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My Inspiration

Friday, 28 October 2011

Another night shift...

Just so you know, this is a complainy blog today.

Cuinn has been working the evening shift all week and last week. He has to do it again next week too. 

Can I just say, I hate evening shifts. So much. Let me tell you, I can not WAIT until next Friday, when he is done stupid evening shifts.

Because it's not just an 8 hour shift he works, it ends up not seeing him all day. He sleeps in because he needs to rest for an evening shift. Aislynn and I usually have stuff going on during the day, out of the house, so by the time we get home he has left for work. So I feel pretty lonely right now. I miss my man friend. I miss eating dinner as a whole family. I miss sharing bed time routine for Aislynn with him. I miss him.

I know I don't have any right to complain. I mean, this is temporary, other mum's and wives have to do this all the time. 

But I'm not used to it, and I don't like it! 

I really don't like cooking for one. Before Aislynn came along, I would just make a sandwich and then eat a late dinner with him when he came home at 11ish. But now, Aislynn has to eat. I can't just tell her, "Oh, sorry hunny, I really don't want to cook for just me and give you a bit of it, you'll just have to wait until daddy comes home."


Alright, enough complaining.

Let's talk about the good things about him working evening shifts.

The mornings that Aislynn and I don't have to be out of the house early aren't rushed. So we can share some family bed time in the morning. Which I love.

With Cuinn here, he can watch Aislynn and I can catch a few more Z's. Awesome.

I can shower in the morning, when I want to. I don't need to get up before Cuinn to shower, because he doesn't leave until 1ish. So I can shower at 10 if I want to! With the door closed! Because someone is here making sure Aislynn isn't getting into messes!

I've been touched, again, by how much God has provided for us here in our tiny town in the way of good friends. Friends who invite me and Aislynn for dinner so that we're not sitting in the cold, with the lights off, not even a candle because we don't have one, crying because we miss daddy. (Seriously, just kidding, but it makes me one friend Je so sad when I say this that I always say it because I think it's funny how serious I am when I say it. Je, I'm really not that pathetic.)

Sometimes I like alone time. Aislynn and I can just chill. Not that we can't when Cuinn is here, but it's sometimes nice to just be alone with her.

Because we moved to our tiny town, evening shift actually is over at 930, not 1030 like it was in the city. So Cuinn is still home way earlier than he used to be.

So, basically, there are some cool things about him working the evening shift.

Which will stay cool only as long as this whole evening shift thing is sometimes.

In the mean time though, I'll enjoy my extra cuddle time with Aislynn, watching Bro's and Hoe's (Brother's and Sisters) without Cuinn's annoying commentary, making dinner for 1 and a half and doing bed time with Aislynn all by my ourselves.

Because sooner than I like, Aislynn won't want to spend any time alone with me. So I'll take it while I can get it.


Sapphire_Angel said...

I hate it when Jay has to work late too. On a side note, when my little lady is awake and I want a shower I bring her with me, along with some toys and she gets to play and I shower, everyone wins, privacy goes out the window, but you at least you can shower whenever you want, and if you wait until Aislynn has eaten, it works double because she most likely needs to get rinsed off anyways.

Just Another Mummy Blog said...

Oh, I know how to shower with her here. It's just so nice to have a shower by myself. Not having to worry about Aislynn waking up or getting fussy, or slipping in the bath tub with me. Just nice to be all by myself in the bathroom once in a while.

Sapphire_Angel said...

I totally understand, alone time is so nice, and such a rarity now.

Erin said...

Hey girl I need your email address! Can you email me your mailing address They are all baked and ready to be sent out :)

Just Another Mummy Blog said...

Done and done! :)