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My Inspiration

Tuesday, 18 October 2011

A Tuesday Ten Link Up Party...

It's Tuesday!

Which means we are due for another list of Ten things!

I missed last week, so it feels like it`s been about a bajillion years since I have done one of these, and I know my bestie J loves them. So basically, this one is dedicated to her.


So, I basically sat on my couch for half an hour, staring off into space, while Aislynn was napping, trying to come up with a really awesome Tuesday Ten list.

Then, of course, Aislynn woke up, because she NEVER sleeps more than half an hour during the day.

So I had to come back to this later.

Anyway, my point is, it took me forever to come up with a great list of ten things.

I don't know why I just ranted about that. Sometimes I start typing, and it's like verbal vomit.

I can't help it.

So, without further adieu (I so plan on using that statement at least once today, even if it is totally pretentious.), here it is....

10 Things I Do That Make Cuinn Love Me Even More....

1. In the middle of the night, when I'm really hot, I kick him and say, "Are you awake?" When he responds, which he always does, I say, "could you open the window? I'm really hot." I think this is one of Cuinn's favorites. 

2. When Cuinn asks for a backrub, and I don't feel like giving him one, I just bite his back a lot. His flinching away and yelps of pain really show me I'm doing a good job. After that, I usually ask for a back rub for myself. 

3. When Cuinn is in the kitchen getting himself a snack/drink/putting his dishes away, I wait until he has just sat back down and say, "Oh, could you grab me a glass of chocolate milk?" Seriously, he loves it when I do that.

4. On the really cold nights, and we live in Canada, so there are some really cold nights, my hands get really cold. So when that happens, the best way to warm them is on Cuinn's back. Sometimes it wakes him up.

5. Usually, when Cuinn is trying to do something really important, I think that's the time to have a dance party. Right in his way. So that he has to try to get around me. But he doesn't, because my dance moves are so outrageous that he basically has to stand there until I'm done, while rolling his eyes with love.

6. When we're lying in bed, just about to fall asleep (I'm beginning to realize I'm at my most loveliest in bed), I think that's the best time to play. So, I will start wrestling Cuinn, or take the covers from him, or try to kick him out of the bed. Even if he does have to wake up in the morning for work, I really think he appreciates my attempt at keeping things fun.

7. Sometimes, when Cuinn kisses me, I think it's really cool to surprise him with a "special" kiss. It involves me trying to lick his entire face. It's awesome. Then, when he pulls away and gives me a look, I complain that he doesn't kiss me enough.

8. When Cuinn is playing his video games, I think that's another really cool time to have a dance party. Especially when he's at a boss. So I take Aislynn in my arms, jump up, and shake my boo-tay, right in front of him, just so he can see our awesome dance moves.

9. After we bathe Aislynn, we bring her to our bed to dry her off and dress her. When it's my turn to bathe her and do this routine (which we do every night now), I always leave the towel on his side of the bed. Basically it's a nice wet reminder that his daughter and wife love him. I do this every. Single. Time.

10. When I'm sick, which always happens in the middle of the night for some reason, I really love to be cuddled and coddled. So, at 3 in the morning, I wake Cuinn up and say, "I'm sick. Help me." He will say something like, "What do you want me to do?" Then I say, "Oh, I dunno, just go back to sleep." I do this, like, ten times in the night.

So, there ya have it, the best reasons why Cuinn loves me. I think I am an amazing wife.

I'll be linking up to the awesome blogger Miss Mommy. Go check out the other lists!

After getting three emails from you, telling me that maybe I should be nicer to my husband, I figured I better add a Disclaimer.
I just wanna say, that I hope you all know I'm just being funny. Most of these things I really don't do on purpose. I hope you all know I'm not intentionally mean to Cuinn. I love him.


Erin said... You have no idea how much I loved this post! I can relate to about every one of them. I seriously wish so bad we could be friends in real life. I know I don't always comment on your blogs, but they make me about the happiest ever. Thanks for being such an awesome writer. Your husband is one lucky man ;)

Just Another Mummy Blog said...

Wow, Erin! Thanks so much for the encouragement! You're probably one of my favorite bloggers, so it was really great to hear that from you. I would love to be your real life friend too, mostly because I think Cuinn would really love to have two super awesome people like us in his life.

Ashley said...

LOL such a great post!! I can relate to 6 and 7, except it is Shawn that does that to me!!! And your right, it makes me love him even more :)

Just Another Mummy Blog said...

Shawn sounds like a really awesome guy, Ashley. :)