My Inspiration

My Inspiration

Thursday, 12 July 2012

A Confession, or two...

I follow a whole range of different blogs. Really an eclectic variety, which I think speaks volumes about me.

Actually, I just like to say everything is about me, because it's my blog and so it's all about me. Right?

Anyway, one of the awesome blogs I follow is the Bargain Blonde. She is doing this thing called Confess Sesh. And I think I'ma hop onto that train and follow along. Enjoy.

I confess that I do these types of link ups when I am feeling no motivation to think of my own post. 

I confess that going out for a drink with my friend A and my friend K was rad. I did not enjoy my salt rim, and wish it had not been salt in my drink, but the girls I went out with and the time we had? Awesome.

I confess that words like rad, awesome, and neat are words that I use multiple times in a day. Those are my 3 most used words I think. 

I confess that I just lied. My most used words in a day are, "Aislynn, that hurts my ears when you scream. Indoor voices!" 

I confess that in an argument I would much rather just not say anything. I feel like crap for what you say, then I feel like crap when I defend myself. So rather than feel like crap the whole time, I'll just admit it's all my fault and move on.

I confess that my blog is my diary, of sorts. Sometimes personal issues come up on it, and I'm sorry if that offends you or hurts you. That is all.

I confess that next Friday I am going to find a babysitter, if it kills me, and take my husband on a date to see the new Dark Knight movie. If I can't find a babysitter, I'll just take myself on the date because, to be honest, I really want to see the movie.

I confess that I'm actually looking forward the fall. Summer stresses me OUT! You know how people get seasonal whatever in the winter? I get it in the summer. 

I confess that I am trying to be a Proverbs 31 woman.

I confess that my bed and my book are calling me, so it is time to hit publish and read with my best friend.


Jenn N said...

I confess that I can get preview Thursday night tickets for that movie, but found it not worth the trouble.

I confess that I will possibly be able to babysit your sweet faced baby that next Friday but will check to ensure I am not leaving that night for Guelph.

I confess that I only read your blog when I see links in Facebook, and that means I have to check in on Facebook.

I confess that I never used Facebook as a regular way to check in on things before you Sarah.

I confess that catching baby colds makes me a grumpy, grumpy Momma.

I confess that we need more playdates.

I confess that stupid captcha thingys drive me batty. I never get them right.

Just Another Mummy Blog said...

Oh Jenn,

I confess you are one of my favorite people on our tiny town!