My Inspiration

My Inspiration

Sunday, 14 August 2011

A post about nothing...

Do you ever feel the need to just sit and write? I do. I do today. So let's have a bit of a ramble.

Went to church today. It was good. Aislynn also was happy to be there. Very happy.

Extremely happy.

No, you don't get it.

Ridiculously happy.

So happy, in fact, she wanted the whole congregation to know just how happy.

She squealed. She laughed. She yelled. She squeaked her toys. She rattled her other toy. She basically made any noise she could.

Y'know what I've realized after becoming a parent?

I really don't care when other kids are being loud. I think it's cute. I really love hearing children making noise.

But when it's your own?

Oh dear.

You're face goes red. You don't look anyone else in the eye. You feel like everyone is staring at your baby and wishing she would just be quiet. You feel everyone is thinking BAD PARENTING! You nearly break a leg running out of the room so no one can hear your baby making noise.

You're just super embarrassed. 

Please tell me all you other parents feel the same way?

We went to the city again today. This time we went with 2 other families. 

It's so weird that Cuinn and I hang out with parents and their kids.

I still can't believe how far our lives have taken us.

We went to the city, and the restaurant we were going to go to was all police taped off. With a police bus. And other police vehicles. With police.


(I just felt like I said police a million times and the word has lost all meaning.)

Cuinn pipped up and said, "Hey, I heard on the radio that someone was murdered on the south end of (insert city name here) today. This must be where it happened."

Needless to say, we ate somewhere else.

We had a good time with our friends.

My one friend and I are super alike. We ordered the same thing.

I always get super excited when someone else orders the exact same thing. I really can't explain why, I just do.

I had a sirloin bacon and cheese burger with no onions and fries. It was a deal though, because for $20 you also got a starter salad or soup and a dessert!

My friend and I were more excited than we should have been for it. 

It's how we roll.

Shout out to J.

Hope she's reading. 

I also got a snowsuit for Aislynn for 12 bucks!

We're pretty sure it will fit. My friend (J again), has a daughter, M. Her birthday is the exact same day as Aislynn. I think I already told you that. M is one year older than Aislynn so it's nice. I asked J for some help in deciding sizes for the snowsuit.

If it doesn't fit, I'm sure I can either return it or sell it. 

It was 12 bucks, so I feel pretty ok about it.

Considering that I just looked up prices for snowsuits of the same brand and they are priced at around 80 bucks.



It's super cute too. It's pink (because we had a girl. Just in case you were wondering.) and it is all one with a zipper. Like a onsie. Only, for a snow suit.

Why don't I just show you a picture?

 See? She goes in there.
 Then I zip it up and it's cute.

And I button it up. WITH REAL BUTTONS! (Yes, I did get excited about real buttons. Leave me alone.) 
 And her little feetsies go in there. So cute.
And her little handsies go in there. WITH REAL BUTTONS! And I can take those off, but that is probably unlikely, since she can just keep her hands warm in the mittens.

So, yeah, great deal!


It's not Disney. 

So, y'know, awesome.

I watched Big Brother tonight.

It's my secret obsession.

Which isn't a very well kept secret.

I don't watch ANY reality tv. I really can't stand it.

But watching it reminds me of all the season I've watched with my mummy, so I watch it. Kinda sad though, since my mummy is in far away land and isn't even watching it this year.

Or survivor. Which I know is very upsetting to her.

Let's stop talking about my mummy, because I'm missing her like mad today. I really wish she could have been here to be with me when I bought Aislynn's first snowsuit. I dunno why it was important for her to be there for that, I just felt like I wanted to share it with her. 

I miss her.

I am desperate to get pictures done of Aislynn in the fall. 


Maybe Cuinn will read this and surprise me and plan it all for me. That would be nice.

It could even be my Christmas present. 

I wouldn't mind having an early Christmas present.

Then maybe our Christmas presents to our parents could be pretty prints of their first grandchild?

Wouldn't that be special?

C'mon, everyone! Gang up on Cuinn with me!!


Speaking of my baby.

She almost crawls now. No big deal.

Except, it's a HUGE deal!

Look at her almost crawling!!

Checking to make sure I'm still watching.

I think I'm going to have a bath now.

My baby is asleep.

My husband is playing video games.

Think I'll pick a book, draw a bath, and ignore the world for an hour.


pippasmum said...

That snowsuit is adorable! The only problem with snowsuits? The process of getting babies into them :-)

Just Another Mummy Blog said...

Thank you! I was very excited when I saw it. We went to Once Upon A Child, and as much as I love it there, we sometimes have to dig to find something unDisney. I was very happy with this one.

I am so not looking forward to winter. Which is something coming from me, since I usually LOVE winter. I am really enjoying the fact that right now, I just take Aislynn and go. Soon I'll be digging out hats and mitts and trying to get my wriggly baby into her snowsuit. Oh, I'm sweating just thinking about it.

Speaking of snowsuits, what do you do in the car seat? I know you're not supposed to put them in their suits then into their seats, so how do you keep them warm? What did or do you do?