My Inspiration

My Inspiration

Sunday, 2 October 2011

A Weekend full of F...

F for family!

And fun!

I tricked you all.

You totally thought it was going to be F for something else.

Well, y'know what that says about you, don't it.

Just kidding, I love you all.


This weekend was full of awesome sauce, wanna hear all about it?

I know ya do.

So, Saturday morning, Cuinn and the babe and I had a picture day with our new favorite photographer. For reals. She is amazing! In fact, she's so amazing, Aislynn and I are getting pictures again next Saturday. (Well, Aislynn and her little BFF M are getting halloween pictures done together. But I'll still be there. So y'know, cool.) Dana is so great. She is a kindergarten teacher, for real, and does photography for pretend. And by pretend I mean she does it for a second job, but she could probably just quit teaching and be a photographer, because she is that amazing.

For serious, I am gushing over here. She didn't even pay me to say all that stuff. She doesn't need to though, she's amazing.

Check out for yourself!

Yeah! Amazing! And these are just the sneak peek ones. We get all the pictures in a week or two. I'll post my favorites when I get them.

Anyway, so Saturday morning started with a bang. We got a couple family shots in too, but it was really mostly just for Aislynn. Can you say Christmas cards? See how I have planned ahead this year? See how smart I am? See? See?!? SEE?!?!?

OK, I might have just eaten two sugar cookies that also have about an inch of icing on them and are basically just round chunks of sugar with extra sugar on top. So this post might come across a little scary. Just go with it.

So after the amazing pictures morning, I dropped Cuinn off at work and I went to hang out with my bestie, J. I have missed her lately. She's been busy with her mom this week and I haven't been able to hang with her. So it was cool that I could see her for a bit.

While I was there, my sister in law, Am, called and said, "Hey, butt face, we're here."

Ok, she didn't really say that.

But she did say that she was here and where was I.

So I said goodbye to my bestie and went over to Cuinn's store to meet up with my bro, S, and his woman Am, and her son Ai.

Ha ha, Ai. Artificial Intelligence. Like a robot. Just kidding though. He's a smart kid. And a real boy.

So they all said hello to my very handsome husband and then we went back to our place to wait until he was done work.

Ai is a 6 year old boy though. And he got bored pretty quickly in my apartment, that only has baby toys in it.

So we decided it was time to go to the park.

So we bundled up my gorgeous babe, ourselves of course too, and headed on over to the park on a crisp, fall, afternoon/evening thing.

Doesn't my girl look so cute?

Oh yeah, this post is also going to have tons of pics. Deal with it. You know you love it.

So we hung out at the park for about an hour, and then Cuinn showed up! Yay!

So, after the park, we went home and made a really delicious dinner of spaghetti with ground turkey instead beef. It was delicious.

Actually, wait, Cuinn, don't read that. I did NOT trick you into eating a healthier option. It really was ground beef and nothing was changed. Don't worry my husband, I know how much you loathe change.

So the next day, we went to church in the morning and then went apple picking in the afternoon.

Here are some pics. 

Because a picture is worth 1000 words, and I am just too darn tired tonight to type, so just read about our apple picking through these pictures.

Me and my sister in law Am

Attempted a family self portrait

Aislynn thoroughly enjoyed picking apples, and eating them with Daddy!

Pick an apple...

So, just to explain those last couple of pictures.

We were apple picking, and we got to a lane that had REALLY TALL TREES! Well, tall for apple trees anyway. And I saw some perfect looking apples right at the top of the trees. I, of course, needed those apples. Not the ones that I could reach. Oh no. I needed the ones right at the top.

So I used my umbrella.

That did not work.

So Am tried to lift me up to reach them.

Again, that did not work.

My brother tried to get them.

Even HE wasn't tall enough.

So the obvious solution was to put my nephew on my brothers shoulders and make him get them with the umbrella.

I don'y have a picture of that because I don't have permission to post his picture up here on this ol' bloggity blog blog. But rest assured. It was awesome.

Here we are with out gorgeous apple. That we all worked so hard to get.

We were busting a gut the whole weekend, and we're doing it all over again next weekend, because it's Thanksgiving!!!!!

So basically, my weekend was awesome. My home was a little louder, a little more crowded, and a little more chaotic, but, isn't that what family is?

I hope you all had fantastical weekends too! And that you blog about it! Then send me a link! Because I will totally read your blog!


pippasmum said...

Those photos are gorgeous!!! And A is getting cuter all the time.
Glad you had a great weekend - I find that fall weekends are the best!

Krysta said...

She is the cutest little girl... ahhh! When I have a layover in YYZ I must visit.. or heck, I'll just fly there to visit because it's so darn cheap. And as somebody who also does photography for pretend, I'll take photos of your cute baby too!! Haha. You'll have so many you won't know what to do with them all!

Just Another Mummy Blog said...

We love fall the most! So pretty in Ontario, warm, cozy days, apple picking, pumpkin patches, I just love it! Plus, after all the sticky, hot weekends the past 3 months, it's a nice change!

Oooooh, Krysta! Yes! Come visit and meet my pretty little star! When do you start flying again?