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My Inspiration

Tuesday, 23 August 2011

An updated version of Phase Ten

Holy Mackerel! It's been a long time since I blogged. 

So here I am.

Oh wait, my baby just woke up.

Let me put her back to sleep first.

Alright, baby is asleep, husband has his video games, wifey/mummy can blog now.

So it's been a whirlwind of stuff lately. We've been busy hanging out with friends, saying goodbye to friends, having family time and basically trying to enjoy what's left of summer.

Can you believe it's August 23? I can't.

It was my friends birthday last week so our babies and us went out for a birthday dinner. It was so delicious. Our tiny town has very limited selection when it comes to dining out, but I have to say, it's mostly pretty delicious. We went to Crabby Joe's and it was so yummy. I'm so glad we have one of those here. It's one of those places I would NEVER have gone to, myself. Since we have very few choices here, like I said, I've been a couple times. I even tried their pulled pork sandwich.




Anyway, we had a good time eating, gabbing, laughing and spitting. 

Our babies were mostly doing the spitting.


After her birthday dinner, Cuinn and I had a play date  Game Night planned with our friends, Ja and Je. So Cuinn picked up a couple 5 dollar pizza's for his and their dinner and we headed on over.

Their little girl was cooperating and was already asleep.

Our baby was not cooperating and I had to take MANY breaks from the game to try to soother her to sleep while being somewhere that is not her own bed.

Then we had the genius idea to put the playpen into Ja and Je's bedroom and it all worked out perfectly and we were happy.

Now we know for next time.


We played a wonderful little game called Phase Ten.

Have you played it?



I've been playing this game for years with my family, then when Cuinn entered the picture, we taught him.

He hates the game.

Because he always loses.

Especially when he plays against me.

Ha ha!

I'm usually pretty amazing at this game.

I say usually because...


Ja beat me. 

Like, wiped the floor with me.


my parents will be very proud of me.

I took it like a champ.

I didn't throw the cards on the table, or storm off in a snit, or pout, or anything.

Nope, we were laughing and having WAY too much fun for me to get annoyed that I lost.

Cuinn was impressed.

Anyway, after we played it properly, Je and I decided to change the rules up a bit.

Ja and Cuinn were NOT impressed.

We decided that, instead of playing all the phases in order, you could just pick whatever phase you wanted to do and do it.


Well, Je and I were kicking ass and taking names that way.

But Ja and Cuinn were being sticks in the mud and getting very annoyed with us playing that way.

I think they were just annoyed that they couldn't figure it out while Je and I were, obviously, so amazing at playing it that way.

Either way, we had a fantastic time. So fantastic that we have another game night lined up for Saturday.


We really like our new friends Ja and Je.

I don't really have anymore stories to share right now.

I have BB tomorrow night.

A Farewell BBQ on Thursday (as well as BB)

A girly day on Friday and game night on Saturday.

So, looks like this week is going to be awesome!

Hope you all are having great last minute summer hilarity!! 

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