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My Inspiration

Monday, 30 April 2012

A Bit Of A Catch Up...

Where the heck have I been?!?!?

Well, I have so many things to share with you, because I have been oh so important in the real world.

I'm so sorry that I have neglected you my poor blog. I really do love you, but I just got sidetracked by life. I'm here now though, so that's what counts, right?

I feel like I have been abandoning my blog a lot lately. New leaf, right now, don't ignore blog anymore.


So, it's my birthday today. I turned the big 2-5. I'm going to do a post about the last 25 years tomorrow, but telling you it is my birthday is important to why I have been ignoring you.

Cuinn bought me the most awesomest gift ever. But he got it for me a couple weeks ago, which will help you understand my leave of absence.

Are you ready for it?

I got this.

An iPhone 4.

And it's pretty awesome.

I am still giddy about my new toy! I am also on instagram, so you all must follow me. Or whatever it's called when you look at my pictures. I'm Sarah_pants. Paying homage to my man friend.

I have been playing Draw Something with EVERYBODY. So find me on facebook and let's play!

I downloaded Sudoku. Do you know how awesome Sudoku is?

Now if I could just figure out how to blog on my phone, I wouldn't need to touch the computer at all anymore!

So, there ya have it. The other electronic love of my life. 

Well, for now, until I get sick of it.

Stay tuned until tomorrow, when I share with you just how amazing my birthday really was!!

For now though? I desperately need to catch up on my blog readin'. I've missed all you guys too!

Friday, 13 April 2012

A Thankful Thursday....on Friday...

I am so terrible at weekly posts.

I forget about my weekly posts until 3 in the morning sometimes all the time. Then I like, flail in bed because I'm so annoyed that I forgot.

Whatever, I'm here now, and you'll all like it.

I am thankful for...

1. That even though we had the worst plane ride ever, we made it home. Safe and sounds.

2. Aislynn was a trooper through the whole weekend. 4 hour flight, 2 hour time difference, and I think only 1 tantrum the whole weekend? I am so proud.

3. Cuinn being so amazing to me this weekend. He is, without a doubt, the best husband in the entire world. Love you babe.

4. Cuinn's sister C and her hubby N for picking us up from the airport and for C driving us back to the airport. Thanks sweets, I love ya like a real sister. Same goes for you N, you're the best outsider ever.

5. (this might get confusing, so keep up) Cuinn's brother in law's sister B, who loaned us a couple baby items. Although Aislynn mostly slept in bed with me during the night, nap time during the day was made much easier. Thanks again!

6. Cuinn brother T, it was so fantastic that he got to meet Aislynn for the first time. And even changed a diaper!! It's been too long T, we miss you.

7. T's girlfriend A. Man, oh man. If I could pick a girl to be my newest sister in law, I couldn't have picked better. She is so good for (and to) T, she was amazing with Aislynn, her and I hit it off. We love her and hope to get to know her better.

8. Jesus, for giving his life for those who don't deserve it. Awesome.

9. Yarn and my crochet hooks. I really love crochet-ing. Even though my current project is so very frustrating. Any body have a pattern for making a  "B"?

10. My dr. I have finally made the appointment to get my toe looked after. April 19. Which happens to be a Thursday. I am terrified, but Dr. K has really put me at ease, and he even came to the phone when I called him today to ask a few questions. Shh, don't tell Cuinn, he'll make fun of me for being so scared.

11. Epicure. I am now a, for real, Epicure consultant! So, if you're in my area, please feel free to book a party with me! I am so excited for this new venture and I just can't wait to get started!!

12. Warm, cinnamon buns. Cuinn and I treated ourselves to Pillsbury Cinnamon buns last night. A little bit of heaven on our plate.

13. Girls Downton Abbey night, tonight! Thanks K, for hosting again! You rock, girl.

14. Aislynn's roaring. I love watching her walk around, dancing to the music, roaring instead of singing. My girl is so awesome.

15. Nap time. I can't be the only mum who enjoys the house of quiet.

16. That Cuinn and I found a daycare provider we love. We don't just like her. We don't even just love her. We LOVE her. Seriously. I had a list a mile long of things I wanted and didn't want in a daycare provider, and this woman has hit every single one of them, and a few I didn't even know. I am so happy and excited for Aislynn to start going once a week. I'm also a little jealous, I kinda wanna go myself!

17. Weather which permits Aislynn to wear dresses everyday. Now I know why my mum wanted me to be a girly girl. It is so much easier to dress a child in dresses than pants and a shirt. I foresee Aislynn in a LOT of dresses this summer.

18. Cuinn's customer giving him a gift card to East Side Mario's. There are people here, in our tiny town, who have made Cuinn love his job all over again. Not because they give him gifts, but because they are genuinely thankful for the extra mile Cuinn goes for his customers.

19. The girly chat I had with C and K yesterday at lunch. If you can't talk to your friends as honestly and open as I can with mine, then you need better friends.

20. Cuddles with Cuinn. Falling asleep while in the arms of the man I love. Perfect.

What are you thankful for?

a day late...

Yesterday, my friend Krysta married her best friend, in Mexico!

I hope your day was everything you wanted it to be, Krysta.

Wishing you and Ryan all the happiness in the world. 

Go check out her blog, she's pretty awesome

Tuesday, 10 April 2012

An Easter To Never Forget....

Cuinn and I managed to get out to Alberta to see his family for Easter this weekend. We haven't seen some of his family for two years, so it was really great that Aislynn got to meet her Uncle T, Uncle N, Auntie C and Auntie A for the first time. We actually got to meet Auntie A for the first time this weekend too. And, in case you were wondering, she is AMAZING. Seriously. We love her. She was so great with Aislynn, me and her seemed to hit it off, and I just really like her. And Uncle T looks so happy. Happier than I have ever seen him. So, y'know, yay! It was so great to re-connect with Cuinn's sister and her hubs too. His sister was my bridesmaid in our wedding, and I feel like her and I really get along. Plus, her husband is super cool. We would love, love, LOVE for N and C to come out to see us this summer. Me and N get along very well too. So, basically what I'm trying to say, is it was great to catch up with family who we haven't seen in a while.

I, unfortunately, don't have any pictures because I was too preoccupied. I know A and C got some pictures, so I'm hoping that they send them my way.

The part of our trip that was unforgettable though?

Our plane ride home.

Man, oh man.

First of all, our flight left at 7 am, we were at the airport way to early in the morning and it sucked. Ever tried to nap in an airport? Don't. It's awful.

So, Cuinn and I were tired, cranky, and just wanted to get home.

We then boarded the plane and the pilot told us, "It's kinda windy in Toronto, but whatever, it's no big thing." 

He didn't really say that, but that was the message I took from it. I was like, who cares if it's windy? Isn't that good? Doesn't that mean we'll get there faster because of tail winds and such like? Don't people make connections about tail winds and faster flights?

Whatever, I was tired and stressed and I had no idea why he was talking about wind when I just wanted to sleep.

So after the pilot's announcements, Cuinn, Aislynn and I all promptly fell asleep. Before take off. Seriously. We were all snoring and drooling while people were still coming onto the plane.

How attractive.

When we finally woke up, the flight attendants were handing out the drinks of water. Y'know, the drinks of water they pass out, like, 30 minutes before landing? The one lady even said, "Wow, you all slept the entire flight! That's awesome!" We were obviously exhausted. Even Aislynn.

So, that's cool, I'm thinking at this point, "man, flying is such a breeze, I don't know why I always get so freaked out about flying. Why am I being such a baby?"

Famous last thoughts.

Because you all know what comes next.

The turbulence.

And I don't mean a little bit of movement where people are still sleeping, or going to the bathroom. No, I'm talking people are actually yelping out in fear, babies are crying all over the place, the plane is shaking and moving so much that even Cuinn grabbed my hand, then we shared a look that said, "We could seriously die today."

People all around us were taking out the barf bags and filling them. And not with Easter eggs.

Then it got even worse.

Aislynn threw up all over Cuinn and the only thing I could do was say, "Oh, she's puking."

Seriously? How is that helpful?

So Cuinn said, "I need your help, Sarah!"

Because at this point, even he was freaking out a bit.

So I did the only logical thing.

I held out my hand so she could puke into it. First of all, let me tell you, this was not just baby spit up. This was full on, human puke. Like, she threw up her lunch. Are you getting the picture? Second of all, my kid doesn't puke. I think she's maybe puked 3 times in her whole life? And this was one of them? So I never had to deal with gross baby puke, which means that when she actually does throw up I am so incredibly disgusted by it that I kinda freeze and think, where's Cuinn? I'm not cleaning that up!

So the fact that I actually held out my hand so she could continue to expel the contents of her stomach into it, kinda proves how much I love my kid.

Urgh, being a parent is so gross sometimes.


After she pulled an exorcist and had thrown up everywhere she started to cry. I mean, she's never had the food come back out that way, she was totally freaked, plus her mom and dad probably looked terrified, and she obviously did not like the slimey and burning feeling on her arm. It was awful.

We were that family that you hate on the plane.

You know the family.

The family with the baby that is crying so loudly, so dramatically, so heart breakingly. And we couldn't do anything. Cuinn basically just held her and tried to soother her, I shook my hand into the paper bag they provide and we just prayed we would hit the ground in one piece. 

Finally, after a billion hours of the worst plane ride of our lives, the pilot got us safely on the ground. Before the seatbelt lights were even on I ran to the bathroom to grab some cleaning supplies. The flight attendants were amazing and said, "What can I get for you?" but not in an annoyed, pat response kind of way, in a, I really want to help you kind of way. She brought us over thick cloths to try to clean ourselves up, and garbage bags for our clothes and a glass of water. Then the family behind us gave us mentos so we could feel a little bit fresher. She was so nice, she had her two older kids with her and she said, "I've been there, it gets easier. Look! They can clean themselves up now!" Because obviously the daughter wasn't holding her lunch either. Basically everyone was really awesome and it made the terrible experience a little less terrible. Thanks WestJet!

Anyway, after that we got our bags and came home. Pretty sure we're done with planes. At least for a few months.

We need a break after our vacation!

Hope all of your Easter's were a little less scary!!

Thursday, 5 April 2012

A Thankful Thursday....

I have been a little forgetful on my Thankful Thursday posts, and usually that would mean that I do an extra long list, but since I still have mucho to pack and do, it's just going to be a regular one. Sorry guys. But, I know how much you love these, so maybe you'll all forgive me.

Well, except for my friend K, who tells people to stop reading my blog.


Now I'll know for sure if she reads my blog.

I'm thankful for...

1. Generous in-laws. Cuinn's parents gave us their airmiles so we could fly out to see them for Easter. Isn't that amazingly kind?

2. My supportive brother. I was feeling badly about leaving him here alone for Easter, but when I told him of our plans he said, "Don't you worry about me, go let Aislynn bond with the rest of her family too!" My brother is amazing. He really is.

3. A day in the city with my family. Cuinn and I are going to spend some time in the city before we fly out to Alberta. Our flight doesn't leave until 9:15 pm, so we're just gonna hang out and do some Easter stuff in the city. 

4. Our friends J and J who loaned us their portable dvd player for the plane ride. 'nuff said.

5. My friend K who is kinda like my other spouse. When Cuinn isn't here to kick my butt into gear, K is. She's awesome.

6. K's man friend, B. He's like me, and tries to help me out, especially when I'm procrastinating. What a guy.

7. The woman on one of the mom swap groups I belong too. I was just saying to Cuinn how I needed to get Aislynn some summer pj's and other summer things, and this woman posted how she had two bags full, for free. I wasn't expecting much, since it was free and all, but when I got it and looked through it, it was all in excellent condition. No stains, looked barely worn, and all very good stuff. When people are generous like that, it makes me want to pay it forward, so I took half of it, and passed on the rest. I really didn't need all of it, and I knew I could share. 

8. My Epicure starters pack came today! Now I am a full fledged Epicure consultant!! So, if you're looking to have a fantastic time eating food and getting free product, then let me know! We'll party it up, Epicure style!

9. How supportive Cuinn has been about me starting Epicure. I am so nervous that I'm going to fail, and I won't make any money, and that no one will want me to do a party for them. Every time I knock myself down, Cuinn is there to build me back up. You're awesome babe.

10. The woman who did my eyebrows tonight. They look amazing, the best I've had so far. And, she was really fast. Which, when you're getting hair ripped out of your face, it's always nice to know it'll be over real soon.

11. This weekend and what it means for man kind. Thank you, Jesus, for giving up your life so that we could have eternal life through you. The big guy has made it pretty easy for us to win in the afterlife, and that's aces in my book.

12. My sister in law C. I knew I wasn't going to be able to do any shopping this weekend in Alberta, so I asked her if she could pick up some Tiny TOMS for Aislynn, since it would be cheaper there, what with the barely any tax and all, and I would give her the cash when we got there. Instead, she bought them and said, "Don't worry 'bout it. Consider it a birthday gift for my awesome niece." She rocks.

13. The warm(er) weather here. I was busy packing for spring, then I remembered that AB doesn't get spring. It's still winter there. So I am very thankful for living in a province that has 4 seasons!

14. My friend K. She is one of those people that ask you, "How are you?" and she really wants to know. Those kind of people are rare, I'm so glad I have a good friend like that.

15. McDonalds hot Oreo pies. Have you tried one? They are delish, go out and buy two for $1.46 You will not be disappointed. 

16. Daddy and Aislynn bath time. I always know, that every night, I am guaranteed half an hour, all to myself. Also, I get to listen to my daughter and my husband making all sorts of noise and mess and it warms my heart. I love their relationship. I married a good man.

17. Cheese dip and home made pita chips. So delish.

18. Aislynn's bed time. That time between 8ish and 11 is marriage time. When Cuinn and I can just hang out, not like parents, but like a couple of kids in love. Bliss.

19. Our dishwasher. I loathe doing dishes, and our dishwasher makes it a little more bearable. 

20. The free Tassimo cups we got today. Cuinn mailed away for a coupon for his free sample, and we cashed it in today. Even though it's disgusto coffee, I know it made Cuinn happy. And hey, I can't say no to a free thing. Even if it's something I hate.

Wednesday, 4 April 2012

A Week Full Of Sunshine and Rainbows and Puppies.

As stated in a few other blogs lately, Cuinn and I have had a couple weeks of yuck. Feeling like nothing was working out (because it wasn't), we had a miserable baby, we were miserable with each other, it was just a miserable time.

Y'know, we were in the low part of the highs and lows of life.

The best part (well, the only good part really) of being in a low? The fact that it can't get any worse. In fact, it really can only get better. That's just basic science. 

Maybe. Well, in my mind it's science, and since it's my blog, you all just have to pretend that it's science too.

Anyway, whenever I'm feeling like yuck, I tend to ignore the blog. I don't want to write a blog that's whiney. I read a blog where the woman basically just whines about her life all the time, and that's just no fun. I'd rather be reading upbeat and hilarious blogs. So, basically, this is my long winded way of telling you all that I'm not sorry about not blogging. You should all be thanking me, actually, for not bringing my gloomy guts to the computer. I saved you from reading whine. Because you should only drink wine. In copious amounts.

SO, I'm back from the darkness. And, it would stand to reason, that if I'm back, I've got all sorts of happy things to share. And I do. Since there are so many things to share, I'm just going to make it a list, and call it a day. So here are the awesome things on my mind.

1. We're going to Alberta to see Cuinn's family for Easter! We're going back to the city that it all started, the city where Cuinn and I met and fell in love, but more importantly, we're getting to see Cuinn's family, some of which we haven't seen since 2010! We leave Friday, and I haven't started any preparations. Don't worry, I'll sit down today and make a list.

2. Aislynn and I are doing an awesome painting craft with our friends K and little B. Aislynn loves K and big B and little B. We all do. But Aislynn really loves little B. So much in fact that yesterday she walked around the apartment, with he hands up, crying out Baaaaaaa dy? Since we usually see them everyday (they're kinda stalking us), it was incredibly hard for Aislynn to be without her boyfriend for one day. Oh dear. I have visions of the future.

3. I have 5 loads of laundry to fold. I don't mind doing the laundry, I just really hate folding it. Sometimes I wish I had a maid, then I would tell her that her only job was to fold and put away the laundry. Oh, and I guess, if she had time or whatever, she could clean the rest of my place too...

4. We're looking for a daycare in our area to send Aislynn 1 day a week. We've kind of noticed that Aislynn and I are very attached. Which is good, but Aislynn and I both need to learn that it's ok to be away from each other a little bit. Also, I do really understand the value of sending your child to a pre-school type environment that can help them get ready for real school. The task of finding really good daycares here is proving nearly impossible. Maybe my standards are too high since I've worked in really good daycares and really bad daycares, but I know exactly the kind of person I want looking after my kid, and there are not so many places that are meeting my expectations.

5. My dad was here for a couple weeks, which was awesome. He wasn't here. He was in the tiny town that I was born, doing some pharmacy, but he bookended his trip with visits to us. It was really fantastic. It meant that he was able to attend Aislynn's birthday party, which we weren't expecting.

6. Aislynn growls now. All the time. She used to do it sometimes, not she does it all the time. She just walks around. Growling. But when she isn't growling, she's asking for kisses. From me, from Cuinn (finally, she wasn't kissing Cuinn for a long time, and I know it hurt his feelings), from little B, from K, even from big B. Who made her cry.

7. Aislynn now understands when we tell her no, and she responds by lying on the ground, face in her hands, lip out farther than I've seen any pout in my life, and big, dramatic sobs. Big B told her no, and she lost it. And Big B almost lost it too, he had to pick her up and cuddle her and apologize, while Cuinn and I laughed our butts off. Not that we take pleasure in our daughter crying, but it is just so darn cute. PLUS, Big B and K have a son who is 7 months, so he's not into everything like Aislynn is, so it's good practice for them. Ha ha

Is it weird to put Ha ha in your blog?

I kinda thing it is.

But I'm not taking it out now.

Anyway, that's all the news I have for now. I am off to cuddle my waking baby, make a list of what needs done and packed for this weekend, and to figure out what I should make for dinner tonight. Even though it's only 9:30 am. Look at me go. Super mom.

Tuesday, 3 April 2012

A Story Of Real Life...

Once upon a time, there was a girl;

who met a boy.

The boy and the girl went out a few times. It was real sweet and innocent. The boy wouldn't even hold the girls hand until almost a month had gone by. 

They dated for a while. 

Went to concerts together, partied together, spend hang over days together.

Then they moved far away from the drinking and the partying and the crazy-ness of their old lives, and started fresh in a new province.

It was a really hard transition for this new couple (who had only been dating for a few months). The boy had a hard time finding a job. The girl took a job at her parents work. Which had it's own set of difficulties. The boy missed his family and the life he had known. The girl missed the drinking and the partying. The boy and girl had a lot of arguments about what their life was looking like, and there was a couple times where the boy was ready to pack up and go back to his home.

But they trudged through, and faked it until it felt a little more like home.

Things began to get a little easier, the more that their new province felt like home.

After a few more months, the boy started looking at engagement rings. Without the girl knowing.

Then the boy proposed, and the girl said yes.

The girl was so excited, they ran to tell her parents. Her dad already knew, since the boy had asked his permission first. The girl was so lucky to find a boy who her parents loved so much.

After the proposal there was a whirl wind of planning and excitement, until their big day.

Shortly after the boy and girl said, "I do," the boy got a promotion. So they packed up their wedding presents, and the few possessions they owned, and started their married life in the city.

Living in the city started to be a drain on the boy and girl. They were unhappy in the city. The boy was unhappy with his job. The girl was unhappy with her job. They had been trying to get pregnant for so long and it just wasn't happening. Their life just wasn't working the way they had planned. The girl started to brace herself for the possibility that a baby just wasn't in their future.

Then, finally, after so many disappointments, so many tears, a few doctor's appointments, it finally happened. In a month they had decided to stop being hurt by the disappointment. The girl ran out of the bathroom, and whispered the words to the boy.

"I'm pregnant."

The boy didn't believe her. Which was fair, since there had been a false positive before.

So the boy and girl went to the doctor, the girl had some blood taken, and a couple days later, they were told that 1 plus 1 would equal 3. The boy pounded the air with both fists and yelled, "YES!" Scaring the doctor and bringing the girl to tears. They were overjoyed at the news.

The girl watched herself get bigger..

and bigger...

 and bigger...

and bigger...

and bigger...

until she was as big as a house...

Then finally, after a long 42 weeks of pregnancy, the boy and girl welcomed the most beautiful baby girl in the entire world, into their small family.

The boy put his foot down, and said to the girl that there was no way he would raise his little princess in the city they hated so much. The boy grew up in a tiny Saskatchewan town and gosh darn it, his daughter would be raised in a tiny town too!

So the boy and girl left the city, and packed their (not so) tiny baby and all of her things up, and moved to a very tiny town.

The girl started to hate the tiny town. She was so lonely. She missed her parents so much. She had no friends in the tiny town. She had a brand new baby to care for and she had no idea what she was doing.

The boy was pretty worried about the girl and pushed her to find a mommy group to connect with.

So she did.

The girl started getting out of the house once a week.

Then a couple times a week.

She finally had her routine down pat. She got into her mommy groove and figured things out.

The boy and the girl and their amazing little girl started to enjoy the small town living and all that it had to offer. They made some really great friends. Friends who have made the boy and girl feel so welcome and loved. They have made a life for themselves here in their tiny town. Their daughter has some friends, the boy has a job that he enjoys and that is pushing him farther than he thought, and the girl has been asked to help out with a few projects in her area of expertise (more on that later). 

The boy, 

and the girl,

have come so far from where they came from.

Their story is far from over, but it's in a happy place. There have been a lot of bumps in the road for the boy and girl. Especially lately. Sometimes it feels like they'll never catch a break. Sometimes it feels like they are barely keeping their heads above the water. Sometimes, for a short moment, they turn on each other and forget that their in this thing together. For keeps. But they always, and I mean always, remember the promise that they made to each other, on May 23, 2009. The promise that, no matter what, they would face it together and get through it. Together.

This boy and girl might not be millionaires. They might not own their own home. They might not have a car with a muffler. Life might throw them hardships. But they have a love that can not be broken. They have each other. They have a happy and healthy little girl. 

Which makes this boy and girl the richest couple in all the world.