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My Inspiration

Tuesday, 25 October 2011

A Tuesday Ten Link Up Party

Why, hello there friends. How are you all doing?

I'm sick. Sicky, icky, yucky, sick. Our house is full of yucko germs and Aislynn is the only one who is totally ok with it. How can she be so happy with boogers flying everywhere, a cough that sounds like she's dying and breathing that makes her mummy freak out?

Last night was pretty rough, since Aislynn couldn't sleep unless someone was holding her. Which was kind of nice, because she is NOT a cuddley baby, but while sick, all she wants is mummy cuddles. So I happily complied with a cuddle day yesterday.

Anyway, that's not the point of this post. The point of this post is to be a Tuesday Ten Linky Thingy. If you're new, then welcome, Tuesday is the day I make a list of ten things. Then I linky linky to my friend Miss Mommy. She's cool, you'll like her. After I linky linky I (im)patiently wait until next Tuesday to see if I got the most likes on my post. I never do. So, how 'bout this week you all be my friends and head over to Miss Mommy's page and like my post. Mmkay? 

So, here is my amazing list for today.

Ten Things I'm Looking Forward To

1. Tomorrow. Because I can tell I'm on the last day of sickness. You know how you can just tell you only have one more day of sickness? Well I'm on it. And Aislynn is playing and not wanting cuddles, so I think she's pretty much over her sickness too. Tomorrow is going to be awesome. First day of health you are so appreciative of breathing through your nose that you just want to jump for joy over being healthy and you promise never to take breathing clearly for granted again.

2. 2 pm today. Cuinn is coming home early. I love that. It really makes me so giddy when he comes home early. Especially when Aislynn and I have been stuck in the house all day staring at each other. Daddy coming home is always nice, and it's extra nice when it's 4 hours early!

3. This weekend. Reason number 1. Cuinn has the weekend off and we are planning a FAMILY weekend. The only non-family thing we have planned is games night at J and J's. Other than that, nobody else is involved in our weekend. Just us. Family bed time in the morning, slow showers, nothing planned, no rushing. It's going to be awesome. Reason number 2. It's the end of Cuinn working night shifts for a loooooong time. Serious. We hate night shifts around these parts. Aislynn does not like when daddy is not here for bedtime. Which means she stays up until he gets home. Which is really annoying.

4. January 14. Why? That's when I leave for England. FOR A WHOLE MONTH!! Yep, I'm going to see my parents for a whoooooole month. And it's gonna be awesome. Cuinn is coming just for 2 and a half weeks, because he can't take a whole month off. Even though that would be so cool. I'm going for the first two weeks by myself, then Cuinn will join us and we'll come home a little over two weeks later together. Cuinn has never been to England (or anywhere for that matter), so it's going to be fantastic. Can't wait.

5. Christmas!!! 59 more days! And I get to decorate soon! I wish I could decorate now, but Cuinn makes me wait until December 1st! What a meanie. Oh I love Christmas. 

6. Halloween. It's Aislynn's first one, and we've got a very cute costume for her. It'll be nice to start the Halloween traditions with her. Even if she is too young to really understand what's going on, it'll still be fun for us. I'm looking forward to trick or treating with her. And eating all the candy she can't. Bwaahahahaha..

7. The snow! I love fall, it's my second favorite season. Winter is my fav though. I love the snow, and I can not wait until we can take Aislynn sledding, and skating, and build a snowman with her, and go for walks in the snow, and play in it, and and and....Oh man, I'm like a kid sometimes! I just get so excited when I think of all the things Aislynn has yet to experience and how I get to be there when she experiences it for the first time. What a wonderful time this is, being a parent.

8. Friday. I think I am heading to the city with my friend C and her daughter N. I always love a good road trip. I love getting in the car and driving. I used to hate it as a kid, but now, I could just sit in the car and watch the world go flying by. It's so nice to just sit and do nothing. Man, I must be getting old.

9. The bath I am going to have as soon as Cuinn gets home. Since Aislynn's been sick, I haven't been able to put her down, or be away from her, so I haven't been able to shower or anything. And I feel so gross. So when Cuinn gets home, I am handing over the less sick baby, and jumping in a hot bubble bath, and soaking up the suds, and possibly finishing The Help.

10. March. Or May? I can't remember, but one of those months is when our cell plan is finally over and we can leave Telus forever. There will be big changes in the phones this year. We are getting rid of the home phone, getting blackberries and seeing how that works and if it works and all that good stuff. Well, that's the plan anyway. My cell is so stupid. It's so "old" (for a cell phone life anyway), and the buttons don't work, and when I call someone it won't go to voicemail. Serious. When I call Cuinn, and the voicemail picks up, my phone just shuts down. I don't get all my phone calls/texts. I can't send texts half the time. My browser crashes my whole phone. Basically it's a POS and I can't wait to chuck it. And to leave Telus. Who after 4 years STILL won't acknowledge that I am on the phone plan. So when something goes wrong, Cuinn has to call, because they won't let me do anything. Even though BOTH OF OUR NAMES IS ON THE ACCOUNT! Anyway, that's enough about my hate on for Telus.

So, there ya go. Not a super exciting Top Ten today, but whateve's. I'm sick. Deal with it. 

Now get your butt's over to the other lists, read 'em, then vote! For mine, obviously.

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