My Inspiration

My Inspiration

Wednesday, 30 November 2011

A fantastically easy and delicious recipe...

First things first...


It is November 30, and we finally have our first snow that will probably stay. We had a few flurries a couple Thursday's ago, but it didn't stick, so I am happy to report that we finally have snow! Hopefully my fellow Canadian readers will share my surprise that we didn't get any until now, anyway, I'm super happy that there is finally snow on the ground. I have been waiting (and sweating) all summer for the snow so Aislynn and I could play in the snow. So we took advantage of Daddy's day off and "played" in the snow.

For all over....5 minutes?

It's hard to play when your daughter has almost no mobility in her snow suit. Here are some cute pics though!

Daddy getting Aislynn in her snow suit. 


Walking about..

She wasn't really sure what to make of it. I think she was just annoyed that we suited her up and sat her on the ground outside. 

Baby's first snow angel! Ha ha.

So, yay. We had a play in the snow.

Then we came back inside, mommy put Aislynn down for a nap and then I got to baking.

I found an interesting recipe for some apple banana muffins a while ago on a blog I follow. I don't even remember which blog. But I copied and pasted it into a document on my computer and it was saved under "recipes from blogs that rock". Usually I write where it came from, but for some reason, I didn't this time. SO if this recipe looks familiar, tell me! I need to give you mucho credit!

I have never thought of mixing banana and apple together in a muffin, but I had planned on making some muffins for our breaky for the next little while since I am super bored of giving Aislynn the same old thing I always give her. (fruit, toast, cereal, oatmeal) I really liked this recipe. No sugar! I mean, there's still honey, but I was kinda excited about not putting any sugar into it. I dunno, something about the lack of sugar makes me feel better about giving these to Aislynn for breakfast. 

Here's the recipe. 

1 1/2 cups all purpose flour
1/2 cup old fashioned oats 
2 tsp baking powder
1/2 tsp baking soda
1/2 tsp salt
1 tsp cinnamon
3 tbsp vegetable or canola oil
1/2 cup honey
1 egg
1/2 cup milk
2 bananas, mashed
1 medium appled, peeled and grated (I used gala)

Preheat oven to 350 degrees. Combine the first 6 ingredients in bowl and mix. In a separate bowl, whisk the remaining ingredients together. Slowly add the flour mixture into the wet ingredients and stir until just combined. Grease a muffin tin or line it with muffin cups and fill each cup 3/4 full with the batter. Bake for 15-20 minutes or until a toothpick comes out clean.

Now, I did make a couple of adjustments. I used about 1/4 cup of honey and 1/4 cup of corn syrup. Because I didn't have enough honey. I also put in an extra banana, because I like my muffins banana-y. 

Let me tell you. Easiest muffins I have ever made. For reals.

And look how nice they turned out!

I just noticed that I start out making my muffins small so that I have enough batter to make all of the muffins, then by the time I get to the end I make them huge because I want to use all the batter up. Does anyone else do this?


They also tasted dee-lish-us.

Seriously, they are so yummy. And since they were so easy, I'm going to make another batch tomorrow and freeze some.

Do you have any awesome recipes I should try?

Oh, also, I have some exciting news about Christmas this year. I was still trying to wrap my head around the awesomeness of it and trying to figure out the particulars. Now that it's all for real in my head, I'll totally share it with you tomorrow. Tee hee, there's the hook, now you HAVE to keep reading my blog. See ya later, friends!

Tuesday, 29 November 2011

A Tuesday Ten Link Up Party

Hey readers!

Well, it's Tuesday, and you know what that means?

Tuesday Ten Linky Linky!

Today I am linking up with Miss Mommy, as usual. She had a pretty neat-o idea, so I am going to take her lead and do the same sorta thing. Enjoy!

I am _____ right now:

I am - Tired, confused, trying to figure things out. I'm also incredibly excited about Cuinn's parents coming here for Christmas

I wonder - How I'm going to fit everyone in my apartment for Christmas dinner...Hmmm

I see - A lotta mess that needs to be cleaned up. I also see the lights that Cuinn put up around our window

I want - To enjoy my life right now instead of looking towards the next big thing

I pretend - I'm not upset and hurt when I really am

I worry - constantly. 

I cry - Privately in the bathroom. With the door shut.

I hope - I can give my children all that they deserve. 

I dream - of being a homeowner.  

I feel - so excited and stressed about the upcoming two months.

Sunday, 27 November 2011

A list of 25 fun facts about ME!

So, I saw this on my most favoritest blog in the world. I know she did this DAYS ago, but I've been offline, give a girl a break! So you all can read these interesting facts about me now! Enjoy!

1. I hate cleaning. So much. In fact, we leave all the cleaning until our place REALLY needs a clean, then do a big clean. Best part about it? At the end if it, it's the longest time before I need to clean again.

2. Being a stay at home mom is rocking my socks off. I love it so much. It's so much work, but I am more happy than I have ever been.

3. I would much rather eat a big bag of chips than eat a chocolate bar or a bag of candy.

4. I put vinegar on plain chips. And most everything else.

5. Sometimes when people talk to me I drift out of the conversation and then back in. Sometimes I will go through an entire conversation without actually knowing what's going on. This is why school was kind of hard, I have no attention span.

6. When sleeping, I need to have my hands, feet and head uncovered or I can't sleep.

7. When I craft, I feel a huge sense of accomplishment.

8. Acting is my passion and I miss parts of it every single day.

9. I make up songs constantly about what I'm doing. It makes Cuinn laugh, so I do it more.

10. My two favorite smells are Aislynn when she just gets out of the bath and Cuinn. Always.

11. I always act as if I'm being secretly filmed when I'm anywhere that's not my own home. Weird, right?

12. When a friendship ends, I mourn it like a death. Which I think I am doing now.

13. I am very over dramatic about everything. EVERYTHING.

14. I don't tell people about my accomplishments because I don't want people to think I'm bragging.

15. I don't buy anything unless it's on sale or I have a coupon. When I do pay full price, I feel really bad about spending the money.

16. Whenever I say a bad word (which is very rarely I might add), I always feel like my mum heard it and I'm going to get in trouble.

17. Every single time the phone rings, I feel like it's somebody calling to either yell at me, or tell on me for something that I will be in big trouble for. Probably because when I was younger the school called nightly, which always ended up in an argument.

18. I'm pretty sure I'm never going to be a grown up. Sometimes I feel really inadequate hanging out with my friends who appear much more grown up than me.

19. I really love playing my Wii, but I never think about playing it until Cuinn starts playing his Xbox. Then I really want to play my Wii. But I can't, because Cuinn is using the tv.

20. I stand/walk on the sides of my feet. I didn't know that until I was in college and we were doing an exercise in one of my theater classes where we had to exaggerate someone else's walk and someone did my walk. She looked ridiculous trying to walk on the sides of her feet and I said, "Who the heck are you trying to walk like?" and the whole class looked at me like I was crazy and my friend said, "Sarah, she's doing you..." I was really embarrassed but suddenly understood why all my shoes wear out on the outsides and not the insides and why I get really sore calves.

21. I could sit and color all day long and I can't wait until Aislynn wants to color with me.

22. I used to rebel against my parents very structured life. Now I can't stand chaos and feel very anxious when I don't know the plan.

23. I'm really scared  I won't be able to give Aislynn all the experiences my parents gave me as a child.

24. When someone doesn't like me, or criticizes me I die a little inside and obsess over it for months. Seriously. Months.

25. I really do NOT like being touched by people outside of my immediate family. I have a friend who knows this and constantly tries to hug me because she knows how uncomfortable it makes me. No, it's not because of germs or things like that, it just feels too intimate and makes me feel really uncomfortable.

A catch up...

Well bloggers, I'm back. Did ya miss me? Did ya notice I was gone? Did the world stop while I was offline?

I have had such an amazing week. A different kind of week, but it has been uplifting and eye opening. 

This week I went offline. I decided it was time to take a break from being constantly plugged in and take the time to be with family and getting some crafts done that have been knocking around in my head. I so wish I could show you everything I have been doing, but unfortunately, for you, a lot of the things I did are going to be gifts, and I can't post that here or they won't be a surprise anymore!

But, since I did so much, I'll give ya a quick run down of what I've been up to!

I made a new Christmas wreath. Still not sure if it's finished yet. We'll see.

I finished all my home made presents for my friends. Well, almost, I still have 3 things to finish up.

I started an Etsy shop. Almost. More on that later.

I crocheted about 8 hats.

I read my Bible. Actually took the time, laid in my bed, and opened the word. Do you know how interesting it is? I hope you do.

I played with my daughter and fell in love with her again.

Cuinn and I made a big decision. More on that later too.

I began to enjoy my life in the now instead of working towards what else is coming.

I called people. ON THE PHONE!

I spend time with friends.

I crafted. Oh, did I craft.

I went for walks.

I spent some time, just by myself. In the quiet, while Aislynn was asleep.

We went to the Christmas Parade!

Aislynn had ice cream.  And loved it.

I spent more quality time with these crazy people

It has been a great week. I feel so refreshed. I mean, don't get me wrong, I really missed the internet. I missed the convenience of finding a recipe, or making plans online, and talking to my mum on a daily basis. I missed seeing what other people were up to. I missed reading other people's blogs. I missed blogging myself.

It was also kind of a nuisance. I had to make sooooooo many notes because everything in my life is in emails and Facebook messages, and an online calendar I keep. It was a bit more work, but it was worth it. 

And I made a decision. I think that from now on, I'm going to try to stay offline during the week and just do the internet thing on weekends. Mostly. I'm still going to blog once or twice or three times a week, because I really enjoy this journaling. It's also an easier way to keep my family and friends updated on my life. But Facebook and email and what have you, I don't need it every day. I really enjoy talking to people on the phone.

I encourage you all to take a break once in a while. You'd be surprised at what you can accomplish. 

Now, if you'll excuse me, I have a list of 25 things to share with you all, so you can all know me, even better! I also have about a million blogs to check up on.

I really missed you all.

Sunday, 20 November 2011

A disconnect...

Hello my faithful readers.

I'm just making a quick post to inform you all that you won't be seeing me for a week or 2!

Nope, not going on vacation. I'm just taking a vacation from the electronics in my house.

The last couple of weeks I've being feeling un-inspired, and kinda weird, and just...I dunno, not me. I was pulled out of my funk for the most part. Then when I went to the open house on Friday and was out with the girls I felt more of my inspiration coming back to me.

I have been thinking about it all weekend and wondering what has been up with me and I think I've come to some kind of understanding of it and what is at the root of my un-settled self.

I have become a little too dependent on the virtual world.

I feel like I need to check my Facebook, lest I miss something.

I can't stop checking to see if my blogger friends have updated at all.

I want to check out all the cool things other people are creating on Pinterest.

And it needs to stop.

I do so much as a mum and a wife that I was justifying my computer time as "me" time, but really, what kind of creating and enjoyment am I getting from it? Some kind of voyeuristic guilty pleasure? Probably.

Please don't think I am bashing social networking or saying that it's terrible if that IS you down time, I'm just saying that for me, it's taking away from my own self and my own inspiration and my own creating.

It's time for me to stop checking out things on Pinterest and start making my own creations.

It's time to stop reading about all of your fabulous lives on blogs and start doing my own fabulous things.

Its's time to call my friends, instead of writing on their walls.

So, I am taking a break. I am disconnecting. Not from you, my wonderful friends, but from the world inside a screen.

Please, don't think I don't want to hear from you, I would love a phone call (as long as it's no later than 8. We're turning our phones off at 8 from now on.), or even just pop by and I'll throw the kettle on for some tea. But if you're looking for me on Facebook or my blog, you're not going to find me.

I know it's actually going to be kind of difficult, even if it is only for a week. But I rarely call people. All my appointments are in my email which is causing me to write a lotta notes. It's so much easier to find phone numbers, locations, hours of operation online. 

But, it's going to be nice to be "cut off" for a little while.

So, my awesome followers, I will see you in week, possibly 2 if I can handle it.

I'll miss you, but maybe you should try it too. I'm not saying you need to get offline for a week or anything, but maybe for a day or two, don't check facebook, or twitter, or email.

Just try it. You might be surprised at what you can accomplish! I know I will be.

Saturday, 19 November 2011

A Break From Reality

Last night was awesome.

I'll just start my post there.

Two of my friends, J and C and I have had a girls night planned for about month, as the time was getting closer we didn't really have much of a plan, just get out, leave the babes with the hubs' and get out for a much needed break. So, early this week, C invited us all to go to this open house thing for accessories for the home and self. All home made. Some really nice stuff, then for drinks and appy's at Crabby's (ya like that? I do. I like makin' rhymes.) afterwards.

Let me tell you.

It was awesome.

So awesome, in fact, that I totally forgot that I had my camera in my purse and did not take one single picture!! That's alright though, because what happens at Girls Night, stays there. As we discussed last night.

So, 5 girls all went out, left the babies at home and cut loose.

And it was great. It was so nice to get out and be a person for a little while. I was also so incredibly inspired that I started crafting again!

I made two headbands today, and I've almost finished two ornaments. Which are beautiful. They might possible be Christmas presents, so I won't show you them, but stay tuned, I might just end up keeping them and then I'll post a quick and easy tutorial. 

So, even though I haven't really divulged any details about our night, just know that I needed it and it was exactly right.

Thank you J, C, A and K for coming out and having a blast with me!

There were a couple things from the night that I can share. So enjoy these little tid-bits 

C has never read my blog. Oh that's a lie, she read ONE of my posts, ONE time. And she's supposed to be a good friend. Puh, that friendship is so over. (C, I am so totally kidding, you're awesome.)

One of my friends doesn't like the taste of alcohol. But she used to. I'll leave it at that.

A gets drunk at work. 

I am like a child and will put food in my mouth even when it's boiling hot, thus burning the roof of my mouth so bad it still hurts.

That's all for now. The rest is all secrets.

Thursday, 17 November 2011

A Joy Worth Sharing...

So, I have this friend. Let's call her A.

Because that's her name.

A has a friend too.

Let's call her S.

Because..uh...that's also her name...

Anyway, A is my friend. And now I have a new friend, S. S was planning on taking some pictures of A's son and I casually mentioned that I wanted to get some Christmas shots of Aislynn and one thing led to another and I was invited along for the shoot!

S kept telling us, she isn't professional. She only does it for fun. She's not that great.

Clearly....S is a liar.

This pictures are perfect.

And so is my daughter.

Happy Christmas season everyone!!

Now it's time for you to share your joy. Go for it, you're gonna love it.


A Fill In The Blanks Kind Of Post...

I'm weird because...

I put vinegar on everything. Ev-er-y-thing.
Cuddling annoys me, but I do it because the hubs likes it.
I'm naked 90% of the time at home. It's why it takes me so long to answer the door.
When the phone rings I get really anxious.
I really hate showering and only do it because me being smelly probably bothers other people.
I don't like toast because it hurts the roof of my mouth.
Having colds hands is much easier for me to deal with than the terror of feeling confined when I wear gloves.
I would much rather sit and marathon through an entire season than just watch it weekly.
I turn on the fan or open the window in the winter at bedtime so that I can get all cozy under the blankets.
I must have my face, hands and feet uncovered at all times. When they're covered, I get, for real, freaked out.
I like to suck the flavor of potato chips before I start chewing them. Until recently, I just thought everyone did that.
When people comment on my blog, I squeal. No joke.
When I get mail that isn't just bills or junk, I hug it close to my chest, and sigh. As if it's a love letter.
I put french fries on my burger. And vinegar.
I've edited this blog about 10 times already, and I'm probably just going to keep adding to it.

I'm a bad friend because...

I go from two extremes. Wanting to hang out all the time to being a recluse and not even wanting to pick up the phone.
I hate answering the phone.
I'm terrible at calling people when I say I'm going too.
Sometimes I don't invite people to hang out as much as they ask me too.
When I'm upset with you, I won't actually tell you. I'll just ignore it until I forget about it.
We turn our phone off at bedtime.
My cell phone is dead 75% of the time.

I'm a good friend because...

I'm a really good listener, and won't even give you unwanted advice.
I know how to make you laugh. But if I don't, I'll figure out how too.
When you're having a bad day, I can sense it, and I'll try my hardest to make it better for you.
I want the best for my friends.
I love my friends kids as if they were family.
I'm here. Any time of the day. I'm here.
I answer texts almost instantly. When my cell is alive. 

I'm sad because...

I really miss my parents.
I really miss my brother.
I just finished a book and the ending sucked.
I worry too much and share too little.
A friendship, that I cherish deeply, is broken. And I don't know how to fix it.

I'm happy because...

My Thursday morning girls are so incredibly kind, loving and supportive. I love them all.
I have the sexiest husband in the world.
My daughter is, pretty much, the greatest kid in existence.
Cuinn, Aislynn and I are able to spend a family day together tomorrow.
I have a wonderful life.

I'm excited for...

Our family trip to England.
Christmas. Aislynn's first.
Girls night tomorrow night.
Family day tomorrow.
Aislynn's first snow.
All the family things we have planned for this holiday season.
All the get-togethers over the holiday season.
The hope that has been promised to us that my Thursday morning girls and I are studying!

I was inspired by Little Miss Mommy's post. What a neat idea.

A giveaway I would love...

So, I don't usually do this.

Actually, I never do this.

But I really love Little Miss Mommy's blog, and I really, really, REALLY want a silhouette.

So, I am blogging about it.

BUT, since I am so totally going to win this, don't even bother entering, because it's mine, ALL MINE!!

But, if you win, could you just give it to me for Christmas anyway? Because you love me?

Thanks Little Miss Mommy for the opportunity to win this fabulous give away!!!

Go check it out here!!!

Monday, 14 November 2011

A, much anticipated, vacation...

I just realized the last blog I posted was on the 9th. Oh dear, I better get going on some awesome bloggity blogs.

As promised, I'm sharing the details about my upcoming vacay.

Sidebar: I really hate that word. Is it really that much harder to say vacation? Really? Like, your just too important to add that last little tion to the word? Come on.

As you may, or may not, know; my parents are in a far away, magical land. A land that serves a meal in newpapers. A land that is proud of a certain man's left foot. A land that is home to a family that is basically a real life fairy tale. A land that, apparently, doesn't have dentists.

That's right folks, they are currently in England.

And for those of you who know me, you know how incredibly difficult it is to be so far away from the greatest parents in the entire world. 

I am pretty darn close to my mum, she's my best friend, I turn to her for advice ranging from clothing, to parenting, to cooking. She's a pretty awesome lady. We have had many laughs and many arguments and many hugs and many chats. She's pretty much the coolest lady you could meet.

My dad, well, I'm a daddy's girl. Through and through. He's basically the smartest guy in the world. And the bravest, and the strongest, and the tallest. Yeah, that's my dad! I can trust my dad with any kind of secret and I can go to my dad for any kind of advice. He's pretty much the coolest dad in the world.

Just wanna say, I still think Cuinn is the greatest too, just in a completely different way. Obviously.

So, you can see why I am having a difficult time being away from them.

Here's the skinny on why they're a billion miles away.

My parents have parents. Crazy how that happens, eh? Well, my parents parents are getting up there in age. And know what happens when people get older? Well, they're just not as young as they used to be, if y'know what I mean. So my parents decided to ask their work for a transfer to the UK to be closer to them so they could be around to help. They knew it would be hard to leave their kids. They knew it would be difficult to leave what they had known as home for 23 years. They knew it was the right thing to do. So they asked for that transfer and just a couple months later they were on a plane with all their stuff, headed to their homeland. Well, close enough anyway. 

They grew up, met, fell in love, married, had a kid all in Scotland before they came to Canada. Many moons ago.

The only problem with their move back was the timing. You see, right after they found out they were leaving, Cuinn and I found out I was pregnant. Which was so bittersweet. I was so excited to be pregnant (finally), but I was so sad that my mum wouldn't be here for the pregnancy or labor. I knew my parents would be missing so much.


in true, my parents fashion, we've made it work thus far.

They were here for a few weeks after Aislynn was born, and got me through the first couple of weeks. 

We talk on Skype at least once a week so that Aislynn knows who Grandma and Poppa are.

They send Aislynn little gifts, so she is still spoiled by her grandparents.

We have the knowledge that they WILL be back in just a year and a half.

So I can't complain really, because even with an ocean between us, they're still here for us.

Wow, this post has gotten pretty sappy, hasn't it?

Well, let's lighten the mood shall we, and get to my main point.

We're going to England!!!

Yep, we are, we're packing up our bags and we're heading to England to see my family again! 

It is such a relief to be able to say that, finally. Cuinn and I have been really stressed about getting over there. Aislynn and I have had our tickets booked for a while now, but getting Cuinn there was a worry. Because to book the ticket with out travel agent, you have to pay it all off 60 days before you go. Which, is kind of a pain. We can pay for the ticket, we just couldn't organize it all to be paid off 60 days before. Life got in the way. Money issues arose. Things happen. So while my mum was asking me, every single Skype conversation, "Have you booked Cuinn's ticket yet?", we were getting more and more anxious and I was preparing myself for the huge disappointment that Cuinn just wasn't going to get a vacation.

A vacation he needed. 

A vacation he desperately wanted.

A vacation he has worked so hard to make it happen.

We were becoming more heartbroken, thinking it just wasn't in the cards.

Then, my parents, the pretty awesome people that they are, helped us out. They fronted us the cash and booked his ticket, with the promise that we would pay them back in full.

Can you say, 9 billions pounds lifted off our shoulders?

Seriously. We walked around for a week in a daze, not really believing that it was happening. That Cuinn and I were actually getting to go on a vacation. Then the email came in, the confirmation email that said, "Hey, Cuinn, here's your ticket."

So, basically, we've been talking about England non-stop for the last few weeks. Before we had carefully avoided the topic because it always ended in an argument. Me sighing, Cuinn frustrated, a grumpy couple. NOW, we've been making plans. We've been talking about what kind of things to bring Aislynn, how to keep her busy on the plane and how to get her to sleep, the kind of things we want to do when we get there, how over the moon we are about having a break. 

How excited I am to see my parents.

And even better, my mum and I are taking a mini trip to Scotland so that my extended family can meet Aislynn!

So, basically, best trip ever.

I am going for a whole month! All of January and a bit of February, Cuinn is coming for close to three weeks. We're going to England, and we're just so darn excited!

Wednesday, 9 November 2011

A day full of happy...

So, remember how I was complaining about the mail?

And how I never get packages for me?

And wouldn't it be nice to get something for me?

 That is my package.

Those are my cookies!

That is how happy I am to get a package full of cookies!

My bloggy friend, Erin, sent me cookies in the mail!

How sweet is that?

And just in case you were wondering, the note says:

Sarah -
Thank you so much!
Enjoy your cookies = )
- Erin

Thank you, Erin, for the fabulous cookies. They are all kinds of awesome! 

So, that was the start of my awesome day. I went to pick up my friend C and her daughter N for a day in the city, but we stopped at the post office first. Do you know how happy I was to get cookies?

That happy! ^

So after we went to the post office, we drove to the city, and I spent the day there with my friend C.

Then we came home, a little richer, because we had taken some stuff to Once Upon A Child to sell. This time wasn't so great for me, but it was awesome for C. I only got 7 bucks. But, it was enough to pay for my ticket to England.



Seriously, my next post will be why, when and how I am going on a vacation. Promise

Then, I came home, and started dinner. I had pork in the slow cooker for pulled pork sandwhiches, and I needed to make some taters. I was just going to make sweet potato and regular potato fries, but I wanted to try something a little different. I found this recipe on Pinterest :

And mine turned out exactly like that.


I wish I had taken pictures of it. They did look pretty awesome, but they tasted even better.

So basically dinner was a success. And it was the first time we had people over for dinner and a game. The W's came over with their beautiful daughter, and we ate, visited and played Taboo. And boy was it fun! I am feeling more confidant about my home and having people in it, and I am so looking forward to having people over for dinner and games again. Thanks W's for coming over and sharing a meal and some laughs with us!

Then, my night got even better, because I got called to watch two of my fav kids tomorrow, so yay! More working! I'm going to miss one of my mummy groups, but I'm actually kind of glad to miss it, because I think Aislynn is a little old for this particular group.

Anyway, not to much else is happening around these parts, but I figured you would all be interested in my awesome life.

And, like I promised, I will post all about our upcoming vacation tomorrow!

Tuesday, 8 November 2011

An annoying thing...

Know what's super annoying?

I live in an apartment (not the annoying thing. Well, an annoying thing but not THIS annoying thing), that has mail boxes outside. 

I also have family who lives far away (also not this particular annoying thing) who happen to send packages to us frequently.

I also have a stupid mailman (yup, this is the annoying thing) who NEVER knocks on my door when he has a package for me. He just automatically hangs the stupid slip thing that says, "Hey, I brought a package to your house, you weren't there, so I left this thing to tease you, because you can't actually get your package until tomorrow now. Sorry! Have a splendid day!"


What's even worse is, I WAS HOME ALL DAY!!!! Seriously, there have been days where I was home ALL DAY LONG, and then I go check my mail and there is that stupid slip!

Does the mailman not understand that I am the most child like and impatient person in the world? For reals! I get sooooooo excited for any kind of mail that isn't bills or flyers. Why can't he just knock on my door and say, hey, look, here's a fun package for you to open. (but not in a creeper way, because that could easily be taken in a creepy way) Why does he have to make me wait a whole day to get the package?!?!? Why does he have to be so mean to me!!

Know what's even worse than that? I get so excited for the package, like, so excited I nearly pee my pants kind of excited. I tell Cuinn about how I'm going to rip open the package, and cuddle with whatever it is.

Then I go get the package.

And, especially this time of year, it's really a present for my brother or sister in law, from my parents, but sent to me so I can wrap it and hide it from them until Christmas.

So it's not even for me.


Basically, what I'm saying is, you should all send me packages that are just for me so I can be happy!

It doesn't need to be anything fancy, it could be a paperclip, with a note attached that says, Hey, what's up?

Seriously, I would be over the moon.

Because I love getting mail.

In fact, I just had a fabulous idea.

If any of my lovely readers love getting mail, you should email me your address and I will send you a real, honest to goodness, paper letter. In the mail! So you can enjoy getting something in your mailbox that isn't bills or flyers!

So, flood my email with your addresses and I will start writing those letters! And we can be penpals!

Oh man, so excited for this awesome idea.

And hey, even if you live in my town, and want to do this, I will still totally write you a letter. 

That's how awesome this idea is.

Here's my email addy :

Thanks for reading my babbles today!!

A Tuesday Ten Link Up Party

It's another Tuesday!

So, as you all know (or should know by this point), every Tuesday I make up a list of ten things then I linky linky to Miss Mommy's blog. It's awesome.

Then, you're all supposed to go and vote for my blog on her blog so I win. Because I really love to win.

If you've been reading my blog lately you'll know that I've been really stressed and cranky and just not in a very good place. The good part about that? I really have been seeing how many great people I have in my life to pull me out of my funk. I am so thankful for awesome people. So my blog today is dedicated to the awesome in my life.

10 People Who Deserve Huge Props This Week.

1. Our couple friends the W's. They have a daughter who is about 2 weeks younger than Aislynn, so we became friends because of shared things, and we've stayed friends because we actually like them. This week the W's invited us over for dinner (which we do pretty often), and then C and I went out for a drink afterwards. C knew I was feeling blah and so we went out and just talked. It was great. I really needed that lift and I'm thankful for a friend who could see that. Thanks C!

2. My mommy friend A. She has a tiny little boy who is only 2 months old and absolutely charming. A was heading to a Christmas craft show in the city and wanted some company, I of course, jumped at the opportunity to check out Christmas stuff. I left Aislynn at home with Daddy and I just spent some time with my new friend. We went and just hung out. It was really relaxing and I'm so glad I have a friend like her. We made plans to head to another Christmas craft show AND go to a baby show. Thank you A!

3. My man friend. Cuinn is such an amazing man, support and friend. Even when we're down and out he is constantly reminding us that we are a team and we are in this together. Even when we're mad at each other.  He knows just how to relax me and de-stress me. I love him and I'm so happy I found the best man for me. Thanks Cuinn.

4. Erin. This chicky is a new bloggy friend of mine. I really like her. I blogged about my crappy mood and she encouraged me and reminded me that I shouldn't just stay indoors and wallow but pick myself up by my bootstraps and make it better. She said it much nicer than that, but it was a reminder that I needed. Thank you Erin for you encouragement this week!

5. My parents. We've been stressed about a few things lately and my parents are always there for me. They helped us out this week and that's really all I want to say about that. But I am always so thankful that I have the best parents in the entire world. Even while they're an ocean away, they are still my two strong pillars who I couldn't imagine my life without. Thanks mum and dad for being my parents.

6. Aislynn. Seriously. Even when I'm snarky, and can't seen to find the joy in the every day, she reminds me that even something as small and simple and a plastic hanger is amazing. I love being her mum. I love watching her explore. She is teaching me so much more than I ever thought was possible. Being a mum is the most rewarding job I've ever had and I've learned the most from this job too. Thank you baby girl, for just being my baby girl.

7. My Bible study on Thursday mornings. That's definitely more than one person, but the group of ladies that go are awesome. I have been pushed in the study of the word and pushed in my faith. I really think that's what a Bible study is supposed to do for you. I'm learning a lot and just really enjoying my Thursday mornings. Thanks ladies!

8. God. Speaking of Bible studies and being pushed. Y'know, Cuinn and I have been feeling a little tested by the big guy, but even through that, I still need to thank him. I still feel his presence in the crappy times. I still know that he's wrapped me up in his arms and is carrying me through whatever is happening in my life. Thanks God, for everything.

9. My friend K. She's got 4 kids. Count it 4, all under the age of 5. (I'm pretty sure. Maybe her daughter is 6 though.. either way, it's a handful!) I don't think she knows it, but I'm inspired. She's got so much going on. Her youngest has had a few health issues as of late but she always looks so together. Her kids are all so sweet and polite. She takes care of her brood while still having people over for dinner, making treats for our Bible study, and being a pastor's wife. All the things she does humbles me. Thanks Katie, for displaying such a warm and christian family.

10. All of you. My lovely readers. I got phone calls from some of you, I got emails from a lot of you. Just checking in with me. I didn't even know that so many of you read my blog. It was heart warming. Thank you!

So there ya go. My slightly sappy list of ten. Don't worry, next weeks will be back to my usual goofy self, I just really needed to send out a few thank you's!

Now go read all the other lists of ten!!

Saturday, 5 November 2011

A terrifying discovery...

Please. Tell me you are as disgusted as I am by these pins?

I was snooping about on pinterest for a pin that someone else had told me about. And I saw a word I didn't know. So I did what I always do when I come accross a word that I don't know. I looked into it.

I typed the word into pinterest to see if it would help me understand it a bit more.

And that's what I found.

Pinned under "Thinspiration"

Wait, what?

Is this seriously how far it has gone? Is this how women see themselves? Is this the kind of message we should be sharing with out daughters? That "6 is greater than 12"?

I am gobsmacked at this. I am so scared for Aislynn to grow up into this kind of world.

Doesn't that scare you?

Because it terrifies me.

When I was told we were going to have a daughter, I have to say that my very first thought was, "shit."

Let me explain why.

I have always wanted to have sons, because I remember what it was like to be a 16 year old girl. I remember what it was like to be 18, hell, I know what it's like now. I don't have a perfect body, even less so since I had a baby. I am so insecure about my imperfections. After I have a shower, I turn to face the door to towel off so I don't catch a view in the mirror. I suffer in the summer and wear pants because wearing shorts means someone might see my chubby legs. I am constantly pulling at my clothes because I'm scared that people see what I see.

I know that it's terrible to be thinking all those things. I know that my worth is not measured by how much I weigh or if I am a "perfect" size 4. (seriously? That's the perfect size? Get real.) I know all these things, yet, I struggle with the insecurities, just like every other woman does.

I worry for Aislynn. I worry that she will fall prey to these cultural standards. I am so scared for her.

I need to set an example for my daughter though. I need to show her that being a woman is more than just how we look. Yes, I do need to tell her every day that she is beautiful, but I also need to tell her every day that she is smart. She is funny. She is inquisitive. She has value. She is independent. She is strong.

I also need to remember that she is going to be there, watching me judge myself. For every time I tell her she's smart, she's going to see me shy away from a mirror. Brush Cuinn's hand away from my stomach. Cover myself up as much as possible.

We, as woman, need to take control of our insecurities. We need to encourage each other to love who, and what shape, we are. We need to remember that the younger generation is watching and learning from us.

So, my promise to Aislynn, and all other young girls, is this.

I promise that I am going to be proud of who I am. I am going to rock my curves. I am going to show off my intelligence  I am going to accept compliments when they come my way. I am going to walk tall and be proud of the woman I have become.

Because if we aren't proud of ourselves. If we don't truly love our bodies. If we don't flaunt our talents, how could we ever expect others to love and respect us?

A new inspiration...

Lately I've been feeling uninspired. I don't want to craft, make my house a home, blog, or even hang out with people. I've been in the dumps. The only day I actually left my house this week is Thursday. I went to Bible study in the morning and then I forced myself to go to my mommy group. And honestly, the only reason I went to Bible study was because a friend and I had organized for her to drive Aislynn and myself there. I even tried to call her in the morning to bail, but that morning her daughter had just happened to forget her lunch and my friend P had to go drop it off to her.

Basically that was a long way of saying, I'm totally down.

So when I saw over on Miss Mommy's blog that they are doing a Christmas ornament swap, I figured I would join in. I love Christmas, as you can read about here, and anything to do with Christmas usually brings me right outta my funk. So, here is my attempt to get outta this crappy place that I'm in right now.

Miss Mommy is doing a Christmas Ornament swap. Basically, you email them and join in on the fun! They will send you an address of someone in the world, you make an ornament, or buy a home made ornament, then mail it to that person, and in return, someone ELSE will send you a homemade ornament.

Doesn't that sound like fun?!?

I think so too.

So join in! Make a new friend! Yay Christmas!!