My Inspiration

My Inspiration

Thursday, 28 June 2012

A Thankful Thursday

I have had a very difficult week. My feelings have been hurt a few times by people that probably don't even realize it. Aislynn, I'm pretty sure, is getting her eye teeth. Cuinn and I have been so busy, we haven't had much hang out time together. All in all, it's been a difficult week. Through it all, there have been a few high lights that remind me that my life is so incredibly blessed. I hope my list this week can touch somebody else. 

1. Sitting in our living room with Cuinn, just chatting. Not on our cell phones, not reading, not playing video games. Just time spent with each other talking.

2. Still getting that thrill from my husband that I got when we were dating.

3. Play dates at the park.

4. Seeing another friend, expectantly, at the park.

5. Putting on makeup and doing my hair. For a change. 

6. Not taking the makeup off from the night before, and waking up and you still look kinda pretty. (You all know you love day old makeup!)

7. Our family brunch date we had on Sunday. 

8. Watching Aislynn sleep so peacefully in Cuinns arms.

9. Re-reading Harry Potter. 

10. Holding hands.

11. My friend, L, who just announced she's pregnant!!

12. When Aislynn runs to Cuinn for a hug, then runs to me for a hug, then back to Cuinn, then back to me.... Love.

13. Completing a crochet project.

14. Putting on a dress that fits in all the right places and makes me feel pretty!

15. Strawberry cheesecake bites. So delicious. So easy. So awesome.

16. A clean table top. 

17. Freshly cut grass.

18. Bagels with cream cheese and raspberry jam. 

19. Getting crayon off my chair with a magic eraser. And wall. And carpet. And Aislynn's shirt.

20. My budding artist. 

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