My Inspiration

My Inspiration

Monday, 12 November 2012

A song...

We've been trying to change our music in our home and car lately. This is one we sing in our church sometimes, and when it's on the radio I turn it up and Aislynn and I sing it really loudly. With the window's rolled up, of course. No one needs to hear that.

Anyway, enjoy.

You thought of us before the world began to breathe
You knew our names before we came to be
You saw the very day we fall away from You
and how desperately we need to be redeemed

Lord Jesus
come lead us
we're desperate for Your touch

Oh great and mighty one
with one desire we come
that You would reign that You would reign in us
we're offering up our lives
a living sacrifice
that You would reign that You would reign in us

Spirit of the living God fall fresh again
come search our hearts and purify our lives
we need Your perfect love we need Your discipline
we're lost unless You guide us with Your light

Lord Jesus
come lead us
we're desperate for Your touch

Oh great and mighty one
with one desire we come
that You would reign that You would reign in us
we're offering up our lives
a living sacrifice
that You would reign that You would reign in us

we cry out for Your life to revive us cry out
for Your love to define us cry out
for Your mercy to keep us
blameless until You return

oh great and mighty one
with one desire we come
that You would reign that You would reign in us
we're offering up our lives
a living sacrifice
that You would reign that You would reign in us

You would reign in us

So reign please reign in us
come purify our hearts
we need Your touch
come cleanse us like a flood
and send us out
so the world may know You reign You reign in us

Friday, 9 November 2012

A Thankful Thursday...

I was going to take a pass today on being thankful. I'm feeling sick (as per usual), Aislynn has been testing my patience much more than usual, our apartment is bugging me, and I'm just kinda cranky.

Then I went to bible study this morning.

And obviously these women who go to bible study make it their mission to make it as difficult as possible for me to be grumpy.


But for real. This mornings walk through the word was so wonderful. The conversation that was flowing, you could practically touch the spirit. That's how palpable it was.

So, with that said,

I'm Thankful For...

1. Obama fries! Our local burger joint posted on their facebook page that if you correctly guessed who would win the American election you would get a free small fry! Thanks Obama, so far you have surpassed all my dreams for you being in office for another 4 years.

2. Thursdays. They are my fav day. Ladies bible study in the morning, every other week we have small group, and every fourth week I have worship team. Thursday's rock.

3. Aislynn wearing her daddy's sweaters. I totally can't blame her. There's just something about wearing your mans sweater that is just so comforting.

4. Our friends the W's. They were our first friends we made when moving here and we are continually blessed by that friendship.

5. Crochet nights with J. We haven't done one in so long, and we just did one a week ago, and we're doing it again on Friday. It so relaxing just sitting, not having the tv on and just crocheting and chatting. Sigh, I'm feeling more relaxed just thinking about it.

6. Light Up The Night festival in one of our neighbouring tiny towns. I love, love, love small town festivals. I feel like I'm living in Stars Hollow sometimes and I am so not complaining. Tomorrow night is the start of the Christmas festivals.

7. Seeing things through Aislynn's eyes. I love the snow and all the winter has to offer, but seeing it all through the eyes of a child is that much more magical. Watching her eyes in wonder as the snow fell warmed my heart.

8. Granny Panties. So unsexy. So unflattering. So ugly. BUT, so comfortable on this preggo's expanding butt. And Cuinn always gets a kick out of them.

9. Left overs. I actually really love left over nights. Mostly because I am an amazing cook and who doesn't love to eat my meals twice? (Seriously though, I'm not that great, but I really do love left over nights)

10. McDonalds is having this awesome deal on this week celebrating the 30 years it's been open in our tiny town. Yesterday was 30 cent hamburgers. Today is 30 cent ice creams. Tomorrow is 30 cent french fries. Saturday is 30 cent apple pie. Sunday is 30 cent coffee. I am most excited for Friday. But I'm also loving the cheap dessert treat that our fam is going to enjoy tonight after dinner.

11. Having a husband who knows how to make me relaxed after a rough day or sickness and Aislynn being crazy. Thanks for this wonderful bath you ran me.

12. Watching Aislynn play with her food. I know some parents get really annoyed by that, but I love it. I love watching her discover what it tastes like when you add goldfish to her peanut butter sandwich. Plus, look at the face of concentration! She's awesome.

13. How alike these two are. I get so annoyed when Cuinn eats a before dinner snack, because he usually eats this snack WHILE I'M MAKING DINNER. But Aislynn and him now have this routine of cuddling on the couch while I make dinner and sharing some goldfish. Annoys the crap outta me, but secretly I kinda love it.

14. Getting packages in the mail. Even if it's just "work" stuff. I still get a thrill when FedEx pulls up!

15. Going to worship team practise and then coming home to a very quiet house where both Cuinn and Aislynn are passed out in the little bed.

16. Texting my friend A, all day long about weird things that nobody else would enjoy but us probably.

17. Going to bed at 9:00 pm. Yes, Cuinn and I are 95 years old.

18. Our morning routine. I drop Cuinn of at work, we have a quick prayer in the car, he gives me a kiss and then Aislynn waits patiently for him to open her door for a big smooch and a "love you". It's just a small little routine, but I love it.

19. Veggietales. I used to watch them on sick days when I was younger, and now Aislynn loves them too.

20. Candy Cane Ho Cho. It's baaaaack!!!!

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Tuesday, 6 November 2012

A Tuesday Ten...

I follow Lena's blog and always see the Tuesday Ten lists. I like them and all, but I'm never really struck with the overwhelming urge to join in.

Until today.

 Because today is what ten things would you buy if you won the lottery. Cuinn and I play this game daily. Seriously. We are so sure that we'll be rich one day that we don't what what if we become rich, it's when we become rich.


Anyway, I'm linking up with Lena. Head over and see what other millionaires would buy.

First 10 Things You Would BUY or DO if you won the lottery!

1. I would buy us our dream home. Nothing fancy, just a 3 bedroom down in the heart of our tiny town. I know exactly which home too. I would offer the current owners quite the compensation for moving out. Even if it wasn't for sale. That house will be my home someday. (I am very particular about which house we will buy. Which means we might never be able to buy a home.)

2. I'd pay off all our debts. Which doesn't really amount to that much, considering, but it's still an amount that is more than $0. All our debts would read $0. And it would feel amazing.

3. Set up two college funds for the kids. Not a lot, but some. It would be not a lot because I want my kids to earn it and appreciate it instead of it just being handed to them. Build some character, y'know?

4. Buy each parent (Cuinn's and mine) one thing that they would love. Something totally frivolous and impractical. I'd probably buy my dad a TARDIS. My mum a mini. Really though, whatever they chose.

5.  Yarn. Lots and lots of yarn for all my crochet projects.

6. A personal shopper. Not for clothes. But for groceries. I would still coupon though.

7. I'd open a B&B with my mum.

8. In our home, in the basement, I would make half of it a man cave for Cuinn, and half of it a crafting room for me. I would also hire an exterminator to check for any kind of bug every 6 weeks.

9. I would keep enough money to live off of for as long as Cuinn needed to get more education for his passion. First we would have to figure out what his passion is though.

10. Lastly, I would set up a travel account. So Cuinn and I could go travel together. The kids could come sometimes, but mostly it would just be Cuinn and I. Sorry kids, we like you and all, buuut....


Thursday, 1 November 2012

A Thankful Thursday...

I am feeling so full of thankful-ness right now, that I have been impatiently for Thursday to write this post. So here it goes!

I am thankful for...

1. Although we were out of power for a couple hours the other night, I am so thankful that we are all safe from the most recent disaster to hit our little world. I have friends south of the border who are not fairing as well and I have been reminded of how much we have to be thankful for. A couple hours in darkness with my hubby? I can deal.

2. Getting to hear the babies heart beat yesterday. I'm not posting what it was because people are already "telling" Cuinn and I what we're having and I really do want it to be a surprise this time. I'm thankful that it has a strong, steady heartbeat though.

3. Aislynn sporadically hugging my middle and saying, "hi baby!" and then kissing my belly. How does she know?

4. How kind all the people were giving candy out this Hallowe'en. Aislynn was so sweet about saying hello and please and thank you. We didn't meet ANY crabby people. It was such a special night.

5. Our friend Bekka. Yep, I put her whole name on the blog, not just a letter. That is how thankful for her I am. She has been watching Aislynn every Tuesday so Cuinn and I can go to our marriage course, she picked Aislynn up from daycare yesterday so we could get to our midwife appointment, she just loves our kid and us so much. And we love her and think she's pretty special too.

6. Our other friend, Jenn. Again, no initials here lady. She is watching Aislynn tonight so we can get to Bible study. (by the way, when the heck did we get so busy?!?) She also is one of those friends who comes over to check on you when you don't answer the phone. We are so blessed by her and her husband. 

7. Cuinn and I are doing a Marriage Course every Tuesday evening for 7 weeks. We've only done 2, and we have already gotten so much out of it. I'm so glad we were able to go to it this time.

8. We were also invited into a small group Bible study every other Thursday evening. We went to the fellowship night two Thursdays ago and tonight is our first study. We're looking forward to looking into the Word and getting to know a few more families from our church.

9. Aislynn's favorite foods are apples, pears, yogurt and pasta. Aside from the pasta, I'm pretty happy that her favorites are healthy. I recently had a mum complain to me that all their kid wants to eat is chocolate. I'm so thankful that, right now, Aislynn's obsessions are healthy. I don't feel as guilty giving in to the cravings when she's asking for, "Appey mummy!"

10. Free coffee at McDonalds right now. I don't drink the yucky stuff, but I love being able to bring Cuinn a treat to work. I love it even more when I don't have to pay for it. 

11. It's November. That means Christmas music! It also means, only 30 days until I am allowed to decorate for Christmas!!!!

12. Also, this November is a 3 pay check month. Which will be helpful with Christmas around the corner. Plus, there are some bills that are needing to be paid. That "extra" pay this month will be welcome.

13. Right this moment I am thankful for feeling ok. Those moments between the feeling sick are so awesome. I will never take feeling good for granted again. Well, until the next time I'm feeling good that is. 

14. We just found out my cousin and her boyfriend are coming to visit us next year. Yay!!

15. Cuinn found our camera!!! Which means more pictures of the things we do together that aren't just from our iphones which means I can leave my iphone at home more!!

16. Asking Aislynn, "Did you poo?" and getting 1 of 3 responses. "No mumma, I tooted." or "Yep, I poo" and finally, "Nah, I pee!!" It's hilarious.

17. How super smooth the transition from crib to big girl bed was and is. I still can't believe how much she loves it. All we need to say is, "OK Aislynn, into bed!" and she goes and crawls into bed and pulls the covers over her then waits for a cuddle. I am so that proud mum who has to talk about it all the time. But trying to not be that mum who brags about it. It's a tricky balance.

18. Having 17 kids in nursery on Sunday. SEVENTEEN!!!! 

19. Clean underwear. I am always thankful for having just done laundry and having clean underwear. It's the little things.

20. Aislynn getting so much candy from trick or treating, and that she has to share with her mum and dad. And by share I mean she really only gets the suckers. Sorry kid. You're way too little to be eating all that candy, let mummy and daddy help you with that...

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