My Inspiration

My Inspiration

Thursday, 7 June 2012

A Thankful Thursday...

I woke up today feeling awesome.

Well, sort of...

Being a woman sucks once a month, so that wasn't awesome.

But my heart and my heart feel so full this morning, I love that feeling. So today's Thankful Thursday was an easy one. 

1. Date days with Cuinn. Date nights are awesome and everything, but lately with Aislynn waking at 6, a date night just ain't gonna happen. A date day though? Oh heck yes!

My dreamy man.

2. R, our daycare provider. Our date day wouldn't have happened if we didn't have an awesome daycare provider. 

3. Our friends J and S. They watched Aislynn ALL DAY on Saturday. Then when our first pick up for Aislynn didn't quite pan out for yesterday, I call J and she happily agreed to watch her AGAIN! Cuinn and I feel so blessed that Aislynn is so loved. I guess we are too...

4. Cuinn's FBF (that's kinda like a BFF, only a little more hardcore) got us tickets to the Boston and Jay's game for last Saturday. It was awesome. Plus, my brother came too!

5. I had a "work" meeting last night. Is it still work if you love it so much.

6. Trips to a new library with a good friend. 

7. My daughter's best friend.

8. The Proverbs 31 women in my Thursday morning study group. I'll miss you this summer ladies!

9. Not having apples to make apple crisp, but remembering my mum's words of wisdom, "if I don't have it in the cupboard, I just make it up as I go!" Apple crisp turned into whatever fruit was in my fridge crisp. And it turned out not bad.

10. French fries. Those salty sticks of goodness. I will always choose you over ice cream.

11. Skype convo's with my mum and dad. Even Especially if their mic isn't working. Oh the hilarity.

12. Having all the toys off the floor. Even for just 2 hours while Aislynn sleeps. So that's what color the carpet is!

13. Being able to count down to my mum and dad coming for a visit! 55 days!!

14. Father's Day crafts that are coming together. So exciting!

15. Driving fast with the window's rolled down.

16. The Epicure party I did on Sunday. The hostess did so much work that I feel I didn't have to do too much and I am so proud of how well she did! It gave me the lift I needed about Epicure too. 

17. Red toenails. It's so nice to be able to pain my toe nails and not be embarrassed. 

18. Aislynn in overalls. Love.

19. Emails from friends. 

20. An empty dishwasher. A small thing, I know. But I just love when all the dishes are away, and I don't need to clean any of them. 


pippasmum said...

Aren't overalls the cutest thing ever??? One of the little things I love about having littles :-)

Just Another Mummy Blog said...

my favorite thing to dress Aislynn in are overalls! I think these ones are actually from you. I am so sad she won't be wearing them anymore, they were quite a bit too short when she wore them the other day. So she just wore rubber boots to hide that. lol

Jade Steckly said...

There is so much I could comment on in this post! First of all, you saw the Avengers! Yay! Isn't it the best movie EVER??
Also, I love how you spell Cuinn's name :)
And I love an empty dishwasher!

Thanks for linking up!!

Just Another Mummy Blog said...

The Avenger's was fantastic! Buuut, Cuinn and I haven't had a date in a loooong time so I think even the new chipmunk movie would have been awesome.

Well....maybe not the chipmunk movie...

Cuinn's family is irish, and that's the irish spelling of it. Plus, he's so not a Q Cuinn. He's a C Cuinn.

Empty dishwasher = bliss. My dishwasher is very full right now though, so perhaps this afternoon during Aislynn's nap it will become empty again!