My Inspiration

My Inspiration

Tuesday, 8 November 2011

An annoying thing...

Know what's super annoying?

I live in an apartment (not the annoying thing. Well, an annoying thing but not THIS annoying thing), that has mail boxes outside. 

I also have family who lives far away (also not this particular annoying thing) who happen to send packages to us frequently.

I also have a stupid mailman (yup, this is the annoying thing) who NEVER knocks on my door when he has a package for me. He just automatically hangs the stupid slip thing that says, "Hey, I brought a package to your house, you weren't there, so I left this thing to tease you, because you can't actually get your package until tomorrow now. Sorry! Have a splendid day!"


What's even worse is, I WAS HOME ALL DAY!!!! Seriously, there have been days where I was home ALL DAY LONG, and then I go check my mail and there is that stupid slip!

Does the mailman not understand that I am the most child like and impatient person in the world? For reals! I get sooooooo excited for any kind of mail that isn't bills or flyers. Why can't he just knock on my door and say, hey, look, here's a fun package for you to open. (but not in a creeper way, because that could easily be taken in a creepy way) Why does he have to make me wait a whole day to get the package?!?!? Why does he have to be so mean to me!!

Know what's even worse than that? I get so excited for the package, like, so excited I nearly pee my pants kind of excited. I tell Cuinn about how I'm going to rip open the package, and cuddle with whatever it is.

Then I go get the package.

And, especially this time of year, it's really a present for my brother or sister in law, from my parents, but sent to me so I can wrap it and hide it from them until Christmas.

So it's not even for me.


Basically, what I'm saying is, you should all send me packages that are just for me so I can be happy!

It doesn't need to be anything fancy, it could be a paperclip, with a note attached that says, Hey, what's up?

Seriously, I would be over the moon.

Because I love getting mail.

In fact, I just had a fabulous idea.

If any of my lovely readers love getting mail, you should email me your address and I will send you a real, honest to goodness, paper letter. In the mail! So you can enjoy getting something in your mailbox that isn't bills or flyers!

So, flood my email with your addresses and I will start writing those letters! And we can be penpals!

Oh man, so excited for this awesome idea.

And hey, even if you live in my town, and want to do this, I will still totally write you a letter. 

That's how awesome this idea is.

Here's my email addy :

Thanks for reading my babbles today!!


pippasmum said...

I love getting mail, too. That's why Etsy is so dangerous for me!

Just Another Mummy Blog said...

Etsy is about to become dangerous. I thought it was just credit cards, and I don't have a credit card anymore, and Cuinn would probably not let me use his for Etsy, I just found out they take PayPal too.

Oh dear...