My Inspiration

My Inspiration

Sunday, 23 October 2011

A post for posting's sake...

It's been a couple days since I last blogged, and I thought my readers might be hyperventilating about how I haven't blogged in a few days.

I'm sorry, I love you all, I didn't forget about, I love you.

I've just been busy doing this thing called living my awesome life that, unfortunately, means blogging takes a back seat.

Cuinn finally had two days off in a row, which never happens, so I took advantage of it and spent all my time with him.

We even went to the bathroom at the same time.

Just kidding.

That's actually really gross.

But we have been spending an enormous amount of time together.

Know what's cool about being married?

I NEVER get sick of hanging out with Cuinn.

Like, y'know how you have a best friend? And you really love spending all your time with them? But there is still a threshold where you just need to go to your own place and be not with people? That just does not happen with Cuinn. I don't ever want to "go home" and "be by myself." Because, he is my home.

Now, that doesn't mean that I don't appreciate spending an hour in the bathtub by myself, or reading a book in my bed by myself. But, I don't ever get sick of him.

I hope my bestie doesn't think I get sick of her, but you all know what I'm talking about.

I hope other people in marriages feel the same way, because it's a really nice feeling.

Speaking of my bestie, Cuinn and I went over to our besties Je and Ja for game night last night. We didn't even play games. We got there, Je and I went to Zeller's because they were having a sale on our fav yarn, came back, got dinner ready, ate it (roast pork, mashed taters, corn and taco salad), then boys played video games and Je and I played crochet. So, I guess the boys played games, but us girls didn't. 

It was awesome though.

Je and I used to hang out like every day, and it was awesome, but then she got busy with some work stuff, I got busy with work/play groups/home stuff/personal stuff and we haven't hung out in like....3 weeks, which is a really long time for us. So when we were finally able to get together again last night, it was just so nice to hang out. Like, just hang out with our besties. No stress, no "best behavior", no effort, just friends.

Don't you love friends like that?

The friends who you know well enough that you can use their bathroom and not make up some excuse to end the night so you can just go home to use your own bathroom.

Oh shut up, you ALL know what I'm talking about.


Je and I have started new blankets. They're the same but different. Well, different colours, and the pattern is a tiny bit different, but only we would really notice. Yay for crochet!


I didn't really have anything to blog about, but I just felt like giving ya an update. Mostly because when I am following a blog, if they don't update in 2 weeks, I stop following them. For real. I'm not going to follow a blog that doesn't get updated, that's just rude. To me. The reader. Because you were all awesome in that first post I read, made me love your blog, and then you don't update? So rude!

So..I'm being not rude by blogging some mindless nattering that's going on in my head.


65 days until Christmas.

Just in case you were wondering.

And 83 days until my trip to England.

Oh, you don't know about my trip to England? Well tune in tomorrow, and I'll give you all the juicy details!

Good night all! Hope you had lovely weekends!


Krysta said...

Once in awhile I don't update my blog for 2 weeks Sarah! Haha.

So sweet what you say about Cuinn, and I agree... even when I'm away doing my dream job, I miss Ryan. Like crazy. Even when he drives me crazy, I don't want to be anywhere but with him. But he works away sometimes too so I may as well have fun while he's not home! :)

Just Another Mummy Blog said...

I know, but you were the first blog I ever followed, so I won't be stop following your blog. Plus, you were a friend before I started reading you blog. So you're the ONLY exception. :)

Yay for like our men!