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My Inspiration

Saturday, 31 December 2011

A year in photo's...

2011 has been a pretty awesome year, and instead of typing all about the most awesome things that happened, I decided to just show you a picture from each month.



After Cuinn's busy time of Christmas in '10, we decided to take a weekend to ourselves. We dubbed it, "Our last ever vacation as non-parents." We just went down to Niagara for the weekend, but it was so amazing. So relaxing. So romantic. We're thinking of making it a yearly tradition to do a weekend together every January.


Aislynn was due to join our family on February 28th, so my work girl friends threw me my baby shower early in February. There were a lot of people and we got very spoiled. I couldn't believe how generous people were.

March :

March 9, 2011 at 11:42 pm, Aislynn Ryder Simpson was delivered by Dr. Le. Cuinn and I became parents and our lives have been forever changed. I had no idea how much love my heart could hold for a person so tiny. March was definitely the best month of this year. My parents also came in March, and we were so fortunate to be able to have them dedicate Aislynn in our church! Our church doesn't do child baptism, they do something called a dedication. Basically it's a ceremony saying that Cuinn and I are choosing to give Aislynn back to God and that we are going to raise her in a Christ filled home. It is such a blessing to have my parents able to perform this ceremony for us. They married us, and now they have dedicated our child. Their first grandbaby!


Cuinn's mom meeting Aislynn for the first time.

I turned 24 on April 30th, this year! Unfortunately, on my birthday we were moving. So it was full of sweating, packing, driving and loading/unloading. My brother and his girlfriend and my friend and her boyfriend all helped with the move, thankfully. It could have been a lot more stressful what with a little tiny baby, but they helped us out so much. Cuinn's mom also came in April. She did much more than her fair share of packing for us when she came. I don't think our move would have happened so smoothly if it wasn't for all the help that we had. Cuinn then surprised me with a small lunch party with a few of my friends the next weekend for my birthday. So it wasn't technically in April, but since it was my fake birthday, we're gonna add it in for April.


In May we celebrated our 2 year anniversary. We were settling into our new home with our new baby. We didn't know ANYBODY here, so we got all dolled up, took our baby and went out for a fancy dinner. With Aislynn. I thought it was kind of fitting though. We were celebrating our life together as a family, and Aislynn is such a big part of our little family. It was nice to celebrate all together.


In June, Cuinn's brother A and his girlfriend L came to meet Aislynn. They live far, far away in a land called British Columbia, which is still in the same country, but feels like it's worlds away. We had such a great visit with them, and it was awesome to get to know L a little better since we don't know her THAT well. Considering that she lives a million miles away. Aislynn fell in love with L and every time she would hold her Aislynn would fall right asleep. It was a new mother's dream having L here. A loved playing with his new neice. I have never seen A as gentle and loving as he was with Aislynn. It's true that babies bring out the softest side of men. (I hope I didn't embarrass A. And if I did, well, too bad, he's my brother in law, I'm allowed. Ha ha!)


July was Canada Day. One of my favorite holidays. I am the most patriotic Canadian you will ever meet. I love my country and I am so proud to be Canadian. I live in a fantastic country where I am free to be who I want and not have to hide anything. I was so excited to share this day with my new babe. She loved the fireworks. All the colors and shapes. They didn't scare her in the least either, which was a huge plus! 


August was Cuinn's birthday as well as our tiny towns annual festival. Which literally brings in thousands of people. Which is a huge deal, considering our tiny town's population pretty much doubled when Cuinn, Aislynn and I moved here. It was also the first time I got to go out without Aislynn. I went out with my sister in law to the town's dance that was happening during the festival. We had a few too many and I was out of commission for the next day. I kinda found out that weekend that my partying like a rock star days are over, and it's odd, but I didn't feel any kind of sadness about that. I think I was just relieved. Although I did have a rockin' time with Amanda. 


In September, Cuinn went away to his yearly conference. I really missed him and his help. The good thing about him leaving? He went away and came back a winner of the 2011 All Star award for his company. I was so proud of him. He has worked tirelessly for his company and it is so awesome that he was noticed for all of that hard work. 


This was the month that we subjected our child to the same awful traditions that millions of moms around the world subject their children to every year. We put her in an embarrassing costume and took pictures of her.
But doesn't she make the cutest little chicken ever?


This was the start of Cuinn's busy season at work. So I became a retail widow. It's what a few of us retail wives call ourselves from October until January. I have to say, I'm so glad we moved to the sticks, because it has been no where NEAR how busy it was when we lived in the city. My hubs actually made it home for dinner! Seriously, this Christmas has kind of cemented in our minds how good of a move this was for our family. We also had our first snow fall, so we bundled up Aislynn and brought her out to see the snow. It didn't matter that it all melted that night. We also went to the Christmas parade. It was so much smaller than the annual festival parade, but it was still awesome. Cuinn had to help put out a fire on one of the floats though. He's my hero.


Cuinn's dad meeting Aislynn for the first time 

Of course December was filled with family, fun and food. Cuinn's parents came and Cuinn's dad got to meet Aislynn for the first time. We enjoyed Aislynn's first Christmas.

So much happiness in 2011, there were a lot of rough times too, but Cuinn and I have come through it all, still in love and still so happy with what we have. We are looking forward to the joys and challenges of 2012.

2011 has been a pretty awesome year. How was yours?

Wednesday, 28 December 2011

A Girls Night Out...

The week before Christmas, a few girl friends and I had a baking day. I hosted it at my place at it was a smash.

See? This is how much of a smash it was!!

That's my friend A. She's super cool. So cool in fact, that she blogs too. Read all about her adventures in the kitchen here

That's my other super cool friend. Her name is C. She also blogs, go read about her adventures as a G mom and a librarian in a tiny town here

This is my newish friend K. She lives upstairs in my mansion. AKA the apartment building a live in. BUT, if we leave our babies in her apartment and she comes to my apartment with the baby monitor, it's kinda like we live in a mansion...right? Anyway, K is cool and all, but not cool enough to blog. So read all about her blog here. Except there's no link. Cause she doesn't blog. (Get the hint K? It's time to start a blog lady friend.) A little info about my friend K. She lives in my mansion. Her man friend plays video games like my man friend. She has a super awesome baby. She is super awesome. She's my friend. That's all ya need to know. Now, if she had her own blog you could find out more buuut.....

The besties. That's my babe and C's babe. They are honestly best friends. Seriously. When Aislynn and I pull up to their house, Aislynn gets all excited because she totally knows that she's getting to see her bestie. They love each other. They are also 2 weeks apart. Which is awesome.

Making some balls. 

Probably laughing at one of the hilarious "that's what she said..." moments. We are so grown up.

The two boy besties.

That baking day was such a smash that we ladies just didn't want it to end. So we decided to get all dolled up and head on out for dinner WITHOUT BABIES!! Oh my goodness, it was so exciting to be out with the girls with no babies.

Obviously all the servers were totally into the holiday spirit. Ours was the most...umm...spirited? And I snapped his pic. But I forgot to tell him he was going on my blog. Oh well, maybe one day he will stumble upon it and be honored that he was featured.

Or creeped out is another thing he might feel...

My amazing drink. I don't remember what it was called, but it was sooooooo amazing.

My amazing food, which was too spicy. Seriously, after being pregnant, I have lost all my awesome taste buds. I miss eating spicy food. 

Yay girls night!

That's J. She also doesn't have a blog. Loser. So here is a bit about J. She is married to another J. A man though. She is currently preggo with her second. Which is super exciting. She's a teacher. And she's really good at it. How do I know? She taught me how to crochet. And I'm a super awesome crocheter...or hooker...whatever you wanna call it. She's pretty awesome, and should start a blog so I can link it up.

There was also a group picture. But I haven't edited it yet to not have me in it. So you will all have to just deal with it that you can't see us all in one picture together.


Also, all these wonderful friends of mine told me that if I didn't start blogging again than they would stop following my blogs.

Stupid friends.

For reals though, I had a blast. Since moving to this tiny town I really feel like I'm a part of something. I feel like I am a wanted part of a group of people. I always have someone to call, or someone to hang out with. I am never alone. But not in a bad way. In a comforting, this is awesome that so many people think I'm cool, kinda way.

This group of girls is pretty kick ass, and we've decided that it's going to be a monthly thing. This girls night thing. In fact, this Friday a few of us are doing shopping and lunch. Yay girly days.

Seriously, if 5 years ago me met today's me, I'm pretty sure she would be confused.

But it's cool. I'm happy.

A post every couple of months...

or that's what it feels like.

I have been so very busy, living life, that my blogging has been kind of put to the wayside (is that right? It sounds weird...). So this post is probably going to be about a billion miles long. Or maybe I'll just cut it into a few posts.

Actually, that's a better idea.

I bet you're wishing I edited now, so you didn't have to read that useless part.

Well I don't edit.

And you all still read my blog.

So who's the winner now?


Anyway, back to my super cool awesome life that has kept me away from all my beautiful readers. 

This post will be all about Cuinn's parents visit. Which is where we last left off.

Cuinn's parents came to visit.

The end.

Next post.

Just kidding.

Cuinn's parents came to visit and it was really awesome. It was Cuinn's dad's first time meeting Aislynn. And since pictures are worth a thousand words, blah blah blah, what better way to tell you about our visit with Cuinn's family, than with pictures!! 34 to be exact! Love it.

Or don't...whateve's

But, how can you not love?

Aislynn and Grandpa Simpson meeting each other for the first time!

Cuinn seeing his dad again for the first time in nearly 2 years!

Some quality Grandma/Grandpa and Aislynn time. While mummy and daddy are off buying presents! 

I kinda love this shot of Aislynn. Even if it is weird and blurry. 

Cuinn learned how to make turkey dinner this year. It is a Simpson family tradition that daddy Simpson makes the turkey. So, this year, I handed over my apron, and let the men folk do the cookin'. I have to say, I was feeling all out of sorts and didn't know what to do with myself since I didn't cook Christmas dinner at all this year, but hey, it was nice to switch it up. The food was terrific too!

This is the boys getting the turkey ready in the morning before church. We celebrated our Simpson Christmas on Sunday the 18th since Cuinn's parents wouldn't be here for the 25th. They got the turkey in the oven, then we went to church. It was a baptism and a dedication service and it was beautiful. An 18 year old girl, deciding to give her life over fully to the Lord. It was amazing. Mostly because I was remembering what I was like at 18 and I am so proud of this girl (who I don't even know since we're still fairly new to this congregation) to be making such a smart decision so early in life. 

After church we went to one of the many tree farms in our area and cut down our tree. I am such a sucker for tradition and a real tree is a huge thing for me. It was so awesome to go spend the day at this amazing farm and cut down our own tree. Pretty sure we have started a new tradition for our tiny family in our tiny town.

Grandpa was so helplful...

So Cuinn showed him!!

I love this shot of Aislynn and I. Baby wearing has been such an amazing experience for me, I will truly be sad when Aislynn is too big to be worn.

Then we came home and waited for the men folk to finish up din din!

Which Aislynn thoroughly enjoyed!

Then we opened pressies!!!

But first, a shot of my in-laws. How happy are they?

Aislynn waiting (im)patiently to rip open the rest of the pressies!

Helping daddy. 

Yep, I got my TOMS!!!! Thank you again, Philip and Andrea. 

Aislynn wasn't so sure about opening presents at first, but she got right into it pretty quick. Auntie C's (Cuinn's sister)  favorite book when she was a kid was The Paper Bag Princess. It's one of our favs too. So Auntie sent us a copy of it for Aislynn. Which is awesome, because I think I lost our first copy?

Grandma and Grandpa opening the gift that I made for them. A homemade crochet blanket. They loved it, which made me feel so good. 

The slightly creepy, one of a kind doll that Uncle A and Auntie L sent for Aislynn.

 The slightly creepy, one of a kind guy I married. Cuinn got the first season of The Walking Dead, and it came with this wonderful (insert eye roll here) zombie mask. Boys.

Cuinn with his momma and dad

Aislynn thoroughly enjoyed her new bath tub toys. We were so grateful for new toys, her rubber ducky got water in it somehow and corroded the light up part of it and we were kind of nervous about letting her play with it. We have new tubby time toys now, so we're good.

The worst part of the trip. The goodbye dinner at the Swiss. (My uber fancy name for Swiss Chalet. The Swiss makes it sound so much more classy I think.) This is also when we found out that Aislynn LOVES cranberries!

Oh, and she also loves lemons. Crazy kid.

All in all, it was a really awesome visit.

It's so unfortunate that both our families have to live so stinkin' far away. Many times a week Cuinn and I get really jealous of our friends who have family here. It's hard to be so far away from the people we love the most. BUT (and there is a but), it has made us appreciate them so much more. When we do get to see our family it's such a blessing. Even if the visits are always cut shorter than we wish.

 Cuinn and I are both very proud of the life that we have here, and we're making it here on our own. We both miss our parents every day, but that's part of life. To cleave to another and leave your family to make your own.

Thanks for the amazing help that you offered while you were here Andrea and Philip. My kitchen has never been as clean since you were here. I found it was a lot easier to keep a clean house with a couple of live-in nannies. Aislynn always had someone to play with and Cuinn and I got to have a bit of time to ourselves. Thanks for the visit, it made our Christmas!