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My Inspiration

Wednesday, 11 July 2012

A Few Random-osities...

I have been kinda AWOL for the last week. I make no apologies.

But I do kinda, I can't help it. I feel bad when I dessert my loyal reader. So, since I've been gone for so long, I'm not going to bore you with a wall of text, I'll just sum up the last little while in as awesome a way as I can. I truly love you, dear reader. That is why I share.

- Aislynn had croup last week. A really bad go of it too. She was so sick, I was heartbroken listening to her cough and not being able to do much about it other than lots of fluids and cuddles. Poor girl.

- On the plus side, she is so much better now! Boogers galore, a cough that just won't quit, but other than, healthy as a horse!

- A mom at the early years center pulled her kid away from Aislynn and said, "We don't play with her." There is a special place in hell for people who say things like this.

Source: via Sarah on Pinterest

- I am having a huge hate on for Facebook lately. When did facebook become a place for constant competition? Or has it always been like that and I'm just late to the game?

- I am also missing my old mommy group. Sigh. I really do. I'm glad I still have my friend J and her son C. They remind me that I'm not crazy. There are moms in a mommy group who like me.

Source: via Sarah on Pinterest

- This movie. So good. Not only was it a night spent with my favorite man. I got to watch him on tv while sitting beside my husband.

- I kid, I kid. Cuinn is of course my fav man. Ryan Gosling is just a really close second.

- My new car is my new favorite possession. I love it. I love driving standard again, I love driving with the sunroof open, I love having a muffler and knowing how much gas is in the tank, I love that it's a really cool car, I love that I have made people jealous of my amazing car. I just love our car. It really is fantastic.

- Cuinn is ready to start looking at houses. Don't worry. We have such a huge list of demands for a house, we won't be buying for probably a couple years. Plus, the house I love most in the world, which happens to be here in our tiny town, I'm pretty sure is not going on the market anytime soon. But it's still exciting talking about houses with my man. 

- Cuinn's family needs prayer. Please.

- My parents are coming here very soon! I have made plans, oh have I made plans. I have lists of what food to make, I have lists of what day trips will take, I have lists of things to talk to my mum about so I don't forget. Oh man, it's going to be a whirlwind of a trip, but then after that, they come home in like...10 months. I can deal with that kinda goodbye, knowing how soon it will be til they come home!

- I have been spending a lot of time with just Aislynn and Cuinn lately, due to weird things going on in my life. Let me preface my next comment about that with saying I am a huge social butterfly. I love having people around me and I don't like just staying home. With that being said? I have really been enjoying the family time. 

- Chocolate covered almonds? Best thing ever.

- No Big Deal, my daughter is probably already on the list for Hogwarts. Try not to be jealous.

- There is a lot of potential in Cuinn's career path coming up. Please, pray for us, send us good thoughts, rub a Buddha belly, however you prefer, keep us in your thoughts. 

- Know what I love? Drinks with a fantastic friend at a really crappy restaurant. What can ya do though? We live in a tiny town that offers next to nothing. I really do love my tiny town. P, you rock my socks! Even when I do forget to mention you in my blog.

- Know what else I love? Lunch dates with another fantastic friend. Thanks L, looking forward to our next lunch date! 

- Know what else I love? Real friends who are always there for you. Thanks girls.

- We went to this little town festival in one of our neighboring tiny towns. Aislynn had so much fun, and Cuinn and I loved that everything was free!! We didn't even get to all the awesome things they had to offer. Aislynn looks like she is hating the swing, but she actually loved it. So much that when her turn was over and she had to get out of the swing there may have been a huge tantrum and there may have been dirty looks thrown our way for bad parenting. Whatever.

- Ahh, summer. Lots of park dates. Lots of sun. Lots of smiles. My kid is so freaking cute.

- Check that attitude. She does NOT appreciate being a model for my new hats that I'm making. She loves to wear them, but the camera comes out and this is what I get. Oh I love her. Scowl and all.

Well, that's all for now. I know there has been lots else going on. But it's summer, and I really need to go cuddle my hubby now. Mostly because he's so hot I just can't keep my hands off him. Seriously, have you seen him?

 Love to you all, and thanks for stopping by!


Anonymous said...

Wow..."We don't play with her." I can't believe someone said that at the Early Years Centre. Boo to them. Best of luck to Cuinn on his job hunt. See you soon at the OEYC!


Just Another Mummy Blog said...

Yeah, I was pretty gob smacked to say the least. It's cool though, I know my kid is really high energy, and sometimes other mom's don't like that. It hurts my feelings, but I have to suck it up.