My Inspiration

My Inspiration

Friday, 17 August 2012

A Friday Full Of Letters...

Dear Monday, get here sooner.

Dear Home, Clean yourself. 

Dear Laundry, Go do yourself.

Dear Bedroom, Clean yourself.

Dear Dishwasher, Empty yourself

Are you getting the theme here?

Dear Hubby, You're amazing. Thank you for making dinner, taking Aislynn out on a daddy/daughter date, bringing home donuts and then bathing Aislynn so I could have a rest. You're a rock star.

Dear Aislynn, you're always going to be my girl. I love ya baby girl.

Dear J, thanks for driving today!

Dear Oreo's, Why do you have to be so addicting?

Dear Donuts, You too!

Dear Self, sorry I missed both workouts this week. I'ma kill it next week though!

Dear Bed, I'm coming at ya!


An Update...

Holy Heck! It's been a long time. My excuse? I was "working" this week, and by working I mean babysitting my friends kids. I went from my one child, to 4 kids. 

First of all, how the heck do you working mums do things? I came home, made an easy dinner, put Aislynn to bed then crashed myself. It's a good thing I didn't have anything planned this week, or I would have totally bailed on all of them.

No shame.

Anyway, I've gotta lot on my mind today as well as a to do list that is a mile long. So today is just a point form update. Enjoy my friends.

~ My friend J and S and their son C? They are no longer friends. They are family. I just wanted to make it official. They are always there for us, they love our daughter and we love their son, they are just those kind of friends you know will stick around. Thanks again for everything this week J and S!

~ Cuinn and I went on a date on Tuesday night. Dinner and a movie. Wanna know how much it cost? $35. For dinner, movie, AND popcorn! I love saving money. It's become a bit of an obsession. Break down of date. Dinner - Boston Pizza was $25. Movie tickets - $10 for 2 tickets. Popcorn - $0. BAM! 

~ The newest Batman movie? Have you seen it? If you haven't, ya need to. Seriously. I am so a Batman convert. I loved it so much that I want to watch the first two again and then go to the theater and watch the new one AGAIN! I'm not going to say anymore, just in case you haven't seen it. Amazing.

~ I lied, I will say that Bane's voice was really annoying. I couldn't understand a lot of what he was saying but figured it out with the context of what was going on. Cuinn had a hard time to and even said on the ride home, "Now I know why you hate it when I mumble. Sorry babe."

~ My dad gets here Sunday night, my mum gets here Monday. Excited? Oh yes.

~ This weekend before they get here = stress. I have laundry to do. A room to clean. Groceries to buy. A child to prepare. I never understood why my mum and dad were so cranky before family comes over, and why we always got "the talk" about how we have to behave when the family is there. I get it now. I totally want to show my parents how awesome my kid is. How well behaved she is. How she is absolutely perfect. Which she is, except sometimes she doesn't sleep so well. Sometimes she screeches. Sometimes she hits. And I really don't want my parents to be seeing any of that. Do other people feel like this too?

~ Oreo's = temptation at it's finest. I'm a little ashamed to say I just completed one who section of them. And I really want to eat more but I'm forcing myself to not.

~ I have not worked out ALL WEEK LONG. I feel so lazy. J! I need a work out soon!

~ I have learned I rock at keeping your secrets, I suck at keeping my own.

~ When I have a lot to do, I make a list of all the things I need to get done. I always write, "Make a list" first so that when I have finished it I can cross that off right away. It gives me a sense of accomplishment and makes me feel like my list is attainable. 

~ When I don't go near my blogger dashboard for a week, I have a lot to catch up on. All of you, stop being so fabulous and writing blogs all the time. 

~ Don't though, because I really love reading your bloggity blogs.

Bye now, time to catch up on a million and 1 posts!

Friday, 10 August 2012

A Thankful Thursday...

Yeah, it's Friday, but better late than never, right?

This week I am thankful for...

1. The rain. It's totally gonna screw up our tiny town's festival this weekend, but we kinda needed the rain. And who doesn't love dancing in the rain?

2. The gas card Cuinn got for his birthday from his parents. Life saver!

3. Getting gas when it is 127.3 because the very next day it jumped to 135.8

4. My friend K, who is having a birthday today and we celebrated by going out for drinks last night. What fun!

5. My friend J, who is my work out buddy. Without her, I would just sit on the couch every day.

6. Once Upon A Child. I got a new carrier for Aislynn because the stretchy wrap doesn't work for her weight. It is regularly ober $100, but because I got it used, it was one $10. Boo ya!

7. My dad was here for a night and a day. He did some dishes, took us out to Tim Hortons and played with Aislynn. It was such a treat to have him here for a night. Can't wait until both my parents get here.

8. Both my parents get here in a week and 3 days!!

9. Clean laundry.

10. Crawling into bed after you've changed the sheets.

11. Our friend's new baby. He is so wonderful.

12. Root Beer. I always hated it growing up, but then when I got pregnant with Aislynn I craved it all the time and the love for it never went away.

13. Lemon water. The best drink ever when I'm working out.

14. Cuddles on the couch with my number 1 baby!

15. Coupons and flyers. I get a weird little thrill out of saving us so much money on groceries.

16. Caller ID. It allows me to ignore all those annoying telemarketers. Especially the one who has been calling me to take a survey about the upcoming presidential election. Seriously? I'm in CANADA! No president...

17. Listening to Aislynn's words. I love listening to her chatter and copying our words.

18. My handsome husband who just had a birthday this week. I am always thankful for that man.

19. Curling up in my reading chair with a good book while Aislynn is snoozing.

20. Photographs. I really love looking at pictures and seeing how much we've all grown.

What are you thankful for today?

Tuesday, 7 August 2012

A List Of Ten...

Y'know, if I wanted, I could probably do a link up a day since there are so many fabulous blogger ladies who do linky linky parties.

I try to just be original and do my own thang, but lately I have not been feeling too creative but I have wanted to blog, so the only way that I can do that in my head is to join in on the linky links.

So, Tuesday Ten is one of those things that I used to link up to a lot in the ol' days, and I haven't done it in a while, so today I'm going to make a list of ten. Enjoy!

10 Things I Love About Aislynn

1. When Aislynn is snoozy and needs a nap, she crawls into my lap and puts her arms around my neck and rests her head on my shoulder. Swoon.

2. In the morning, she cries out, "DADDY! DADDY!" because Cuinn goes to get her in the morning. When he gets to her room, she says in the sweetest little voice, "Morning!" I can't help but smile.

3. When she is in a silly mood, she scrunches up her shoulder, puts her hands to her cheeks and smiles, then makes this adorable little noise. I just want to squish her face!

4. She sometimes spills her water/milk on the floor if I give her a big girl cup. When she spills it, she looks at it, says "Uh oh...", stands on it and just looks at me as if to say, "I'm really sorry mumma."

5. When she is done eating, she asks for a napkin and wipes the table. When she's done, she looks at me with a very proud look on her face.

6. Aislynn is the most independent and curious child in the world. I love that wants to explore everything and that her mind is just a sponge, soaking up so many new things! I love seeing the world through her eyes.

7. She loves to say Nooooooo, like a roller coaster. Up and down in inflection. She says no for yes and for no, but when she says it like Nooooooo, up and down, she really means yes. When she says a quick NO, it actually means no. We're trying to get her to say, Yeeeeeees, but there's a part of me that wants her to keep her two no's.

8. I have a few clunky bracelets, and purses and Aislynn loves to put my bracelets on and carry my purse around while saying, "Pretty. Pretty." She even knows that she needs to keep her hand in the air so that the purse and bracelet doesn't fall off. So cute.

9. When Cuinn and I are hugging and kissing in the kitchen, Aislynn comes between us and pushes me to one end of the kitchen and Cuinn to the other. Then points at us and says,  "Don't!" So we pick her up and we have a family hug and all is well again.

10. Aislynn likes to pick out her own outfits for the day. She opens the drawers, and pulls things out to wear. She's surprisingly good at it.

Now go check out the other lists!!


Monday, 6 August 2012

A Time To Get To Know Me...

So all around the blogosphere there has been a bunch of these "If you really knew me..." type dealy's, and y'all know I love a good bloggo party. So I'm going to jump on this bandwagon and tell you all my deepest and darkest secrets.

Pshh, yeah right. But enjoy. 

If you really knew would know I have never said y'all in my life and I felt really awkward saying it right there in my opening statement.

If you really knew me... you would know that I hate mommy drama. In the last little while I have stepped out of the mommy groups so I can get away from a few toxic environments and it has helped my family immensely. I have gone from being in a group to being a freelance momma. I'll call my friends for a play, and that seems to be working for me. Who needs to be a member of a group when you can just be a drifter? 

If you really knew me... you would know that Gilmore Girls is my go to when I have PMS, when I'm in a crappy mood, when I need to feel comfort. 

If you really knew me... you would know that I really can't stand Rory though.

If you really knew me... you would know that onions make me want to throw up. I can't stand the consistency, the smell, the look. They look like the dead skin from a worm. Gross.

If you really knew me... you would know that when the phone rings I get super stressed out. I mean SUPER stressed out. My heartbeat quickens, I feel warm, my stomach turns and I want to run to the bathroom. What is that?

If you really knew me... you would know that living in a tiny town was the last thing I ever wanted to do. And I am loathe to admit that I like it. But you would know that I do love it here in our tiny town.

If you really knew me... you would know that Cillian Murphy is my boyfriend and you would do well to remember that.

If you really knew me... you would know that chips are my weakness. Not chocolate. Chips. Currently chips and cheese dip. Want to get on my good side? Bring over some cheese dip and whole wheat bite size tostitos and suggest a Gilmore Girls marathon. You've got yourself a friend for life.

If you really knew me.... you would be surprised to find out that I am really enjoying working out two times a week. 

If you really knew me... you would know that spending the night with my husband and my kid is more important to me than anything else in the entire world. Even cheese dip and chips.

If you really knew me... you would know that I am missing my mum and dad a lot, and that I am way excited about them being here in two weeks!

If you really knew me... you would know it's my husbands birthday today, and he is now off the phone and it's time for some cuddle time.

What would I know about you if we were best friends forever?

A Birthday List..

Today is a very special day in the Simpson home.

It's Cuinn's birthday! Today he turns one year older and wiser, so to mark the special occasion, I'm going to dedicate this post to the best hubby, friend and father around. I love ya babe. Here's 27 things I love most about you. Because, y'know, you just turned 27.

27 Awesome Things About My Awesome Hubby

1. When he tells a joke that goes over someones head, he does this really nervous laugh to make sure everyone know he was joking. This happens daily, and I love it.

2. Cuinn's the only person who is able to make me laugh, even when I'm right in the middle of being mad at him for something.

3. Cuinn is a fantastic father. Really. I love watching how he interacts with his daughter and how much he loves Aislynn. Warms my heart.

4. He knows when I have had a rocky day and he picks Aislynn up and says something like, "Why don't you have a bath, I'm going to take Aislynn for a walk."

5. Cuinn is the most thoughtful man I have ever met. And not just with Aislynn and me. My friend E just bought an XBox and he had a few games he had that he wasn't playing and he said, "Do you think E would like these games for her girls?" When we brought them to her, her girls were very excited and I could see the look of happiness on his face. He's such a good guy.

6. How his smile lights up his whole face.

7. He is the greatest hugger. Ever. Seriously man, if I'm having a bad day, his arms are where I wanna be!

8. He is so humble. About EVERYTHING. So humble, in fact, that I sing his praises all the time. Just so people know how awesome he is.

9. Cuinn makes it a lot easier for me when it comes to medical things since he has a medical background. Who needs to call a dr when I've got a medic in the house?

10. He's not squirmish at all when it comes to needing to buy me...erhm...y'know....lady things. Which helps because I don't even like to buy toilet paper... 

11. He kills all the bugs. All of them. 

12. He knows all the words to the Gilmore Girls opening credits. And sings them with me. At an alarming volume.

Pretty sure he'll give me this face when he finds out I told everyone this...

13. Remember how I said he was thoughtful? That goes for gift buying too. I never get chocolates on Valentine's day, because he knows that just ain't me. I get a book. Or a manicure. Or a brie maker. The guy gets you a gift that you love because he puts that extra thought into it.

14. Bath time is all daddy. I love hearing Aislynn and Cuinn splashing and laughing and singing in the tub. It is one of my favorite times of the day.

15. He is specific in his compliments. I know that sounds weird, but he'll tell me, your hair looks nice today. I like those pants on you. That is a pretty shirt. It makes me feel like he's not just giving me a compliment because he has to, it's a real compliment. I love that.

16. He eats anything. Even if it's terrible, and I overcooked the chicken and the rice is crunchy. He will eat it and thank me for cooking dinner.

17. He loads the dishwasher. I am inept at this, so it's quite the feat to me that he is so amazing at it.

18. When reading a book to Aislynn, he does the voices.

19. He makes me laugh every single day.

20. Before he leaves in the morning he kisses me, kisses Aislynn, then kisses me again and says, "Bye my loves. Have a good day."

21. Then he texts me during the days and says, "How are my loves?"

22. When Aislynn is eating yogurt, she will offer him a spoonful. He always accepts.

23. His patience for my antics is overwhelming. Seriously, I'm an impossible woman to live with.

24. He introduced me to Walking Dead. (This one should have been number 1)

25. Women aren't the only ones who partake in gossip, and Cuinn loves to gossip with me. Which I think is hilarious, because who doesn't love a bit of gossip?

26. He keeps all my secrets.

27. When I lie my head on his chest, he plays with my hair. It's so nice.

My darling, Cuinn. You are my best friend. The father to our baby. My partner. My husband. I am so grateful for all that you do and all that you are. I love ya babe, and here's to 150 more.