My Inspiration

My Inspiration

Friday, 8 June 2012

A Letter To...

Dear Modern Family, 
You are way to addictive for me. I can't stop watching. 

Dear Fudgcicles. 
You're deliciousness makes me happy. Thanks. 

Dear Husband, 
Thanks for fixing the bike trailer thingy. My ride home was so much easier. 

Dear Aislynn, 
I'm sorry that you were so sleepy for the bike ride home, and I'm sorry that I couldn't cuddle you until we got home. I love you. 

Dear Annoyed Woman In The Grocery Store, 
OOOOOH, that's my kid crying? I didn't realize that. Thank you for pointing that out! Seriously, you have no idea how much that helped me out. I'll make sure to put a muzzle on my kid, just like you suggested. By the way, did you realize that your hair was turning grey? And that buying diet pop and weight watchers bagels doesn't really help when you also have Key Lime Pie and 2 chocolate cakes in your cart. Jerk.

Dear Nice Lady In The Grocery Store,
Yeah, that woman was a jerk. Thanks for trying to make me feel better with your kind words of encouragement. It did help. You reminded me that for every jerk in the world, there is an equally nice person.

Dear Zehrs Employee,
Thank you for putting all the stuff that was in my cart away so that I could just leave with my kid. Who was not impressed.

Dear August,
Hurry up and get here so I can see my mum and dad!

Kinda love these.

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Jenn N said...

I wouldn't say mean things, but I would be a person with key lime pie, diet pepsi and weight watchers bagels in my cart. I would also think that I was doing a good job making low fat choices. HAHA!

pippasmum said...

For every one annoying person, there are usually three nice people who want to take her out for you... I don't know why the annoying people can't keep their opinions to themselves, though... like ANYONE enjoys shopping with a little crankster?

Just Another Mummy Blog said...

Just so everyone still loves me, I did NOT actually say that to this person. I just stared at her with my jaw on the floor and watched her walk away. I never think of anything to say until hours later. Mostly because I'm so shocked that a complete stranger could be so mean.

Jenn, don't worry, I get diet coke at McDonalds. So I'm really not one to talk.

S, I know. I knew she was getting tired and I had about 15 minutes before it was melt down city, and I made the decision to just run around to grab the very few items I desperately needed. I was already feeling the pressure and stress, and the woman made me feel so bad I left without anything.

Lissa @ The Looking Glass said...

modern family!!!! i think i need to start watching that show :) found you via the link up xo

Just Another Mummy Blog said...

You will not be disappointed Lissa! I love it!

Thanks for dropping by. :)