My Inspiration

My Inspiration

Thursday, 21 June 2012

A Thankful Thursday...

Ahh, Thursday. How I've come to love you.

1. A/C. Oh man, I can not express how thankful I am for air conditioning. I loathe summer and the heat and humidity it brings, thank goodness I can turn on the cool air and pretend it's fall again.

2. Other stay at home moms. Being a SAHM is hard. Especially when your kid is in that middle age where they are too old for the kids who's moms are on mat leave but too young for the almost ready for school kids. Finding a few good moms to hang out with that have kids the same age? Priceless. 

3. The outdoor pool in town is actually heated this year! Last year it was pretty chilly, but they have heated it this year, and although it's still really refreshing, it's not freeze your face off. 

4. Aislynn's routine. I was reminded today of when Aislynn was younger and didn't nap during the day, and would wake up at weird times and I was mostly exhausted and never knew when the sleeping would happen. It makes me life so much easier that at noon, she gets super cranky and I know it's time for nap. 

5. The massage I got yesterday. Ah. May. Zing.

6. Cuinn having a job with such fantastic benefits and perks. Such as the massage I got yesterday, and the fact that there will be more to come this year!

7. Aislynn face is healing. She had a big fall, her first big fall, and the whole side of her face was swollen. Cuinn said she looked like she had a stroke. It was so scary for Cuinn, Aislynn and I. But she's looking much less puffy and after a bit of a cry and some ice cream, she was good to go.

8. K and B letting us use their BBQ. When it's this hot, I don't want the oven on.

9. Girls Night Out this Saturday. It might get a little crazy...

10. Fresh fruit for breaky. Delish.

11. Watching a terrible movie with my husband. Movie = not good. Time with my best friend = awesome.

12. Cuinn being able to get the blood out of my favorite shirt. At the moment of Aislynn's fall I didn't care that she was bleeding all over me, but right after, I was sad that my white shirt was all gross. My awesome hubby to the rescue, you would never even know there was blood on it to begin with.

13. Cuddles with Aislynn.

14. Aislynn put herself to sleep at daycare this week! All by herself!! I'm hopeful we can try that at home.

15. My friend K and her husband are officially staying in our tiny town. For the foreseeable future anyway. I was sad at the prospect of losing my new friend, but she's here to stay now!!

16. Lunch dates at Applebees. 

17. Finding some awesome deals on summer clothes for Aislynn.

18. Our new shower curtain. Our old one was moldy and gross. I don't know how to keep shower curtains from getting gross. What am I doing wrong? Anyway, we got a new one, and it's bright and red and makes me happy. 

19. Thinking all my parties had cancelled this month and feeling crappy, to then remembering that one of the parties; the host went into labour, and the other party she decided to reschedule. Yay for the brighter side of things!!

20. My friend K, who is like my other spouse. I'm pretty sure Cuinn is thankful for her too.


Colin said...

Shower curtains need a regular laundry wash with a little bleach to keep them peachy clean.

Just Another Mummy Blog said...

The plastic ones? But not in the dryer, right?

pippasmum said...

We switched to a cloth one (in one of my "I'm scared of chemicals" phases) and I will never go back. I was worried it wouldn't keep the bathroom dry but it does and it doesn't get yucky the same way. I think we got it at Superstore and it wasn't that expensive.

Just Another Mummy Blog said...

So do you wash it? Or do you not need to? I feel like I should just know how to do these things...