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My Inspiration

Thursday, 26 July 2012

A Thankful Thursday..

First of all. For those of you who called, texted, emailed, commented, Facebook whatever'd, actually came over to my house! (Yes, one of you did, and I love you so much for it) 

Thank you.

Your kind words, all of them, made me forget about the hurt feelings from others. I was feeling the love from all sorts of people, a few unexpected places too. I can't thank you guys enough for that.

Now, onto a lighter note!

It's Thursday, and I haven't done a Thankful Thursday in a while. I have been remiss! So here it is, I'm back on track. Enjoy!

1. The thunder and lightening storm last night at 2 in the am. I might have been up with a hyper Aislynn, but it was awesome to have the living room light up from the lightening.

2. Seeing Aislynn wanting to be just like daddy.

 3. My friend S. She brought me two GIANT plastic containers, filled with clothes her daughter has grown out of. Pretty sure I don't have to shop for Aislynn until she's 2!

4. That this month is almost over. July has been a rough one for me this year. I don't like summer in the best of times, but with that, this and the other thing? Let's move on to August!

5. Aislynn antics. All you can do is giggle.

Yeah, she's in two different toilets...

6. Our family Dr being the emerg room Dr yesterday. He is so amazing. We really felt like he gave us extra special treatment, and the fact that he already knows our daughter, and she trusts him. It made things a lot smoother.

7. That we didn't need to get stitches in her head, just the glue. Someone needs to tell me the correct terminology though, because I feel so silly saying, "Oh yeah, she's fine. The Dr just glued her would together." It sounds a bit red neckish.

8. Vinegar. I just went through all of my Thankful Thursday posts, and I can't believe I have left you out, my dear friend. 

9. Knowing my moms recipe and tricks to her her home made pie and pie crusts. I never liked pie growing up, but now I love it and I love having something I can bring sometime delicious to a friend, new mom, dinner party.

10. J. My work out buddy. I so need someone to push me when I feel like quitting, someone to make me feel ok with the fact that I am uncoordinated and out of shape, someone who is my friend. Thanks J! She's also the friend who gave me three of these bad boys.

11. Other J, who is joining in on the work out fun! It's great to have a work out buddy, and it's even greater to be in a group! We're all pretty much at the same level (well, except the first J, she's got 3 months on us and is kicking butt), so it's not intimidating. It's actually been a lot of fun. Which I never thought I would say working out is fun.

12. My big brother. It's his birthday today and I am so thankful to have a big brother. My first best friend. My body guard. He's awesome. We don't get to see him on his actual birthday because all of our schedules are so wacky, but we have finally setteled on seeing him this weekend. Aislynn LOVES her uncle, so it'll be a fun day!

13. That I sold and donated over 100 books. Pretty much a whole book shelf. It's an amazing feeling to declutter.

14. Along those lines, we sold over 100 dvd's as well. Next thing to go? A lot of Aislynn's clothing.

15. That neither Cuinn, nor I, have ever been involved in a shooting. They are so prevelent today, and I'm not trying to be flip about the most recent CO shooting, but I see things like this and I am so grateful that the Simpsons remain ignorant to how that must feel to go through that.

16. Listening to Aislynn chatter away. I love that we have "conversations." I ask her something like, "What should mummy make for dinner tonight?" and she actually answers me. I have no idea what she's saying, but she babbles and then looks at me for a response. It is adorable!

17. When Aislynn fell and bumped her head, I picked her up and she burrowed her face into my neck and wrapped her arms around me. I hated seeing her in pain, but there was a moment of joy in my heart that she wanted me in her time of need. She is so independant, so it is a bit of a rareity that she seeks comfort. When she does, it feel amazing.

18. That I'm still able to be nursing my daughter. I know there are a lot of mummy's who couldn't nurse, or had to give it up, so I am so glad that I still have that special connection with my daughter right before bed time.

19. Sitting in a quiet room. Bowl of cereal in hand. Just thinking. 

20. Our park in our tiny town. Aislynn loves it, and when we turn the corner onto the parks street, she starts yelling PARK! PARK! And does the babble thing again. It is so awesome. 

What are you thankful for right now?

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Jumping Jenn N said...

I don't know how you could have missed vinegar in your list all this time. Vinegar should boycott you for a week as punishment, but you've had a hard month, so it forgives you and looks forward to the next meal.

Just Another Mummy Blog said...

A week of no vinegar? I would lose so much weight since I wouldn't eat anything.

Well, I could eat cereal.

But I don't have any milk right now.

Oh jeeze.