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My Inspiration

Tuesday, 29 May 2012

A List Of Ten Things...On A Tuesday...

I always forget about certain day posts.

Like my Silent Sunday posts. Or my Thankful Thursday posts.

I can't even remember the last time I did a Tuesday Ten post.

So here I am, on a Tuesday, checking out my blogs, and I saw a few Tuesday Tenners and I was like, "Hey, Sweet, I actually am doing a blog on the right day, so I best be following the crowd!"

So, apparently the list of ten things this week is supposed to be our fav possessions.

Which honestly? I don't even know if I have ten things I love. Not that I don't have stuff. I have a lot of stuff. I just don't really care enough about said stuff.

ANYway, here goes nothing...

1. My wedding ring and engagement ring. I am not a jewelerry wearer. So Cuinn was basically flying solo on the ring buying front. All her knew was that I think yellow gold is gawdy. Some people can rock it, I can not. I think he did pretty well.

Can you even see what it looks like in this picture?

Anyway, my wedding band was a custom order. Cuinn knew I would hate the band that originally came with the engagement ring, so he went about customizing a band to fit my engagement ring. The man is amazing. 

2. My pearl necklace, bracelt and earrings set. Cuinn also got this for me. It was my husband gift. His father got his mother the same thing for her present, so he was going along with tradition. I tend to only wear them on our anniversary because I want to keep them special. Also, fun fact, did you know you're not supposed to get real pearls wet? It ruins them. The more you know!

3. Aislynn's blanket. It used to be mine when I was a baby. Now she uses it every night. I love that.

4. My iPhone. I really did NOT want an iPhone for a really long time. I hate touch screen. I don't like apple. I just didn't see the point. 

I. Was. Wrong.

5. Our car. We get a lot of grief from a lot of people about our car. But it was the first car we have owned as a married couple. It's the car that brought Aislynn home from the hospital. It's the car that moved us from the big city to our tiny town. We've done a lot in that car and it's been really good to us. It's held together by duct tape and dirt. The muffler is gone. Yes, gone. The gas gauge is broken. The odometer is broken. There is a hole in the gas tank so we can only fill it up half way. But that baby has a lot of memories packed into it. So make fun all you want, but I'll probably bawl like a baby this summer when we have to say good bye to her.

6. Our wedding album. Our photographer was a good friend of ours and she is also one of the most talented photogs we know. She did our engagement shoot too. She was able to capture so many amazing moments and I really love looking through the album and remembering out perfect day. Sigh.

7. My new brie baker. Love. Cheese dip never tasted so classy.

8. My bed. Seriously. I have the most comfortable bed ever. My parents bought it for Cuinn and I for our wedding present and it is the best bed I have ever laid in. Plus, it's the family bed, and I love my family snuggles.

9. My reading chair. I have always wanted a really comfy, awesome reading chair. I was browsing one of the mom to mom swap sites I frequent and someone was selling a chair for 30 bucks. I just happened to be online when she posted and was first to comment. I won. Seriously, I think there was about 25 people who kept saying, "If she passes, I'm next in line!!" It was in such good condition, and it is soooo comfy and the perfect reading chair. I love it. I should get a picture of it so you can all see how amazing it is.

10. My passport. That baby means that we can up and travel, any time we want. Yeah, we might not be able to afford it, but the freedom that owning a passport means to me? Priceless. 

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Veronica and Daniel said...

Ooo Passport! Good one! I should have thought to include it on my list ;) Happy Tuesday!

Lena @ Mom2MemphisAndRuby said...

This is a great list! Glad you linked up! ♥