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My Inspiration

Thursday, 20 October 2011

A Book...

Yeah, boring title, right?

Now you're all going back to the title to read it, because if you're anything like me (and I'm totally full of myself and thinking, how could anyone not wanna be like me?), you don't really read the titles.

Titles are hard. Especially when you've been up since 630ish and have been go go go go go since then.

So, there's this thing that I do in my spare (ha) time, it's called reading. I haven't done much of it since I was about 5 months pregnant. Basically because, when you're pregnant (or at least when I'm pregnant), you have to re-read the same page about 20 times before you realize what the first sentence means. Serious. I had such a weirdo brain when I was pregnant.

Then, when packing my bag for the hospital, the check list said to bring a book to pass the time.


Pretty sure whoever made that list had never been in labour.


Either way, I did bring a book. But I didn't read any of it at the hospital.

Then we went home with a newborn baby. That we were supposed to take of all by ourselves. With no instruction manual.

Who would of had time to read it though, really?

So basically, what I'm sayin' is, I haven't picked up a book until now. Which is very abnormal for me, since I really love to read. I just love words. Obvious to you if you've ever met me, because I talk. A lot.


That was my long winded way of getting to my main point.

My friend, C, loaned me her copy of "The Help."   The Help  The Help

Some book about slaves.

I don't remember from high school english how to write out a title of a book. Is it with quotation marks? An underline? In italics? 

Probably all three right? ok.

"The Help"

Pretty sure I am killing all the english teachers right now who are probably screaming at the computers about how dumb I am and I shouldn't even be writing since I don't know the proper rules

Back to the book.

I am usually very wary about reading books that have become huge hits and been made into movies. Mostly because they usually suck. Or they're really sappy. Or they're just to generalized for me.

There are a few exceptions to my rule, but not often. I prefer books that are not on any lists. Sometimes the writing just seems more, I dunno, awesome.

Like this blog.

By the way, can you totally tell my mind is all over the place today? What's up with that?

Anyway, EVERYBODY is talking about this book and how AMAZING it is and how it's SO UPLIFTING and it makes you want to BAWL your eyes out.

When people say this I nod and smile and think, "You're an idiot. Another opiate for the masses" 

Is that how that saying goes? I dunno. Sounds good though.

So when my friend loaned me the book, I had my doubts. Only 75% of my usual amount though, because this friend also happens to be a librarian and well read. Like me. So maybe she wasn't being a lame follower. But there was still my aversion to the "popular" stuff there.

So, basically, what it boils down to was, I wasn't sure.

Well, I've read the first 16 chapters, and I have to say, I'm impressed.

I am actually enjoying it.

I dunno if maybe I'm just a mum now, and maybe my taste in books has changed, because my brain sure has, or maybe it really is that good of a book. Frankly my dear, I don't give a damn.

Oh, Rhett Butler. Swoon!!

I think this book is pretty awesome. I haven't finished it, obviously, so there is still room for it to go down the tubes, but so far, I'm really enjoying it. I'm actually a little scared to see the movie. Because, as you all know, movie adaptations 95% of the time, suck a lot. Like. A lot a lot. 

Time Traveler's Wife? 

Need I say more?

Which I will.

SERIOUSLY? How could they ruin one of my all time favorite books by turning it into one of the worst films of all time? Why? Why did you have to do that to me, Hollywood? Do you really just not want to be my friend anymore? Because you're pushing it, buddy. Especially with all the Potter movies. GAH.


I think you should all go find a copy of the book and read it. I think it's worth it.

Also, I think maybe I need a nap.

Man, Aislynn's been asleep for 45 minutes. Do you know how awesome that is?

Thanks for stopping by!


Jenn said...

I loved The Help and The Time Traveler's Wife too. I am so happy to hear that someone else liked The Time Traveler's Wife. Everyone I lent it to said it was just okay or told me that they couldn't get through it. I just finished The Birth House which I really enjoyed. Let me know if you would like to borrow it and I'll bring it to the OEYC. Great chatting with you today!

Diana said...

Italics for titles of books, quotation marks for titles of articles and for citing individual pieces of poetry (unless said poetry was one long single piece that is only ever featured by itself, such as "Paradise Lost"). Underlining is falling out of favour for just about everything, except if you're an old-school historian and you still really like it for Chicago citation.

Also, I'm so glad you've found time to read again. Books are food for the soul. <3

pippasmum said...

Since my kids now finally seem to go to bed at fairly reasonable times, I am finally back to reading, too. I LOVED The Help and have been meaning to read The Time Travellers Wife forever - you are inspiring me to actually get reading it.
I really enjoyed The Birth House, too, although there was one little thing that bugged me.

Just Another Mummy Blog said...

Jenn, I got The Time Travellers Wife so long ago when it first came out, and loved it so much. When they said they were making a movie of it, I just knew it was going to suck. I mean, there was a lot in it that just couldn't be made into a movie in my opinion. Glad someone else loved it as much as I do. I've actually read The Birthing House. I enjoyed it too! It really was great chatting. We should do a tea date sometime. :)

Diana, I totally KNEW it was going to be you who would help me with this. Seriously. As I was writing it I was thinking, "I bet Diana will tell me what I'm doing is wrong." Thanks for the help!

Sarah, I bet I know exactly what one thing bugged you, because it might be the same thing that bugged me. lol. Go out and get The Time Traveller's Wife. I am just so in love with it. The author actually wrote another book her Fearful Symmetry. Very dark, but so good. If you lived closer I would just loan it to you!

Ashley said...

I loved The Help!! The movie was ok, but I feel they left A LOT out. I know movies usually do, but they left a lot of important (I think) things out.

Just Another Mummy Blog said...

Cuinn gets so annoyed taking me to movies that were books once (which is a lot of movies recently) because I just complain the whole time.

"Sarah, this isn't the book, it's the movie."