ya soon Crystal!

Thanks Erin! We think she's pretty awesome too. :)