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My Inspiration

Tuesday, 29 May 2012

A List Of Ten Things...On A Tuesday...

I always forget about certain day posts.

Like my Silent Sunday posts. Or my Thankful Thursday posts.

I can't even remember the last time I did a Tuesday Ten post.

So here I am, on a Tuesday, checking out my blogs, and I saw a few Tuesday Tenners and I was like, "Hey, Sweet, I actually am doing a blog on the right day, so I best be following the crowd!"

So, apparently the list of ten things this week is supposed to be our fav possessions.

Which honestly? I don't even know if I have ten things I love. Not that I don't have stuff. I have a lot of stuff. I just don't really care enough about said stuff.

ANYway, here goes nothing...

1. My wedding ring and engagement ring. I am not a jewelerry wearer. So Cuinn was basically flying solo on the ring buying front. All her knew was that I think yellow gold is gawdy. Some people can rock it, I can not. I think he did pretty well.

Can you even see what it looks like in this picture?

Anyway, my wedding band was a custom order. Cuinn knew I would hate the band that originally came with the engagement ring, so he went about customizing a band to fit my engagement ring. The man is amazing. 

2. My pearl necklace, bracelt and earrings set. Cuinn also got this for me. It was my husband gift. His father got his mother the same thing for her present, so he was going along with tradition. I tend to only wear them on our anniversary because I want to keep them special. Also, fun fact, did you know you're not supposed to get real pearls wet? It ruins them. The more you know!

3. Aislynn's blanket. It used to be mine when I was a baby. Now she uses it every night. I love that.

4. My iPhone. I really did NOT want an iPhone for a really long time. I hate touch screen. I don't like apple. I just didn't see the point. 

I. Was. Wrong.

5. Our car. We get a lot of grief from a lot of people about our car. But it was the first car we have owned as a married couple. It's the car that brought Aislynn home from the hospital. It's the car that moved us from the big city to our tiny town. We've done a lot in that car and it's been really good to us. It's held together by duct tape and dirt. The muffler is gone. Yes, gone. The gas gauge is broken. The odometer is broken. There is a hole in the gas tank so we can only fill it up half way. But that baby has a lot of memories packed into it. So make fun all you want, but I'll probably bawl like a baby this summer when we have to say good bye to her.

6. Our wedding album. Our photographer was a good friend of ours and she is also one of the most talented photogs we know. She did our engagement shoot too. She was able to capture so many amazing moments and I really love looking through the album and remembering out perfect day. Sigh.

7. My new brie baker. Love. Cheese dip never tasted so classy.

8. My bed. Seriously. I have the most comfortable bed ever. My parents bought it for Cuinn and I for our wedding present and it is the best bed I have ever laid in. Plus, it's the family bed, and I love my family snuggles.

9. My reading chair. I have always wanted a really comfy, awesome reading chair. I was browsing one of the mom to mom swap sites I frequent and someone was selling a chair for 30 bucks. I just happened to be online when she posted and was first to comment. I won. Seriously, I think there was about 25 people who kept saying, "If she passes, I'm next in line!!" It was in such good condition, and it is soooo comfy and the perfect reading chair. I love it. I should get a picture of it so you can all see how amazing it is.

10. My passport. That baby means that we can up and travel, any time we want. Yeah, we might not be able to afford it, but the freedom that owning a passport means to me? Priceless. 

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A Bit Of Nothing...

Warning. This post was really meant to be about something else, but then I just started typing, and I went with it. It's not my usual hilarity, it's a bit more introspective. I think...

Sometimes my life feels really boring.

Aislynn wakes up, Cuinn and I cuddle with her and try to put her back to sleep so we can have another ten minutes.

Doesn't work.

We go out to the living room and I make some breaky while Aislynn runs around the house. She is so a morning  person. Cuinn and I so are not.

Cuinn is off to work.

Aislynn and I go about our various routines. Sometimes it's mommy group. Sometimes it's a park day. Sometimes it's a play date. Sometimes it's errands. Sometimes it's pj's and a movie. 

Aislynn goes for a nap, I tidy the living room/disaster zone.

Aislynn wakes up and destroys all the tidying I did.

Cuinn comes home and I start dinner.

We eat, then we either head to the park, or play together on the floor.

Then Aislynn goes to bed. And Cuinn and I have some time together.

Lately I've been feeling like I'm in a rut. A mummy rut, if you will. I feel like I've given so much of myself up. Which I am totally happy to do. I might not have known exactly what I was getting into by making the choice of being a stay at home mum, but I am absolutely happy with the decision.

But there's still that niggling feeling of, when the heck did Sarah the person completely check out while Sarah the wife and mum completely take over?

This last weekend I went on a retreat with the ladies from my church.

I found Sarah the person again.

I had a whole weekend of reflection, and prayer, and fellowship with other ladies and quiet. It was such an honor to be a part of this weekend. We were all sharing things that were so intimate, and I really felt like I was a part of this huge family of sister's uplifting one another.

I realized that I have been carrying around a few deep hurts, I realized that I haven't been walking the path that God has been so clearly laying out for me (Actually, it's more of Him knocking me over the head with a mallet and I've just been ignoring it), I realized that I've been hiding behind this role of just being a wife and a mother and completely ignoring the other important part of me.

So, there will be a few changes in my life. And I've come to you all, my dear precious readers and friends, asking for prayers. 

Prayers for the huge step that I will be taking in the next few months of going back to one of my passions.

I'm not quite ready to share the plans yet, because I'm so scared. I told two of my closest friends. My two girl friends who will keep my accountable because they always do. I hope you two know that it was completely intentional that I told you two. It was no mistake.

I'm so blessed in so many ways, and now it's time to take some time for me. Which scares the poop outta me!

The good news for all of you is that I'll be posting a lot more! I love to blog, and I have found a love for writing. I don't think I'll be winning any awards for my rambles, and I'm sure it's full of errors and a particular English major who I've known for years is probably cringing at most of it. But I am really enjoying it. So, part of the change is that I am getting back to blogging! So I'll be here. A lot. I hope you all stick around too.

Thanks for reading.

OH, and here's a pic of Aislynn. It's not a blog post without a pic of my darling girl.

Oh, those eyes. 

Friday, 18 May 2012

A Weekend With My Best Friend...

This weekend we're going to eat this...

While we watch this...

And we'll be sleeping in this...

Wearing something I bought from here...

Sorry Dad.

Because 3 years ago we did this...

Being married to you is like one long sleep over with my best friend. You're the mac to my cheese, the rock to my roll, the salt to my pepper. I love ya, Babe. I can't wait to celebrate 3 awesome years with you this weekend. You promised me the world, and baby, I feel like I've got it.

Thursday, 17 May 2012

A Thankful Thursday...

It has been soooooo long since I did one of these, and lately Cuinn and I have been so incredibly blessed. Really. We were just sitting in the car, talking about how we've really been looked after lately, and it's nice. Nice to not have to worry all the time. So, without further Adieu, my Thankful Thursday.

1. Our friends K and B who are, so lovingly, watching Aislynn for her first sleepover without mummy and daddy. Cuinn and I keep asking them, "Are you sure you guys are ok watching her?" And each time, K answers us exasperatedly, "YES, stop asking! It's fine!" 

But seriously guys, you're sure?

2. The ability for Cuinn and I to go away this weekend. Thank goodness for coupons and good deals.

3. The settlement that we are getting from the car accident we were just in. (More on that in another post)

4. Our insurance company reimbursing us for the full price of a new car seat.

5. Cuinn, Aislynn and I are all safe, happy and healthy from the car accident. 

6. Park play dates with the W's. 

7. My Epicure business is taking off! I just put my first order in this week, and I have my first party this Saturday! So exciting!!

8. The amazing ladies from my church. So full of love.

9. Cheese dip nights with my husband.

10. R, our daycare provider. Aislynn loves her, she puts us at ease, she is amazing. She's the kind of amazing that you don't want to tell people because then everyone will want a piece of her, and we want to keep our amazing daycare find all to ourselves. Yeah, I know how weird that sounds.

11. My new birthday outfits. I finally spent my birthday money, and man do I look hot in my new outfits. They're all packed for this weekend.

12. My babe and my hubs are in bed right now, this quiet moment for me. Bliss.

13. Mother's day flowers and cards. Melt my heart.

14. Spending Mother's day with good friends. Home made breaky, a clean kitchen, park, ice cream and a BBQ. Fantastic day, with fantastic friends.

15. Aislynn's new, super awesome hat. That CUINN picked!

16. Hot, relaxing baths.

17. Weather that is warm enough that I don't need a sweater, but cool enough that we're not sweating. 

18. A new pair of contacts. I always feel that much prettier when I'm wearing my contacts.

19. Instagram. I am addicted. I need help.

20. A really good book.

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Monday, 14 May 2012

A White Flag Is Waving...

Could we maybe put a stop to the war that's going on?

I'm not talking about the one with all the guns and stuff (As if I would talk about politics on my blog. If I can't even tell my close friends about my political stance, how could I write it in a blog?), I'm taking about the mommy war that's going on.

I'm talking about the moms judging moms war.

I'm talking about this.

If you've been around for a while, then you know that Cuinn and I loosely base our parenting style on the all of a sudden popular Attachment parenting. We co-sleep. I still breast feed, we don't spank, we don't do sleep training, we parent in a pretty natural way.

I've talked about it here on this ol' blog, mostly because I've been lucky enough to not get negative comments HERE yet. Maybe you agree with me, maybe my blog is just too little, maybe it doesn't matter. I write about it, mostly, because I can't talk about it.

And it hurts.

It hurts that Cuinn and I get a lot of unwanted advice that goes totally against what we're trying to do here. We co-sleep not out of necessity, we like it. I don't sleep train my kids not because I'm weak but because I feel like it's wrong. I still breast feed not because it's easier, but because Aislynn's not ready to give it up. I'm following my kids lead.

It also hurts when an article like this comes out, because with it, comes a lot of negative attention. Like this. That child was not misbehaving. He was acting like a 3 year old. He was sitting on that couch, with nothing to do, and asking for his mother's attention. Which she gave him. Yes, he was attached to his mom. But why is that turned into a bad thing? The only wrong thing I see while reading this article and watching the video, is how one sided that reporter is. She is attacking this mother's parenting. And by the way, I think the mother was doing a pretty amazing job at defending herself and explaining that while this parenting technique ISN'T FOR EVERYONE it does work for her.

That's the whole point though. It's not for everyone one. It's not the only way to parent. It might not even be the right way to parent, but it's her decision. Yes, she did go on the cover of the magazine to showcase it, which is an issue I'll talk about in a minute, but this parenting style is her choice, because the boy is her son, and if she screws it up? Well that's her problem too.

The other thing that hurts about this war is coming from the side I'm fighting with.

Because while I applaud this woman and the guts it took for her to make this kind of stand, I also kind of want to smack her. It's this kind of "fighting back" that makes me, a fellow AP'er, look like a crazy person. 

It's not just her though. It's all the other very loud, very judgmental, very opinionated, very holier than thou parents who think that they are doing it right and if you're not doing the same thing, well then social services better come and snatch your kid up right now.

For example, some parents who do the whole cloth diapering. Which I am all for by the way, it just doesn't fit into our lifestyle because we don't own a washer and dryer, and it's just not conducive with out life right now. I have found that a lot of parents  (mostly moms. I'm sorry but it's true), who do cloth diapering have this attitude that they are better than you. Like the woman I overheard in the Pampers aisle the other day.

I had to run to the store because we were out of diapers, and while I was looking at the different deals that were going on at the time and trying to decide, a woman stated, very loudly, "Oh, thank GOD I do cloth diapering. I would NEVER subject my child to the dangers of disposable diapers. Seriously, what are those mom's thinking?!?" Then she saw me and just looked at me and said, "Whoops! Sorry." 

All I could do was stare at her, with my jaw on the floor, and want to cry.

Look, I think it's fantastic that you think you are saving thousands of dollars on diapers, (I know, you've done the math, but realistically, I know for a fact how much I have spent on diapers, and hunny, it ain't getting near what you told me it would...) It's also awesome that you are helping to save the environment, Also, cool that your kid has adorable bums in their cloth diapers.

Seriously, I really am proud of my friends who cloth diaper, I do think it's really cool.

But do not, for one second, think that you are better than me for doing so.

Because I can turn around and think I'm better than you for something else.

And this war on parenting is never going to end.

So, as a mum who is doing the best she can as a mother, I am imploring all you other mommy's. Stop judging. Stop fighting. Stop.

When you see another child throwing a temper tantrum in the mall, don't say to your friend, "this is what I would do." Remember that time when your kid wasn't acting perfect.

When your mommy friend is telling you about a victory they had, even if you don't agree with what they're doing, tell them they're doing a great job.

Stop bragging about everything your child is doing that another child isn't.

Be happy for the other mommy's, support one another in the valley's and raise each other up in the victories.

We should be in this together, not against each other.

Now, go hug your kids.

Saturday, 12 May 2012

A Weekend Update

FYI, writing that title made me think of this:

Also, I have had a huge crush on Jimmy Fallon since I first saw him on Weekend Update. Oh Jimmy Fallon, you're a little bit geeky, and a lot bit cute.

Anyway, enough about my not so secret crushes and back to my awesome weekend.

It's only Saturday evening, and already our family weekend has been amazing. It's Mother's day tomorrow, in case you were wondering, and Cuinn actually has the weekend off. The whole weekend. As in, two whole days off. IN A ROW! You can not possible understand how amazing that is. So Cuinn and I have been taking full advantage of him having a weekend to spend with his girls and we've done a lot.

Just a heads up, this blog is going to be a huge photo dump. You're gonna love it.

I've had some birthday money, floating around in my wallet since April. Which is when my birthday is. Obviously. 

Let me just say, me keeping money unspent, for that long? Pretty sure my dad didn't believe it as he read it. But let me tell you, dad, since Aislynn's come along, a lot has changed for me, spending wise! I have SUCH a hard time spending money on myself. I love to shop for Aislynn, I love to shop for Cuinn, I don't mind doing grocery shopping anymore. Lately though, when it comes to treating myself, or even buying myself a new pair of jeans because all my jeans have holes in them? Man do I feel huge amounts of guilt. So, basically, this birthday money was supposed to be spent on me, and I needed time to allow myself to do that.

I know dad, I can practically see your jaw on the floor.

Anyway, we drove to the outlet mall in a neighboring tiny town to check out the goods. I found a couple things that I liked, but what I really liked was this new hat.

Yeah, I found the coolest hat ever, for my kid.

I did find a couple things, but I was still feeling the guilt about buying myself something, so we left, Cuinn had socks, Aislynn had a hat, Momma had her wallet full of cash.

So we went to the city, and headed to the mall where I stocked up on my fav soaps!

The Malibu Citrus is my fav of the bunch. All those soaps, for just $27. And they are absolutely the best soaps in all the world. Ask anyone.

Then it was time for some lunch, so we got Aislynn some pizza, which she thoroughly enjoyed. I got my rings cleaned, and now they sparkle again, then I went to try on some more clothes. I went to one of my favorite shops to browse in. It has so many cool clothes that I always say I am going to buy as soon as Aislynn stops being sticky and messy. I love the style, and I dream of having billions of dollars to spend on myself in that store. I went in with such high hopes.

Which was a bad idea.

Even though I want to live in this store, and own all the clothing, I didn't realize that all the sizes are off by about 2. Which my friend told me later. But that didn't help in the moment. I'm already feeling pretty self conscious about my body, and trying on clothes in the best of times is awful for a woman. It's even worse when the sizes you normally only wear on a "fat" don't fit. It was terrible. I was having such a wonderful day, and going into that change room. I had a tiny melt down in the change room. I sat on the bench and shed a tear and then thought to myself, "I can either sit here and mope about it, or I can stand up with my head held high, walk outta here, and enjoy the beautiful day with my family." 

So I did just that.

Until I got out to the car and Cuinn made some random comment about not buying anything in that store, and I had another moment. 

I got into the car, and said, "Let's just go home."

But, being the amazing and supportive man that he is, Cuinn drove us down to the waterfront and saved the day.

(This is when the photo dump happens)

Aislynn LOVED the beach. I forsee a lot of trips to the beach this summer. Luckily, her Uncle S lives in a city with a beach, so we'll be able to visit him while taking a trip to the beach.

I just typed beach a lot in the paragraph.


About two seconds after I took that last picture it suddenly poured rain. For 30 seconds. But in those 30 seconds we scooped Aislynn up, grabbed the stroller and started running to the car. By the time we had got out of the sand, it stopped raining, but we figured we may as well head home, since I needed to get ready for our friends birthday BBQ this evening.

On our way home, since I was feeling a lot better (thanks to my hero, Cuinn), I told him I wanted to stop at the outlet mall again and take the plunge and buy the things I saw there. We stopped, I tried a few things on, I felt way better about myself, and I spent the rest of my birthday money. Best part of outlet malls? I got 2 skirts, 2 shirts, a coat and a full length dress, all for $80. Yeah. Awesome.

I don't have any pictures of my new outfits, but I'll give Cuinn a fashion show tomorrow and make him be the paparazzi.

by the way, saying fashion show reminded me of this:


10 cool points to the first person to guess where that quote is from.

Finally, after our big day, we went home and I started getting ready for the BBQ.

Unfortunately I didn't get very many pictures. I didn't take any pictures of me, even though I looked really good. Seriously. I did my hair, I wore make up, I had one of my new outfits on and I looked hot.

Man, I wish I had taken a picture.

But I did take a picture of our super cool daughter in her party clothes

There were a few dogs there. A couple big dogs, and this little guy who reminded me of Dudley. Aislynn loves, loves, LOVES dogs. She was chasing the big dogs around, squealing in delight when they were licking her face, gently patting their backs. It is so awesome seeing her interact with animals. I keep telling Cuinn we need to get a dog, since Aislynn loves them so much.

Then I think about how much work Aislynn is and I really don't want to take on another pooping, eating, sleeping thing right now. So forget it.

Of course, there was food. And Aislynn loves her food. 

We met some new people, had a great time, it was awesome.

For a very busy, long day, Aislynn did so well. She really is such a trooper when it comes to big outings. I'm so proud of her and how well she adapts in any situation. She is so friendly, and open and I am so in awe of her. She really is an awesome kid.

So far my weekend with my fam has been awesome, and I am looking forward to another family day tomorrow.

I'll try really hard to take more pictures of me.

Thanks for stopping by!

Friday, 4 May 2012

A Friday Full Of Letters...

Dear Aislynn, please stay sleeping until I'm done this post. I would super appreciate it.

Dear Husband, thanks for paying rent, and all the other bills, while I stay at home with the kid, eating bon bons and watching bad soaps. Wait, that's what stay at home moms do, isn't it?

Dear Storm from last night, you rocked my socks. Seriously. Thanks for last night. 

Dear Weekend, oh wait, the Husband works both Saturday and Sunday, what weekend?

Dear Fridge, why can you not just fill yourself? Why are you so dependent on me to fill your void? Man up, dude.

Dear Toenail, could you please grow back, right now, I would love to get a pedicure and I just can't do that until you are completely healed. C'MON MAN!

Dear Daycare, thanks for looking after my kid this Wednesday. She obviously loved it, loved it so much she couldn't stop thinking about it all evening. How do I know this? Well, she ignored me all night, so the only logical conclusion is that she was too busy remembering how awesome it was to talk to me.

Dear iPhone, why you gotta be so addicting? 

Dear K, why you gotta be so right about my iPhone being so addicting?

Dear small town movie theater that will be re-opening, please don't be as ghetto as I think you're going to be. I'm super looking forward to watching movies in you and I don't want to be scared about getting knifed every time we meet.

Dear today, please be awesome.

Dear night away with my man friend on the 25th, you better rock my socks, because I am kinda wanting to back out because I'll miss my kid too much.

Dear Aislynn, I really love you kid. To the moon and back. And then back again.

Dear Husband, you're alright too.


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Wednesday, 2 May 2012

A Birthday Surprise!!

As promised (a day late), I'm here to talk about my fabulous birthday.

So, this year I turned 25. On Monday actually. Now, I know that 25 is really not old. At all. In fact, I think I am the youngest of my friends.

But for me? 25 was a hard one. I was kinda dreading it actually. Not my birthday of course, because birthdays mean presents. And I really love presents. I was just dreading the whole, being a year older.

I will say though, I've done some pretty amazing things in my 25 years. Which you'll hear about soon, I promise.

My hubs, is pretty amazing. And this year he wanted to throw me a surprise party! So sweet. But, being my husband, he had absolutely no idea how to go about that. So he enlisted my fbf (that's effing best friend, in case you were wondering. It's a thing.) and said, "Hey, K, can you plan this? I don't know what I'm doing."

So she did.

She invited my friends, got decorations, got me my traditional ice cream cake, made the reservation and even kept it a secret from me!

I had a bunch of pictures, but they're on my phone, and I don't know how to get them from my phone to my computer yet. But if you follow me on instagram you can totally see a couple of them!

Seriously, follow me, what are you waiting for? Also, Erin, you should follow me, because I follow you darn it!! I'm sarah_pants.

So basically, my birthday rocked my socks this year. I have fantastic friends, I have a fantastic family, I have a fantastic life.

And because I have been slackin' on the bloggin' lately, and I haven't done a Thankful Thursday lately, I'm going to tell you all 25 things that I have done in my awesome life. 25 things because I turned 25.

Ya like that?

So without further adieu...

25 awesome things I've done in my life.

1. Married my best friend.

Sigh. I was so hot that time.

2. Had the coolest baby. Of all time.

3. Graduated high school. Yeah, no big deal. I also got 98% on my grade 12 English final, which totally proved my point that teachers hated me and that's why I got bad grades. The markers for the grade 12 exams have no idea who wrote the exam, so they couldn't have prejudices about me and how little I went to school. HA, take THAT Miss Spackman. And Miss Hays. And all the other English teachers who hated me!

4. Spend a month in England with a baby and a sexy husband. And while there I got to cross 2 items off my bucket list. Cirque and the Globe Theater. 

5. Spent some time, doing the college thing, acting. It was awesome. So many really great memories.

6. Dance, acted AND sang on stage. All at once. There are many days that I miss acting. 

7. Worked with a little boy who had autism. I learned more at that job in 2 years than I did in all the rest of my years. 

8. Best family vacation ever. Florida. I can't even try to describe why it was so amazing in just a couple of sentences. It was, truly, the best family vacation ever. Not just the location, but the time we all spent together. 

Why yes, I am holding the biggest and scariest spider. Ever.

9. Another thing that I got to stroke off my bucket list happened on our honeymoon (no, not skinny dipping in the ocean. Although that happened too...). It had been a lifelong dream of mine to swim with the dolphins. Cuinn knew this, so...


10. When I was about 15, I went to music camp. Yep. I was that cool. Anyway, I went to music camp, for singing, and I competed in the singing competition. I won second place. Yeah, I'm basically an award winning singer. Be jealous.

11. Before I met Cuinn, I used to be really cool. Like, pierced, moody, smoker, drinker, y'know, that kinda cool. I was almost intimidatingly cool, I was so cool that I taught myself how to play bass guitar. So, not only could I sing, I could play bass. And who doesn't want a hot, chick bass player in their band?

12. I have seen the Grand Canyon. I have also made my mum almost have a heart attack. If you've ever been, you will know that they have walkways in the canyon that are about 6 inches thick, and there are no handrails, so basically if you trip you fall to your death. Well, my brother and I thought it would be a good idea to pretend we were falling. It was hilarious watching my mum freak out every single time. Oh mum, I'm so sorry.

13. I have been to both Disneyland AND Disneyworld. Now I just need to make it to Disney in France and I'll be good.

14. I have had, and lost, love. Yes, I married the absolute love of my life, my soul mate, my equal, but before Cuinn (yep, there was a time that I didn't know Cuinn), I fell in love with another boy. As much as it hurt, I am thankful for that experience.

15. Back in middle school I tried out for the high jump team. I made it, but then when we went to the towns track and field meet, I flopped. When you do high jump, you run to the bar, then jump. High. But, if you realize while you are running to the bar that you're not going to make it you can just keep running and circle back to the running starting line. Basically I got so nervous that I just kept running. And running. And running. Until the guy blew his whistle and I was disqualified. Oh well, at least I can say that I was apart of a sport team.

16. When I was in high school, I was on the improv team. We were awesome. See? See how much of a drama geek I was?

17. I've cooked an entire Christmas dinner. By myself. From appetizers to pie. I made it all.

18. I have donated to charity. My time, and my money. I think it is so important to have a giving heart, Aislynn will grow up knowing that we are so incredibly blessed, and there are people in this world who have much less than us. Giving back is a lesson my parents taught me, and it's a lesson that Aislynn will continue to learn too.

19. Learning how to crochet was so much fun. I loved it so much that I made two Christmas presents last year. A blanket for each set of parents. 

20. I wrote a book. Which Cuinn doesn't even know about. But I wrote it. And it's on my bucket list to maybe one day get it published.

21. My brother went to school in Winnipeg, and I love him, so I visited him. In the middle of winter. All of you Canadian's should know how much of a feat that really is. For those of you who are not from Canada? Well, Winnipeg is cold. Really, really cold. Cold, as in, all those jokes that people make about Canada being so cold? Yeah, they are about Winnipeg. Pretty sure the only reason people in Winnipeg get pregnant is because in the winter they really need to "keep each other warm" but without the " ".

22. I have found, finally, the town that my husband and I will grow old together in. After too many moves, I can absolutely say that I am the happiest I have ever been.

23. I started a blog. And maintained it. Sometimes I fall off the blogging wagon, but I am pretty proud of myself that I haven't completely given up yet!

24. I have, and will probably do again, watched all Harry Potter movies in 2 days. 

25. I'm basically the Sudoku queen. Cuinn has been telling me FOR YEARS that I would really love this thing called Sudoku. I kept saying no, because my mom really likes it, and we generally don't enjoy the same kind of games. Cuinn was right though. Sudoku is awesome. And I am awesome at it. I can do expert. Yeah. Expert.

So, that is 25 awesome things I have done. There are probably even more awesome things I've done, but these were the things I could think of right now. So here's to another 25 years of awesomeness. And thank you, all of you, who have been a part of my awesome life! I hope you all stick around for another 25.

Much love to you all!!!