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My Inspiration

Tuesday, 31 May 2011

An update.

Hello my blogger friends, it's been a while!
Well, let me catch you all up.
Thursday was a big day, our little baby had her first needle. She took it like a champ. The first one was pretty easy, no tears, just a shocked look at mommy and daddy. Then she was fine. The second one was a little worse. She had a bit of a yelp and a quick cry, it was all better after a cuddle with daddy. I, on the other hand, was a little worse for wear. I was sitting in the other seat while Cuinn held her for the actual needle. I felt completely useless, then I felt even more helpless as my little baby was crying and had her biggest pout ever and all we could do was cuddle her and say, "I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry!" I hated seeing her in pain like that, even if she was a tough cookie and it only lasted a minute. I know she probably doesn't even remember the pain, but I was in pieces. I had a bit of a cry at the doctor's office (so completely embarrassing, especially with Cuinn telling me I was being silly), and then felt incredibly guilty the rest of the night. She was a completely different baby. She was asleep by the time we got her to the car and slept for hours after. But when she woke up she was so fussy and sad and crying and obviously not our happy go lucky baby. Unfortunately this was Cuinn's brother and sister in law's first day here. We were so happy to see them, but Aislynn was just so miserable that it wasn't a great first meet. Of course Cuinn and I got our first dose of parenting during a family visit reality. We kept saying things like, "She's usually so happy!" and, "She's never cried this much before." I wasn't exactly embarrassed, but I was feeling like a terrible mummy. I'm sure it won't be the last time I feel like that, but I hate that I was feeling like that in front of Cuinn's brother and sister in law. So needless to say, Thursday night I went to bed feeling pretty crappy. 

The rest of the weekend was fantastic though. We decided that (Aislynn's temperament permitting), we would head to Niagara Falls on Friday since Cuinn's brother, A, had never been before. Cuinn and I are feeling like old pro's at giving tours of Niagara Falls, having been there so many times before. Every time we go is just as great as the time before. We packed up a yummy picnic lunch (again), and L (Cuinn's girlfriend) and I waited (im)patiently for the boys to finally stop playing Mortal Kombat. We had a blast at Niagara Falls! We started with the picnic lunch that L and I prepared. Right at the falls, as usual. Then we walked down towards the Canadian falls.
 Everytime I go to the falls I am so impressed with God's handiwork. Seeing the falls reminds me of the vast power of the God I love. For Him to make something so huge and impressive as Niagara Falls then to make a tiny little baby for me is just so amazing. 
The weather was kinda yucky on Friday. Not pouring, but it rained for the majority of our visit. So we got pretty wet, then we decided to get even wetter and A and L bought us tickets for the Behind The Falls tour. We've been before, but since it was A's first time, we had to do it so he could see it. It was a good thing we brought the Sleepytime Wrap again, because we weren't allowed to take the stroller down. Not that we'd want to since it was crazy wet down there. I can't find my camera right now, so all these pictures posted were from L's camera. They're way better than mine anyway. Her camera is about 100 times better than mine.
After we saw the falls up close and personal, we walked up Clifton Hill. For those of you who don't know what Clifton Hill is, it's the big hill that's right on Niagara Falls. The kitschy, touristy area. It has mini golf, and haunted houses, wax mueseum, Ripley's and lots of other over priced places. Of course we had to head to the Fudge Shop. It's not a trip to Niagara without a stop at the Fudge Shop. L and A decided to try the Skywheel but since Cuinn and I have been on it many, many times, we decided to let the lovely couple go themselves while Aislynn, Cuinn and I waited in Timmies. After that, we piled in the car and went on home.
Saturday Cuinn and I had a previously arranged engagement (sounds fancy don't it?). It was our very good friend's birthday. He and a bunch of friends had all booked a hotel in Toronto for the weekend and obviously we aren't able to partake in all the other things they are doing but we were able to go up for a dinner for his birthday. So L and A came along too and we went to the city for Jack Astor's for K's birthday. It was a great time, then we went back to their hotel rooms for a couple drinks and games. It was a lot of fun and laughter. 

Sunday, we all slept in a little and had a relaxing morning. Cuinn had an inventory Sunday evening in Newmarket, so we all went so that we could check out Costco. I love Costco. We don't have a membership because Cuinn really didn't think it was worth it, so L and A and I all were trying to get him to see the value in it. We got there a little late and Cuinn had to go right to his inventory and Costco turned out to be closing at 5. Earlier than L and A's does where they live. So while Cuinn was counting things, the rest of us went to BP's for dessert and just chatted. I really like L (A's girlfriend), and I didn't really know her that well having only met her twice before. This visit I've gotten to know her better and I like her even more! I also learned more about what A does. He's an underwater welder, along with having other qualifications under his belt and I didn't really understand what his job was. Now I understand his life a little more too. We talked of other things as well, more personal, and it was just really great getting to know them both a little better. 
Monday we decided to head back to Costco so Cuinn could actually see it. By the time we left, Cuinn was fully convince we need to get a membership! Yay! I'm so happy about that!! After Costco, we took Aislynn to the water pad for the first time. She wasn't quite sure about it, but I think it's definitely something we'll be doing more of this summer. It wasn't as hot as it will get, but A and L were not impressed with the humidity. Good thing they didn't come in July or August. After the waterpad we headed to Wild Wings for dinner. They don't have Wild Wings out west so it was a must for L and A's visit. The boys used to go to wing night when they lived in the same city so it was nice to do that again. It was delicious. As usual. It's one of Cuinn and my favorite places to go. We had left overs and that's probably what we'll be having for dinner again tonight. I'm really ok with that. After we got home, Aislynn was pooped so she went to sleep for a couple hours while the grown ups cooled down a bit, when she woke up we all went for a Slurpee run. Another Simpson Boy tradition. It's a farther walk that their old run, so by the time we got home all of our drinks were demolished. Then we did a Bain tradition and played Phase Ten. I got stuck on 2 sets of 4 for about 7 runs which sucked, but all in all the game was pretty fun.

Unfortunately, all trips have to come to an end, and Tuesday morning came quickly. We woke up around 6ish to say goodbye to A and L who were headed more east to see L's family. We live about 4 provinces away from A and L and it makes it very hard to say goodbye because we don't know when we'll be seeing each other again. We miss them, we love them, we hate the distance. Unfortunately they are happy in their home and we're happy in ours and it doesn't look like the distance will be changing anytime soon. Thank goodness for Skype!
Anyway, we had a fantastic visit with Cuinn's brother and sister in law. It was busy, lots of walking, lots of laughing and lots of teasing. A typical visit. We're back to reality now though. This visit has given me the push I needed to get out and make a life for myself in our new little town. I'm heading to the mommy and me group tomorrow and I have been looking for other things to do as well. 
That's all for now.

Wednesday, 25 May 2011

She's growing up already...

I'm about to make a comment that makes me just like every other mum in the entire world..

My baby is growing too fast!!

Seriously! When we bought her the exersaucer about 2 months ago we looked at it and thought, "She won't be in this for so long, she's way too little." Well, Cuinn set up the exersaucer last night to save some room in our teeny, tine apartment. Cuinn sat her in it to see what she would do and she LOVED IT!! I thought she was going to be too little and not be able to touch the ground in it, well she can touch, and she even plays a bit with the toys. So while Aislynn was in her new toy, we were able to unpack her room a bit more and try to get it a little more organized. Guess what I found in her room? Her Jolly Jumper! Since we had already let her try her exersaucer, we figured why not let her try to Jolly Jumper too? Low and behold, she loves that too! She was a little confused at first when she was moving about and manged to turn herself around. She kept trying to look behind at us as if to say, "Where did you guys go?" We could see the gears working though as she was bouncing a bit in it. When I put her in it again today she even managed to turn herself back around. Boy, did she look proud. When the heck did my daughter get big enough to use these toys? Next thing I know I'll be sitting in the audience, bawling my eyes out while she graduates from university.

Here's a couple pictures of my big girl!

Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Our long weekend

Well, the long weekend has come and gone. This week Cuinn worked Friday, Saturday AND Sunday so that next weekend he could take the whole weekend off. Cuinn's brother A and his girlfriend L are coming for a few days, so Cuinn has worked the schedual so we can have some time with them. So this weekend was a bit of a wash since it was just Aislynn and I for most of it. But on Monday, we had a lovely family anniversary day. We started out the day in the family bed. We are a proud bed sharing family. Aislynn's favorite spot at sleep time is right in between mummy and daddy in the big bed and we love it too. So Monday morning we all stayed in bed a little longer than usual. Cuddling and giggling and having a lovely family time morning. I really cherish those moments. Just Cuinn, Aislynn and I. 
After we had our morning cuddles, we all got ready for the day. While Cuinn was showering and then bathing Aislynn and dressing her and what not I got our picnic ready. Growing up, whenever we went anywhere as a family, my mum would pack up a lunch for us. Going to Wonderland, Niagara Falls, Marineland, African Lion Safari, and many other day trips. My mum would pack us sannies, chips, pop, fruit and granola bars. I used to complain all the time. I would whine, "But muuuuuuummy, I want french fries!" Now that I'm older, and a little wiser, I see what my mum and dad were doing. Saving money on the mega big bucks lunches so that they could spend that money on other things. Like day trips. So now that I have my own little one, Cuinn and I invested in a beautiful picnic basket (5 bucks from the thrift store!), and whenever we go anywhere we pack up a lunch. So we decided that for our holiday Monday we would pack up a lunch and head to the park for Aislynn's first picnic on the grass. Unfortunatly, the only park we could find was the rinky dink playground around the corner. For all the lovely, picturesque things about our little town, it's surprising that there isn't a park. Like Harrison Park at Owen Sound. That's alright though. We laid down our blanket and ate our sannies and strawberries and our oreo puddin' cups. It was lovely!

Aislynn has been sticking her tongue out a lot lately. I have been trying to get a good picture of it because it's just so darn cute! She literally sticks her tongue right out down to her chin! Cuinn always laughs and says, "She's definitely got her mummy's tongue!" I don't know whether to love that or be embarrassed by that. I'm leaning towards loving it. 
We had a really nice time, even if it was a bit windy. We could feel a thunderstorm coming all day, it was very humid and the storm clouds were moving in. So we were taking advantage of the no rain while we could. While we were eating out Oreo Puddings (so worth the calories! They are so yummy, and only 2 bucks at Walmart, as opposed to 4 bucks at Zehrs.), Cuinn asked, "Do you think Aislynn would like this?" I kept saying No! No! No! She's too young! No! No! No! 

Cuinn gave it to her anyway. She did NOT like it. She kept looking at Cuinn as if to say, "What did you do to me? I don't like this!" So we had a giggle, and Cuinn wiped it away and all was good again.
After our picnic, we went to Walmart so I could use my 30 dollar gift card I had. I have been wanting to get "Cars" for a very long time but it's just so expensive. All the Disney movies I want to get are so much money! 40 bucks for a movie? Jeeze Louise! Anyway, "Cars" at Walmart was only 30 bucks, so I got to get another Disney movie to add to my collection. 

Now, I should explain something. I really hate the Disney corporation. When I was younger, it was just a movie. When we watched Beauty and The Beast, it was the movie. That was it. No tee shirts and dolls and video games and everything. Now it's a whole big thing. I know that this is probably a losing battle, but Cuinn and I have made the decision that when it comes to Disney and Aislynn, she can watch the movies. Well, some of them, I'm still not entirely sold on the "princess" movies. They all protray an impossible standard for little girls. Aislynn is already at a disadvantage being a girl in this day and age and all the ridiculously high standards girls place on themselves, I'm not going to help that out by showing her the "perfect princesses". Aislynn can watch the Disney movies we think are appropriate but we are NOT going to be buying her all the clothes and extra crap that Disney pushes out. It's disgusting. OK, rant over.

So after our Walmart trip, we came home and it was nearly time to get ready for our fancy dinner out! I love dressing up! I love it when Cuinn takes me out on a date, because I have an excuse to wear a cute outfit, do my hair and wear make up! Our tiny little town has a very fancy restaurant that Cuinn made reservations at. One of his staff is also a waitress at this restaurant so she set it all up for us. It was great! The food was so amazing. It was the best food I have ever had in a restaurant. It didn't taste like restaurant food if you know what I mean. It really tasted like it was homemade. I ordered pork. Yep, for those of you who know me, you read that right! I ordered pork! And I was NOT disappointed. It was just amazing.
I didn't get a picture of what Cuinn ordered, but he ordered peanut chicken. He loved it! As you can see, Cuinn and I decided to order things we don't usually order. For Cuinn to order chicken was very unusual. He usually gets a burger, or a steak, or something like that. Anyway, the restaurant was one of those places that does a set meal. An appetizer (ceasar salad for me, potato leek soup for Cuinn), an entree and then a dessert (strawberry rhubarb pie and hershey pie). Oh my goodness. The desserts. I can't even describe it. Suffice to say, the pies rivaled my mums pie. And I don't say that lightly.

After our fantastic dinner, we rolled ourselves to the car and as soon as we shut the car doors, BOOM!! There was the lightening and thunder and down pour. We got home and RAN from the car to the door, still getting wet. We got into our comfies and put Aislynn down for a nap and turned on a movie. And since it was our anniversary, we cuddled up on the couch to watch our movie and...

Fell asleep.

Yep, old married couple, right here! We fell asleep about 10 minutes into the movie. All in all, a pretty awesome anniversary weekend. Thanks, Cuinn for the memories. 

Monday, 23 May 2011

Happy Anniversary, Cuinn-pants.

A little over 4 years ago, I met a guy. He was tall, pierced, super hot and kind of an ass. Just my type (I can't help it, I've always had a thing for the bad boys). He lived in a different city than me at the time so we basically just texted each other all day long and chatted online and hung out when he was visiting his parents in my city. I was totally crushing on this boy, but thought he didn't like me much. He didn't kiss, or ask me out, or hold my hand, or give me ANY indication that he liked me too. He was driving me CRAZY!! Which worked out well for him, because it made me flirt even harder. Finally, after a couple weeks of me trying to get him to like me, I had all but given up. My friend, K, liked another boy and so we invited both boys to a movie. I remember telling K before the movie, "Look, if there are no signs tonight, I'm giving up. I just don't think he's into me."

We went to Pans Labyrinth, and everything changed. While we were all waiting in line for the tickets, and then popcorn, and then sitting waiting for the movie, this boy and I played "knuckles". Little did I know, that this was the boys way of touching me without touching me. He's such a sneaky boy. The movie started, and all of us looked at each other. None of us realizing that the entire movie is in Spanish and it's sub-titled. Well, not one to be detoured, I whispered to the boy, "I've always wanted to learn a new language, now I can learn Spanish  Wanna learn with me?" So for the first half of the movie we whispered and giggled and taught ourselves Spanish. I'm sure we annoyed everyone in the theater, which was unusual for me because I HATE IT when people talk during movies. I couldn't help it that time though. I really liked a boy!
Now, I say we only did this during the first half. Because about half way through, something happened that made me a little stupid. I couldn't talk, I could barely breathe, I couldn't even focus on the movie. 

He held my hand.

I was over the moon! He was holding my hand! He liked me! He really liked me!

4 years later and I still feel the same way. He likes me!!

Two years ago today I married my best friend. We've been through some really amazing times, and we've walked through a little bit of hell, but we're still that same couple that flirts and act like a couple of teenagers who are crushing on each other. I love you, Babe! Here's to many more years!

What I've learned from being married to Cuinn:

Men don't like it when you wake them up to open the window in the middle of the night, but they'll still open it for you.

Men don't remember things about conversations that woman want to know about. When Cuinn tells me about a conversation or argument he had with someone, he doesn't remember all the little details I want to know about. Like what exactly was said, what facial expressions they used, what were they wearing.

Men do like to gossip. Just in a different way than us women.

If Cuinn doesn't shower every single day he feels yucky, where as I can go a day or two without it. We're backwards.

Men don't care about household things. Like having a nice bed frame, or matching your bed sheets to your curtains. That can annoy their wives.

When the wife is upset or hurting, the husband really just wants to fix it and it makes him feel better when he can but completely useless when he can't.

When the wife is complaining about something, the reason the husband gives advice is because he wants to help you fix it, not annoy the crap outta you. Even if it feels that way.

The best kind of person for you is the person who can take you out of a crusty mood with just a look.

Just because you fight in different ways doesn't make your way right. 

Sometimes, all you need to do, is hug each other. 

I love you, Cuinn. I know our lives aren't always going to be easy, but knowing that I have you beside me to get through the hard times makes it a lot less daunting. Thanks for being my best friend, and the best person for me.

Friday, 20 May 2011

The Small Things..

Sometimes Cuinn works the night shift. Which I hate. Mostly. One of the best things, the only thing really, that I love about him working the night shift is that he gets to be here for the morning time routine. I love that he gets to sleep in with his daughter. Aislynn usually wakes at about 7 for a feeding, but then goes back to sleep until 11ish. Cuinn loves to sleep in. Like, really loves it. I, on the other hand, have become a morning person since becoming a mommy. I just like to be up in the morning. My favorite time of the day is the morning when Cuinn is here. My husband and my daughter lay in bed, having a cuddle, and I get to be all by myself for a couple hours. This morning I folded some laundry, read a chapter of my book, showered and dressed myself. It's so nice to be by myself to do grown up things without having to do it all one handed while holding my baby in the other arm. I also love how much Cuinn and Aislynn adore each other. I have fallen in love with my husband all over again watching how he interacts with our daughter. I love watching Aislynn look at her daddy with such adoration in her eyes. I love hearing Cuinn and her speak in their secret language. My heart almost bursts with joy watching my family. I thank God daily for my wonderful husband and my gorgeous daughter. 

The other part of the day that I love?

When I get to join in on the cuddle time with Cuinn and Aislynn. I really miss them when I'm by myself. 

Tuesday, 17 May 2011


Just a quick post for today.

This morning as I kissed Cuinn goodbye as he left for work I got up, brushed my hair and teeth (with different brushes, don't worry), and put on a clean(ish) tee shirt and sweat pants. Man, I am so hot, now that I'm a SAHM. No shower, sweat pants, clean(ish) shirt. Cuinn must find me irresistible. Anyway, 9:00 rolls around and the Welcome Wagon representative knocked on the door. I love Welcome Wagon! They gave me a bunch of free stuff, tons of information, and some more coupons for free gifts from local vendors! She also put me in touch with the representative that does the new baby one. So another lady will come over another day to tell me all about the local baby stuff. The new to the community lady did tell me a few family friendly places to check out  which I'm looking forward to doing as soon as Cuinn leaves me the car one day that he goes to work. I'm hoping tomorrow? We'll see anyway.

After the lady left, Aislynn woke up and was looking for some attention from mummy which I happily complied to.  I changed her into different pajama's (seriously, how fancy am I? Sweats for mummy, pj's for baby!), and we had a cuddle while she fully woke up, then she was full of conversation so we talked about all things baby. Not really. But I am loving this stage where she just babbles all day long. I can't wait until it's words that I can understand! I find myself just staring at her and trying so hard to figure out what the heck she is trying to tell me!! 

Anyway, Aislynn and I had a pretty slack day, I was hoping to get the kitchen cleaned and organized and fully unpacked today, but baby just did NOT want to sleep or be alone in her swing today. Every time I tried to put her down she whined. Cuinn and I are so lucky to have such an agreeable baby that on the days she's not so agreeable I try not to get frustrated while remembering that there are so many other mummies that have babies that cry a heck of a lot more and sleep a heck of a lot less. I'm very thankful for the present of sleeping my baby gives Cuinn and I nightly. 

Cuinn came home early today because of an inventory he had to do on Sunday night, which is always wonderful. So when he got home, he cared for Aislynn while I got to have a shower!! How strange it is that I think that is such a gift. It really is though. Our bathroom vent turns on as soon as you turn the light on, so I never feel comfortable being in there with the door shut when it's just baby and I since I can't hear her if she cries. So that means showers when I'm alone just don't happen. Since yesterday evening, as soon as Cuinn was home I pretty much hit the hay as I was feeling like the cold was rearing it's ugly head. I was dying to feel clean again. I'm grateful for my husband, who allows me to crash when I'm feeling sick and cares for our daughter. I know there are many women out there who are doing it alone, or have husbands who don't pull their weight. I have an amazing man who loves his girls unconditionally and who does more than his fair share. I am very spoiled by my amazing husband.

After my glorious shower that stayed at a constant temperature (more on that in another post!), I was able to unpack boxes!! Yay!! 

Just in case you were wondering, that was sarcasm.

I hate unpacking.

With a passion.

But I hate living in boxes just as much.

So I got the kitchen all done!! Except, I'm wondering where the box went that had all our coffee mugs went. I know we had way more mugs that my cupboards are holding right now, so I'm wondering if maybe they got put in another box with other stuff. I'm hoping so anyway. I also got the front "closet" unpacked so our shoe tree is up and a couple coats are hung. As soon as I find the rest of my coats, they'll be hung too. I've called it a "closet" because it is so tiny I don't even think it should be classified as a closet. More of a nook. I am really missing all the space we had in the city apartment. We have next to no storage here which has meant I had to throw out all my boxes. I am mourning that loss because I love to keep the original boxes. Please don't ask me why. My mum did it after every move and I've done it too, but with absolutely NOWHERE to put them, I've had to throw them out. Which has made me more sad than even I realized it would. Like I said, we have no storage so they had to go, and I'm telling myself that over and over in the hopes that I'll get over it. What a stupid thing to worry about, I know, but what can I say? I like my boxes and I'm a little weird.

Now that our place is becoming a tinier bit closer to a home I'm becoming a tinier bit closer to happy here. I really can't stand having our place such a guddle (as my mum would say). What I really need is for Cuinn to take baby out for an entire day so I can just giv'r and finish it all up, but since I'm still breastfeeding, that's kind of an impossibility. Oh well, I'll just keep plugging away, and one day soon it will all be finished and I'll have you all for some tea. Some Berry On The Run, or maybe some Georgia Peach Rooibos?

Man, quick post turned into long post, didn't it? I'm going to have to learn to stop rambling or else my one follower will stop reading.

Sunday, 15 May 2011

My wonderful fake Birthday

Fake Birthday? What's that? Well, let me tell you my blogger friends. My real birthday is April 30th, but since we were packing up the moving truck on the 30th, then moving on the 1st and my birthday happened to fall on a weekend that meant that we weren't able to celebrate my birthday that day. And since the next weekend was Mother's Day, Cuinn was adamant that we were going to have a DIFFERENT weekend for my birthday. So, that meant that my birthday happened two weeks after the fact. Made it kind of special though because it meant I got to celebrate twice, kind of. One my actual birthday (also known as moving day), my sort of sister in law "A" gave me a gift card for one of my favorite stores. Bath and Body works! Yay! My brother, "S", gave me a promise to take me to the final Harry Potter movie. All expense paid. Yay! Then after the move, my good friend "N" took us out for dinner to Jack Astor's. Yum!
So what did we do yesterday? I'm so glad you asked! I woke up very early with Aislynn, about 630. Which is very early for my darling little baby. She usually sleeps until about 9ish. That's alright though, we had a little mummy/daughter cuddle time on the couch while daddy stayed asleep in bed. She was so happy and giggly and lovely that it was the perfect start to my day. I really could just spend all day cuddling my little baby Aislynn. We fell back asleep on the couch for a couple hours and daddy came to wake us up and remind us that we all needed to be ready to go for 11 because he had a plan.
 Now, I just need to say, I LOVE surprises. LOVE THEM! I love the anticipation, and the wondering and the execution and then talking about it for weeks afterwards. Seriously. I love surprises! So Cuinn had kept my day a secrets and it was killing me but I was loving it. I know, it's so weird. 
Anyway, I jumped into the shower, and then, since Cuinn was home, I was actually able to blow dry my hair, put some make up on, choose a cute outfit and not have to worry about Aislynn because she was being looked after by daddy. I love it when he's home! After I was all ready Cuinn looked at the time and realized he was left with only about 10 minutes to get shower and get ready. OOPS! I wasn't really paying attention to the time while I pampered myself in the morning. Sorry babe! We were still able to get into the car by 11:05. Pretty good considering I sometimes forget how long it take us to get Aislynn in the car. 

Little side rant here: How is it, that a tiny little person takes so much time to get ready to leave the house? I have to feed her, change her diaper, pack up the diaper bag, dress her, get the stroller, change her diaper again, make sure I have everything I am going to need for the day, grab a sucky, grab an extra blanket, put her in the car and get the stroller in the trunk. All this while hoping and praying she doesn't start crying because if she starts crying then I have to sit in the back seat and calm her down or daddy gets VERY crusty driving and that's just not a good situation. How do other mother's get places on time? I don't know how they do it! I'm just not an organized person by nature, but I'm getting better since becoming a mother. I hope.
Back to the main story. So we were in the car, leaving the house at 11:05. Traffic in our little tiny town moves at a snails pace. I'm taking 15 kms an hour. Grannies with walkers probably walk faster than the cars do. Plus, it was pouring, which means everyone drives even SLOWER! So Cuinn was getting a little testy about how long it took us to get out of town. It is only about a 5 minute drive from our place to getting out of the town, but it took us about 15 minutes to get anywhere because of the slow drivers! So we finally got out of town and on the road! It's about an hour to get back to the city and Cuinn was telling me that he had a time frame for us to eat so we could get to our plans so he was stressed about the time. I was soooooo excited about going to Tucker's Marketplace for lunch. I love it there and I was really so excited about it. But Cuinn kept going the wrong way, and I was thinking the whole time he was driving, "Where the heck is he taking me? This is so NOT the way to Tucker's" but I just let him do his thing. He's a man, and you can't tell a man he's driving the wrong way. They don't like that for some reason. Anyway, we pulled into the Mandarin (Which I'm really not a fan of by the way, so I was getting a little annoyed) and I said, "See? I told you this wasn't the way to Tucker's." Ok, ok, I might have said something about him going the wrong way. Are you really surprised? Anyway, he acted all confused and said, "Y'know, I was looking for directions to Mandarin and Tucker's and I must have gotten confused, but Sarah, we don't have much more time for eating so why don't we just go in and take a look at the food and if you don't like it we can leave. I promise." So, not wanting to bicker on my birthday I sucked it up and we went in. As soon as we got in, he looks around and say, "Do you need to go to the bathroom or something?" 
Now, let me just say, Cuinn and I are pretty open with each other. We're one of those couples that doesn't lock the bathroom door, he knows that I get a period, and shave my legs and go to the bathroom. I know he does gross things too, but this was definitely out of character of him to ask. We do NOT ask each other if we need to go to the bathroom. That's just weird. But since I actually DID need to go to the bathroom I ignored it and said, "Yeah, do you know where they are?" I found them, went and did my business and came out. Couldn't find Cuinn. I looked around a bit and finally saw him in a different area and he motioned at me and mouthed that he had a table. So I went around the corner expecting to just see my man friend and my baby. Nope. There was a table of a few of my friends and a couple of co-workers from my old job. Apparently my best friend and Cuinn had set up a surprise birthday/going away from work party. Awww. So sweet. I was really surprised. It was very kind of "N" to do that with Cuinn. 
So, we ate. And ate and ate and ate and ate and ate!! Then I got a couple presents (which I still say you all didn't need to do!) and basically just visited with some people I haven't seen in a while. Then when we asked for the checks, Cuinn and my lunch was magically paid for already. We really do have some great friends and family. Thank you again all!!
After lunch, my brother "S" and his girlfriend, "A" and Cuinn and I (plus Aislynn of course) went to the mall to spend some time with another friend of ours, "K". Also, I had a couple gift cards I needed to use up and since I don't know when I'm heading to the city again and our tiny town has no shops, I wanted to use them up. So we went to the mall and had coffee with a very special friend of ours. K was Cuinn's assistant manager and he became a very good friend of ours. He is definitely someone we miss from living in the city and whenever we make it back we make it a point to go see him. He even had a birthday present for me. His birthday is coming up and we're going to celebrate with him again. Looking forward to it!! 

So after visiting with K for a bit we went shopping! I spent up all my gift cards and I got quite a bit of loot and only had to spent about 15 bucks extra! Yay! I love a good deal, seriously. I am SUCH a sucker for deals. Just ask Cuinn. 
Anyway, after we had spent a very long but very awesome day in the city, Cuinn and I decided it was time to head on home. I had gotten Harry Potter Deathly Hallows part 1 for one of my gifts so our big romantic plans for the evening were pizza and Harry Potter. Which, to us, really is a romantic date. We're geeks and we embrace it. Aislynn went to sleep early for us, which was her gift to me apparently, so Cuinn and I were able to have some mummy and daddy time of cuddling on the couch and then crashing. What? We're parents now! What do you think we do when we have some time? We sleep!! 
All in all it was a fantastic birthday! Thank you friends and family for celebrating with me! I am missing my mum and dad a lot this week and wish they could have been in the same country to celebrate with me, but such is life. Thank you friends and family for being there when I need you and celebrating in the good times! I had a fabulous birthday and here's to many more!!

Friday, 13 May 2011

My first Blog!

Well, hello blogworld! So glad you could stop by! After following a few friends blogs and loving hearing about what's going on in their lives I decided maybe it was my turn! So here it goes. This blog is basically just going to be about my life, and things I like. It's more for myself and if people would like to read it once in a while, I'm cool with that! OK, enough rambling, here goes my first blog ever. Enjoy!

So this week has been a little off. With Cuinn being sick the end of last week and me being sick the whole of this week we haven't really been able to do anymore unpacking. Oh yeah, We moved! We left the city in favour of small town living for our daughter. Cuinn is a small town boy from Saskatchewan and always wanted to raise his family in a tiny town, so he asked for a transfer and here we are. In the smallest town I've ever lived in. It`s definitely an adjustment.

Good things?

It's so quiet! I hear crickets at night time and birds singing in the morning! I also hear the train all day long. So quaint.

People are so friendly. Whenever I set foot outside the door people are constantly saying hello, and waving and smiling.

Our rent/insurance/groceries/gas is cheaper!! Which is such a bonus because all that extra money we are saving can go to my crafting fund, and for our England trip in the fall

Cuinn is so much less stressed at his job. Which means he's less stressed at home. Which means much more smiles for us and much less crustiness from him

Not so good things?

It is so quiet! I'm having a hard time falling asleep without the traffic and sirens, which is probably a good thing.

People are so friendly. Makes it a little difficult to just go for a quick walk around the block since you get stopped for conversation by everyone you meet.

The whole town closes at 5. Which means when I am craving some ice cream, or realize that the craft I'm working on at 10 pm needs some more Modge Podge or a different shade of purple paper, I'm stuck.

All in all, I think I can deal with the not so good things. It will definitely take some adjustments on my part but it really has been a fantastic move. And as soon as I'm able to make this little, tiny apartment a cozy, happy home I'm sure I'll be very happy here.

Anyway, baby Aislynn has woken up and is looking for some comfort from her mummy. More later blogger friends!!!!