My Inspiration

My Inspiration

Saturday, 13 August 2011

A menu plan...

I have decided that I'm going to try to menu plan. I warn you, I won't be doing it every week. I am really going to try, but we'll see. So here is my menu plan for the week!

Breaky - Cereal with sliced banana's
Lunch - Pasta Salad (lots and lots of veggies)
Dinner - Chicken burgers, potato's, salad


Breaky - Eggy Wrap 
Lunch - Pasta Salad
Dinner - Mini Meatloaf, perogies, veggies


Breaky - Toaster Strudel
Lunch - Chicken wrap and veggie sticks with dip
Dinner - Stuffed peppers, meatballs, fries


Breaky - Yogurt and granola 
Lunch -  Sandwich and crispy mini's
Dinner - Spaghetti, Ceasar salad, garlic toast


Breaky - Banana and toast
Lunch -  Tuna melts and Red Pepper sticks
Dinner - Pizza, veggie sticks, Salad

I will post my recipes for the things I am making homemade. Which to be honest is quite a bit of it. Cuinn and I are also planning on inviting some friends over on Thursday for dinner. 

What do you have planned for this week?

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