My Inspiration

My Inspiration

Saturday, 5 November 2011

A new inspiration...

Lately I've been feeling uninspired. I don't want to craft, make my house a home, blog, or even hang out with people. I've been in the dumps. The only day I actually left my house this week is Thursday. I went to Bible study in the morning and then I forced myself to go to my mommy group. And honestly, the only reason I went to Bible study was because a friend and I had organized for her to drive Aislynn and myself there. I even tried to call her in the morning to bail, but that morning her daughter had just happened to forget her lunch and my friend P had to go drop it off to her.

Basically that was a long way of saying, I'm totally down.

So when I saw over on Miss Mommy's blog that they are doing a Christmas ornament swap, I figured I would join in. I love Christmas, as you can read about here, and anything to do with Christmas usually brings me right outta my funk. So, here is my attempt to get outta this crappy place that I'm in right now.

Miss Mommy is doing a Christmas Ornament swap. Basically, you email them and join in on the fun! They will send you an address of someone in the world, you make an ornament, or buy a home made ornament, then mail it to that person, and in return, someone ELSE will send you a homemade ornament.

Doesn't that sound like fun?!?

I think so too.

So join in! Make a new friend! Yay Christmas!!


Erin said...

We definitely all get in those funks..and they suck. But I know you will get yourself out of it. I think it is a matter of just start doing..stop thinking about how you are down, just act. Once you get in motion, your mood starts to get better {at least it does for me}. I will be thinking of you though =)

Just Another Mummy Blog said...

Thanks for the thoughts, Erin. You're right, I just need to get moving and do something rather than wallow.