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My Inspiration

Thursday, 14 June 2012

A Thankful Thursday...

Is it seriously Thursday again already?!?

I feel like I'm constantly saying this but... Where did the time go?

It's been another really awesome week, so it's another easy week for a Thankful Thursday post. Here goes nuffin'!

1. My first awesome garage sale find of the season! Aislynn loves it. Daddy loves it. I love it! And I only paid $20 for it! The guy felt bad and said, "But there's black paint splattered on it!" He felt bad charging me "so much" for it. It's practically brand new with a tiny bit of paint on it guy, you're giving me a wicked deal!

2. Being able to visit Cuinn at work. He's being doing a lot of out of town stuff, and it's just going to get worse in the next few months, so I cherish the days that Aislynn and I can pop in for a visit. Although, this time Aislynn wasn't much company...

3. The wonderful summer weather we've had so far. We get a few scorchers, but a lot of cooler days in between. Which allows the Simpson family to enjoy the few really hot days rather than makes us stay indoors for 3 months with the a/c blasted!

4. Our little kiddy pool. Aislynn loves it, and I love sitting outside, watching her learn and play.

5. Aislynn's fashion sense. She picks a lot of her outfits out herself. Not a lie. Most of the time, it's really awesome. Some of the time it's a rubber boot and a flip flop.

6. Bagels with cream cheese and jam. It's like dessert for breakfast!

7. When Aislynn wakes up with puffy eyes. I love how snuggley and small she seems when she wakes up. Like she's my little baby again. 

8. Instagram. I think I might be obsessed. Follow me!! @sarah_pants

9. Cuinn having 2 days off. IN A ROW!! Bliss!

10. Our Dr. We had Aislynn's 15 month check up which included a vaccine that Cuinn and I are not comfortable with. Our nurse was a little crusty about it, but our Dr was amazing. There are so many other reasons why he's amazing too though. Like how he always says, "Yep, she's perfect!" After he finishes his check up with her. How he talks to us, not down to so. He listens and really is invested in trying to help. How he always makes time for us and doesn't make us feel rushed. How he told Cuinn to just wait in the waiting room and he would see us between another patient rather than Cuinn coming back 3 hours later for his appointment. The list goes on and one, but bottom line? Best Dr we have ever had. 

11. This video. 

Am I the only person who hates their own voice? Also, I know I say "Thar you go." For some reason I thought it would be fun to sound like a pirate? Actually, it's more likely that I thought in my head I was saying That's so sweet, but my mouth decided to say there you go which turned into That you go. Sometimes my brain and mouth don't play well with each other...

12. How well my Epicure is doing. This was just one order! Not even including the cookware! Still not entirely sure what Epicure is? Ask me. We'll chat!

13. As much as I complain about the tiny town we live in, I kinda love how quaint it is. People who have lived here forever keep complaining about how "big" our tiny town is getting. I always have to bite my lip from laughing out loud. I think the tiny town is growing on me. 

14. My favorite moment of the day is when my car crosses the railroad tracks, and then the lights start flickering. I feel like I have beaten the system. "HA HA TRAIN! FOOLED YOU! YOU WON'T STOP ME THIS TIME!"

Obviously, this time I did get stopped...

15. We get complimented all the time on Aislynn's accessories. I always love the fact that Cuinn has picked out both Aislynn's hat and her shades. My family is so stylish. I just hide it really well. 

16. The moment when all the laundry is folded. Ahhh. By the way, this pile doesn't include Aislynn's clothes, or Cuinn and my underwear/socks basket. Didn't feel like Cuinn would be very impressed if I posted a picture of his boxers on my blog...

17. The gorgeous flower bushes that are behind our Dr's office, on the way to the park. We like to stop and pick all the petals off smell the roses. All of them. One at a time. I really love how much of an investigator my daughter is.

18. The book I'm currently reading called The Slap. The book is so far away in my bedroom, while I am laying on the couch writing this blog, so I can't actually tell you the author right now. But I'm enjoying it. I thought it was going to be all happy, dappy, mom literature, but it's a little more rough than I was expecting. It's by no means excellent, but I'm enjoying it and it's a quick and easy read. I'll let ya know if the ending was worth it.

19. Cool breezes coming through the window at night. I love it.

20. Watching Aislynn interacting with other kids at the park. Recently we've been changing our schedule so we can play with kids her own age and other stay at home moms. It's been a rough transition at times, but I really think it's been doing both of us a lot of good. 

Oh, Jade. I'm not sure if you know this, but the Thankful Thursday's are doing me a world of good. Thank you. 

If she does a link up, I will be linking up through Jade. Her blog rocks. Go give her some love!


Jenn N said...

Who is your Dr. that you love? I want to love a Dr. too! Also, the fish thing at the bottom of the page is awesome.

Colin said...

Aislynn is so cute I didn't mind seeing the photos twice!