My Inspiration

My Inspiration

Wednesday, 26 October 2011

A really awesome blogger who deserves a few more followers...

So, basically my idol in the blogging world is this chick.

For reals.

Every time I read her blog I think, "Man, she would really wanna be my best friend for ever if we could just meet in real life."

And guess what?

She likes my blog too!


She commented on my blog this one time and told me.

So, basically, I was blown away that a "celebrity" blogger read my blog. Not only read it and commented, but ENJOYED it.

So, not only is she an amazing writer, and hilarious, and really pretty (which kinda pisses me off actually. Because she is wearing all the outfits that I really want to, except she looks really good in them), she is totally sweet and down to earth too!


she promised me cookies if I told you all to go follow her blog. Because she is so tantalizingly close to 500 followers that it's killing her.

So, go follow her blog, and tell her I sent ya, because then she might come back to my blog, and read it again. Which would make my day.

And my husbands, because he thinks it's hilarious how nerdy I've become about blogging and thinks it's weird that I think other bloggers are like celebrities.

Whatever, he doesn't blog, he doesn't get it.

But I still love him.

Cuz he's hot.


go follow her blog. Trust me. You're gonna love it.


Erin said...

How in the world did I not notice this post before?!?!? So sorry. And you crack me up. I hope you realize that I read every one of your posts (except apparently this one til today?!). You are hands down one of the best writers out there in my humble opinion. Thank you so much for helping me out...I am baking the cookies starting in 10 minutes. I will email you soon :) Love ya girl!

Just Another Mummy Blog said...

I am excited for the cookies. Seriously.

So glad you read all my blogs! Thanks so much Erin! And thanks for the encouragement! I'm still not sure if I believe you, but it's so great to get praise from an awesomely talented writer like yourself!