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My Inspiration

Monday, 8 August 2011

A First Time At Potato Festival..

We had a great weekend. Like, really great. Wonderful in fact. Let me tell ya all about it.

This weekend our tiny town had a Potato Festival. I think that's hilarious. I love small town festivals. Everyone gets real excited, it's all everyone talks about for weeks, then when it comes it's just as cheesy and awesome as everyone hoped for. BUT, as a newcomer, everyone always tells us, "It's not as big as it used to be, seriously, it used to be awesome." I love how people here get to defensive about their tiny town. I find myself getting a little defensive when my in-laws and parents smirk about it. I get a little riled up thinking, "HEY! This is MY town!" I guess that means I'm becoming a towny.



Friday night was the start of the funtivities. (See what I did there?)

A church friend of ours hosts a pot luck and then everyone hangs around on their front lawn to watch the parade. Their house is on the parade route. Obviously. It was awesome. We ate some yummy food, people asked us more about how Aislynn is eating "real" food, Cuinn and I felt a little ambushed, but it's all in good fun. I made a delicious tuna pasta salad. Well, I thought it was delicious. Aislynn liked the tomatoes. And the carrots. And she tried to love the chips, but we are mean parents and wouldn't give her any. BAD PARENTING!!

Anyway, I hung out a bit with J and J during the parade. A new couple friend who also go to our church and have a pretty cute kid. And guess what? Their kid, M, is born on the same day as Aislynn! A year before her, but isn't that cool? Must mean we're meant to be friends or something. Anyway, during the parade J asked me what Cuinn and I were doing on Saturday and I mentioned how Cuinn and I were going to go to the pancake breaky. Mostly because we love pancakes. Also, though, because it was Cuinn's birthday and we have a tradition of making the birthday person pancakes for breakfast. 

Side bar: We didn't do birthday stuff this weekend. We are celebrating Cuinn's birthday next weekend. Don't worry, I'll post all about it. 

So I thought J was just making conversation but he said, "Hey, how bout we meet and go at about 8?" Which is awesome, because we really like them! So we made a breakfast date.

So we watched the rest of the parade, which had so much more farming equipment than I was expecting. And, oh my goodness, the Shriner's! There were about a million Shriner's!! It was a pretty awesome parade though. So that was cool. I did take pictures, but at the moment we can not find our camera, so I'll post them when I find it! 

After the parade, J and J asked us if we wanted to go downtown and check out the fire guy. So we went down for a walk with them and checked things out. The fire guy was awesome. He asked for a member of the audience to help, and, of course, I raised my hand and volunteered myself. I am WAY to much of a dramatic to pass that up. He, of course, picked the most obnoxious, loud, energetic person in the crowd (me), and on I went. He asked for a good luck kiss on his cheek and when I went in to give him a kiss, he turned his face and it was hilarious. Cuinn made a comment to J and J, but it's all in good fun. Anyway, I threw the flaming sticks at him so he could juggle on a box on a ball on a box. It was awesome. He had amazing showmanship and it was just a blast. By the end of the show, J and J's daughter M was pretty exhausted so it was time to call it a night.

Saturday morning we headed to the pancake breaky with our new friends and enjoyed some delicious pancakes. So yummy. Aislynn had some as well. Her second time having pancakes. Not as good as daddy's, but good all the same. Afterwards, we all just hung around downtown and saw all the excitement. We HAD to get some ginormous poutine and it was delicious. Aislynn loved it too. Yep, Aislynn got some poutine too. Cuinn and J went into a hobby shop and found a new card game that they wanted to play together. It was very cute, they came out and they each went to their wives and asked permission to buy a new toy. Seriously cute. So J and I went in with J and Cuinn (this could get confusing, as they are both J) and we talked it over and we all decided to start playing the game. So we bought our cards, and went over to J and J's house to figure it out.

Well we didn't figure it out. But we've got it enough that the next time we get together (hopefully next Saturday), we will be able to play together. I'm glad we were able to get this new game with the J's. I think it's a start of a wonderful friendship.

When we FINALLY figured out how to play, my brother and his girlfriend called us to say they were in town. So we said our goodbyes to J and J and M and headed back home to hang out with the fam.

It was a good time. We went to the Much Music Dance Saturday night and it was a blast. It was nice to spend some time with A and Cuinn was able to spend some time with my brother.

Sunday we slept in. We had a very late night on Saturday so we (unfortunately) missed church. Again. Next week we're going to be better. We slept in, and then we went to go back downtown to have fantastic poutine again, but by the time we went out it was all closed down! Sad! So Cuinn went out to the chip van on the other end of town and got that poutine. Which was still amazing. Really amazing.

So, this weekend has been fantastic. Yay for Potato fest! I promise to have pictures up later this week hopefully!

Cuinn is on vacation this week. So we will be doing some family time this week. Berry picking, heading to a Stars and Strollers movie, Ball game on Friday possibly, Cuinn's birthday next weekend. Fun filled week! Yay!

Anyway, Hope you're all enjoying your summers friends!!

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