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My Inspiration

Monday, 18 June 2012

A Big Purchase...

Cuinn and I are on the hunt for a new car. 

Sad face goes here.

I love our car. I really do. Cuinn and I get a lot of looks when we drive around in our car. Seriously. A lot. People watch us drive down the road for miles. My friends are constantly talking to me about my car. I pretty much have a conversation every, single day about my car with at least one friend. Yeah. My car is a bit of a celebrity around these here parts.

And why not?

Ain't she a beaut?

Check out that dent in the drivers door. Or how the same door has a green top and a black bottom. Wondering where the muffler is? Yeah, so are we. Know what you can't see in this picture? How the passenger door is a collectible. Meaning, it's a black door while the rest of the car is green. Or how when it rains, the passenger door leaks and you get as wet as if the window was wide open. 

So, the external might not be perfect. It's a fun car to drive though! Because it's like a game! How is it like a game? Well, since the gas gauge doesn't work, and neither does the odometer, and we have a hole in the gas tank, you never really know if you're going to run out of gas or not. Isn't that fun?!?

All joking aside, I really do love this car. And it stings a lot when someone makes fun of it. Yes, I can make fun of it all the time, but it's like that weird relative. You all kinda poke fun at their expense, and laugh about it, but if someone else says even the tiniest little hurtful thing. BAM, you go all silent and cold, giving them the stink eye while saying, "Hey, shut up. They're really awesome." 

Plus, the engine in the car is brand new. Well, a year old, but that's basically brand new! The guy who sold it to us was a friend, knew we really needed a car and he likes to buy beater cars and then fix them up and sell them. So he did a bit of work on this beast and then sold it to us for dirt cheap. Which was perfect for us, since we had a baby on the way and all.

Anyway. I do love this car. We brought Aislynn home from the hospital in this car. We moved to our tiny town in this car. Cuinn and I have gone on dates in this car. I've ran out of gas in this car. Something that had never happened to me before, and I was freaked out, but I put my big girl panties on and figured it.

The best thing about this car?

It's not a minivan.

And since it's a beater, I can pretend I'm still young and hip, even though I'm old and a mum.

So, to finally get around to the point of this post, Cuinn and I are needing to buy a new(er) and better car.

Which, really? Could still be a really old, piece of crap and would still win against our car. I'm sorry Betsy, I have to face facts. You're kind of a junker.

We always said we would just drive this car into the ground and when we couldn't drive it anymore, we would get a new(er) car. Well, the time has come. We have to get our car e-tested in August to renew the plates, and let's be honest, she's not passing any kind of test. Unless it's the Is Your Car Telling You It's Time To Retire kind of test.

So, we're looking around, checking out the details, seeing what's what in the automobile world. I decided to get on to autotrader to check out average prices and whatnot. I hopped onto this website, and put in my deets, and this is what they keep suggesting.

Yeah, that's not happening.


I can admit that a lot about my life is, how do I put this, Not "cool." I am a stay at home mum. Which I love. I go to Bible study Thursday mornings. I scrapbook. I bake cookies and muffins and scones. I cook dinner for my husband and daughter. I go to the park, and the early years center, and mommy groups. I volunteer in our church's nursery every 6 weeks.

I. Am. A. Mother.

See? I can admit that.

I have given up a lot of myself to be the kind of mum that will be driving my kids to soccer practise and dance recitals. And a 2 door sports car just doesn't have room for soccer balls, and three kids. Yeah, a mini van would totally be practical.


Can't I just have one thing left that is cool? One thing that is a cool grown up thing that does not scream, "HEY EVERYBODY! I'M A MUM!!"?

Yes. Yes I can.

So this is the car we're buying.

So, if you feel like driving around in a really awesome, not mom car, come visit us in July or August and I'll take you for a ride.

The kid will have to get strapped to the roof though....

And I'm not sure where the stroller will go...

But at least I'll look cool.

Actually, maybe I'll just get this car, and then Cuinn can get the "mom" car.

So, if any of you cool moms (and I know you're out there), have any suggestions on what's a really good car for us, we're open to them! Just so you know, it has to be a stick shift. It can NOT be a van. It can NOT be a van in disguise. It HAS TO BE a car. If you can abide by my tiny little list of wants in a vehicle, shout out your suggestions! Because I'm lazy, and I'd rather someone else continue the research for the car, because it's boring me now.

Thanks for stopping by!


Jenn said...

Well, I have to take offense to the vile dislike of the minivan because I love mine! I like driving it, and I like people saying it's my mom car. It makes me so so happy to finally be a mom and have a mom van, you can not imagine. So I understand how you feel badly when someone says something about your car - it's how I feel when someone says something about the van!

Since we'll have to agree to disagree on the suitability of cars for each other, I humbly recommend you consider a BMW 5 series (pretty reliable, easy to find used parts) or a Volkswagon Golf. Not sure about parts for the Golf, but they are a nice car, sporty looking and fun to drive in 5 speed, with just enough space to fit the car seat and a stroller in the hatchback.

I miss our Golf - it was a fun car.

Just Another Mummy Blog said...

Oh Jenn, I'm sorry I offended you! I really do see the value in owning a van. Plus, your van is pretty awesome. I do like the fact that I could drive everyone in my van, I just really want a car. That's all.

My brother has a Volkswagen, and although it sounds dumb, I don't want to get the same as him. If I was going to get a VW it would be either the Golf or the Jetta, and he has the Jetta.

You and I talked about the BMW though, and I'll have to tell Cuinn to check that out. I like the fact that they seem like their built to last.

pippasmum said...

We broke down and got a mini-van and I have hated it ever since. It's practical - with two dogs and two kids and two of us, I feel like we need a bus and it works. That said, it's been a money pit and it's just so ugly. Living where we do, we have to have two cars and our other car (which was our first car) was our Corolla. Now that's a car I love. It's tiny and impractical but ti never needs work and I don't feel guilty driving it. We had a big, ugly Subaru wagon for a long time and I loved that car. It could drive through everything and the fact that we had to keep a knife in the car to pry certain dashboard buttons just gave it character... the fact that it didn't always work became a bit of an inconvenience, though. I'd love another wagon one of these days.

Just Another Mummy Blog said...

I think that someday, if we have more than 2 kids, a van will be in the future. We don't have pets, so we could technically get away with a car and two kids. Who knows. For now though, I love our new car. She's a beaut and she's fun to drive. I'm so happy with our choice.