My Inspiration

My Inspiration

Monday, 18 June 2012

A Bunch Of Randomosity...

So, my girl Erin, over at Living in Yellow did this kinda awesome post the other day. It was basically just all random thoughts. No focus point other than the no focus, focus. I love posts like that. I will admit, sometimes when I get into a mood (which never actually happens. I'm very, rarely moody.) I get bored reading all the awesome blogs that I love. Not that they are boring, but I just don't always feel like reading stories. Y'know what I mean?

So tonight's post is brought to you by Erin, but not really, more inspired by. Here is my "first thing that pops into my head" post.

Source: via Sarah on Pinterest

- Is it just me, or does Ryan's head look photoshopped onto his body in this one?

- I was having a really fantastical night tonight, with the hubs, then I went on Facebook and it was instant bad mood. I think that means it's time for a Facebook break. Facebook makes me angry. Or maybe people make me angry. No, I think it's how people are on Facebook that makes me angry.

- Even typing that, I knew that I would be posting a link to this post onto my Facebook wall, thus making me look like a hypocrite.

- I totally didn't know how to spell hypocrite, so I sounded it out. Like you are told in kindergarten to do. I spelled it like this: Hippo-crate. Like a hippo. In a crate. Poor little hippo.

- That reminded me of the hilarious joke about irrelephant. 

- I just googled it, because it always makes me laugh. Honestly, this was the first image to come up. Fitting? I think so!

- I really should be baking muffins for my play date tomorrow. Buuuut I would much rather be on the couch with Cuinn, typing out this blog while he plays video games. Bonding!

- I really hate and love when people say "HOLLA!!!!" It makes my skin crawl, but it also makes me laugh. How can that happen?

- When I was a kid, I always thought adults were supposed to be really smart, and have their act together, and know things. When does that kick in? 

- I also really hate that I have started say, "right?" At stupid moments. Like when I say "This milkshake is delicious." and then Cuinn says, "Can't believe Mac's has milkshakes." and I say, "Right?" You know how people do that? It's really annoying. But I do it now. GAH!

- How come the only time I want to do some hammering is when Aislynn is asleep?

- How come I didn't realize how dirty that sounded until about 5 minutes after I wrote it?

- All the way home from Mac's, Cuinn kept saying F'Real in as many annoying ways as he could. I wasn't getting it. Then I realized he was just reading my milkshake cup. I then felt stupid for looking at him like he was crazy. 

- I wonder if Liam Neeson knows that I love him? 

- I really want to watch Taken, he's so bad ass in that movie, I just can't stand it.

- iPhone is really annoying at times. Like right now, how I wanted to upload that f'real picture, but I couldn't just pull the little cardy thingy out of the phone, I had to go get the pluggy in-y thingy. Man, I wish it just had a little cardy thingy.

- When we went to the park today, this is what we saw:

Wouldn't it suck to be the guy who has to rake all that stuff onto the park? I wish I had taken a picture of the park. It's pretty huge. And there were two really giant piles of this stuff. This is only the front picture, the pile is actually really long. Plus, there was another pile even bigger for the other side of the park. Poor parks and recreation worker guy. 

- Or girl. Don't wanna be sexiest.

- I'm really tired now. I think I'll go to bed. 

- Or maybe I'll finally finish reading my book, so I can start on my other book.

- I wonder if other people really crave books like I do. Do you? Like how people crave a chocolate bar, I really crave a certain book, and y'know how when you are eating something else, but you're craving a chocolate bar, the food you ARE eating sucks, even if it's the most amazing thing ever, just because it's not what you're craving? Yeah, I get like that with books. 

- I'm thirsty, I wonder if the Brita is filled? How come ice cream just makes me really thirsty. Milk shakes are kind of redundant when it comes to quenching my thirst.

- How come when you try to hang out with people, they are always busy. But when you are doing other things, they are like, "Why you no hang out with me?" I don't get it.

- I wish I was a billionaire. 

- OH! I ALMOST FORGOT! I decided to hop on the Lost bandwagon. Yeah, I know, a few years late. I already know how the show all ends, but I figured, why not? I gotta see what all the fuss is about. Well, I watched one and a half episodes. Why only a half? Because Lost is B-O-R-I-N-G!! Seriously. Kinda glad that was a show I never got into. I don't know how you all loved it so much?

- I said I was going to bed. So, I should probably go now. 

- This kinda post was fun. It was like a conversation, but without the annoying other person who always tries to talk about themselves. Seriously, I only want to hear me during a conversation. The other person is only there so I don't look like a crazy person, talking to myself.

- Just kidding. I like hearing other people talk.



Jenn said...

I just come here to play with the fish. I LOVE those fish.

What park is that that had the huge pile of mulch?

Also, I have not been invited to playdates that include muffins. I would like to rectify that by inviting myself to attend your next playdate that includes muffins. kthx. f'real.

Just Another Mummy Blog said...

I can't believe you've only seen the fish in the last couple of blogs. They've been on here since the beginning! But I'm glad someone is enjoying them :D

The park we went to in the morning with C and R. We went again after dinner and it had two big piles of the stuff! Crazy!

I'm pretty sure I'm not working Thursday, so I can bring muffins then? That cool? I'll be able to tell you by tomorrow night for 100% sure. :)

Colin said...

...and in England there is no ice cream in milkshakes.

Just Another Mummy Blog said...

What kind of nonsense is that? Guess you and mum have to come back to Canada to enjoy a f'real milkshake.

Erin @ Living In Yellow said...

Hahaha oh how I love your randomness. Yes, I realize I am a few days behind. Please dont hurt me. I too wish I was a billionaire. Maybe you could get on that for the both of us?!?

You are so funny. But you already know that :)

have a great day!

Just Another Mummy Blog said...

If I become a billionaire I will make you a millionaire, as long as it goes the same way if you win. Deal?

It's ok that you're late, you've it like a zillion followers to catch up on, just glad you made it over. :)

Have a great and hilarious day. Because if it wasn't hilarious, what would we blog about?