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My Inspiration

Saturday, 13 August 2011

A back to reality check...

Well, the vacation is over. Cuinn is back to work today. He still has Sunday off, his regular day off, but he's back to work today.

We had a pretty chill staycation. We didn't do a heck of a lot, but it was nice to recharge our batteries. It was so  amazing having daddy home so mommy could sleep in one day! And go to the bathroom without trying to pee as fast as I can. And brush my teeth without holding a baby. And trying to clean the house while my baby doesn't sleep!

I'm not complaining.


I do, for reals, love being a stay at home mummy.

It was just nice to have that extra set of hands this week.

Anyway, yesterday we celebrated Cuinn's birthday. His actual birthday was on the 6th, but we had a lot going on, and what with how paychecks land, it just happened that this was the weekend we were celebrating. I had a very busy day so I'll tell you all about my adventures. Because I know you're all sitting on the edge of your seat, waiting for me to tell you.

Every other week is grocery week. I try to get enough groceries that will last us until next grocery day, and also yummy stuff that is good for us (mostly) and will stay fresh. Thursday night we get our papers delivered to us which is always full of coupons and flyers, so I make up my shopping list Thursday night. I have to make it a list now since I price match and coupon. I used to just go by the seat of my pants, but now that I have found the wonders of grocery shopping on a budget, I have to make a list to keep all my coupons and flyers straight.
I seriously hate it. 

I am so NOT a list maker. I am a spur of the moment, do what I feel like, consequences be damned, kinda gal.


I'm also a stay at home mum now.

And in case you were wondering,

The pay sucks

So I need to make our one paycheck go a lot farther.

Some weeks it's kinda tough, but we make it and I get a little big of a high when I see a great score. Like how I got 6 packs of chicken for 5 bucks. (Two breast in each package) Or when I see Drumstick ice creams (which I never buy because they are so expensive and we so do not need the extra treat), on for 2.74 which is about a third of the price. Actually, probably closer to a quarter.

Anyway, I made my list Thursday night.

Usually I have to take Aislynn grocery shopping. Which isn't too bad. I have a cart cover thing so she doesn't suck on the nasty carts, she just sucks on her toys and I know it's only her mouth on it. I'm not much of a germ-a-phobe, but I really don't want her mouth on things that I don't trust. 

I am on a serious ramble today.

(Fun Fact! A ramble in England is actually a walk. So when my dad tells me he went on a ramble the other day, he wasn't doing what I am doing now, he was on a hike with his other friends. English is fun!)


Since Cuinn is home on vacation, I got to leave Aislynn and Cuinn to have some daddy/daughter time while I braved the grocery store.

I thought it might make things quicker, not having a baby.

It took me longer.

I suppose when I have Aislynn with me, I am rushing so that I can get it all done before nap time and there is a melt down. Without her though, I strolled through the aisles. I stopped in the book aisle. I skimmed a mag that I would never buy. I checked out some outfits that I would have no place to wear. I tried on some gawdy jewelery. I basically took my sweet time, just like I used too. I felt like I was just a woman, doing her grocery shopping for the week. 

Truth be told, I missed Aislynn.

After grocery shopping, I had a lunch date with a friend from church and her daughter. Her daughter N is a couple weeks older than Aislynn and is adorable. My friend C is still a newish friend, but I really enjoy getting together with her. We went to a family owned and run coffee shop that, unfortunately, closed it's doors for good last night. Cuinn and I had only gone for the first time earlier this week and loved it, so when we found out it was closing we were very sad. Such is life.

After lunch, Cuinn and I headed to the city. I wanted to go to Once Upon A Child to see if they had any booster seats on the cheap. 

Can I just take a quick second to plug Once Upon A Child? It is an amazing little chain. It is a gently used and new child store. They have everything from books, to toys, to baby/maternity/children clothes to high chairs and cribs and strollers. Seriously, they have everything! You can take your gently used things and get cash or credit. They also have brand new stuff. I think it's the over flow from big box stores. Anyway, go take a look! You'll love it!

So we went in to look for a booster seat, and wouldn't you know it, the exact one I wanted was sitting on the counter! Someone had brought it in to sell today and I was so excited! 

At first.

I went up to ask for it and they told me they couldn't sell it yet because the woman who had brought it in hadn't come back to accept their offer so they didn't actually own it yet. I asked if they knew about what time it would be available and they said the next day. But I don't live there!! So I was pretty disappointed. Cuinn and I went through the store looking for maybe another one in the store. The only ones they had were Disney Cars and Princess ones. 

And you all know my feelings on Disney.

So I was kinda sad that I wasn't going to get the booster seat. I kept looking around though because I told my friend I would see if they had mesh bumper pads for her kid. I found Cuinn a little bit later with Aislynn and a Sophie.

Now, I doubt you will know what a Sophie is.

Unless you're a parent.

Then you will FOR SURE know what a Sophie is.

It's a rubber giraffe that has a squeaky in it.

Seriously. I was so morally opposed to the Sophie. I found it to be just a status symbol. I had seen them online selling them for 34.99! I didn't understand why anyone would pay that much for this toy that doesn't seem to do anything but squeak. It kind of sounded like a glorified dog toy. But other moms go CRAZY for them. Everyone fawns over someone who has one. I so did not want to be apart of that. I really can not stand brand name clothing that costs 5 times as much as non brand name. I think it's ridiculous that a Disney book can sell for 35 when a no name book costs 5. I hate the commercialism of our culture.


Now I understand the Sophie phenomena.

I am willing to admit that I was wrong, wrong, wrong about Sophie. 

I mean, there is still a part of me that is fighting the whole, having something that everyone else has, but when Cuinn opened that box for her, and she played with it and I saw her eyes light up. The fact that wouldn't let it go until she was asleep. Watching her chew on it, and learn how to make it squeak.

It was totally worth it.

Now, I did NOT pay 35 for it. We got it for 19.99. I still won't be buying Disney crap. I still am morally opposed to brand name items.

But I will now be buying Sophie's for any baby shower I ever go to.

After Once Upon A Child, we went and got Cuinn his birthday present. He wanted a new chain for his bike, so we went to the mall and found Sport Check and inquired about it. Turns out we need a tool to change the chain, or bring the bike in. So he said we could order the tool or buy it and blah blah blah, we ended up not getting the chain. I promised Cuinn I would go back on Sunday (I have to go get the booster chair anyway. Once Upon A Child is holding it for me. Yay!), and get the chain on for him. Then we went to Chapters and he got a book! Yes! It was the second time I have ever bought Cuinn a book that he actually asked for as a present. Granted, it was a zombie graphic novel, but he was so excited.

After, that it was time for dinner. We went to Red Lobster for crabfest. I have never had crab before because I don't really like shrimp so I think that's kind of put me off all seafood.


I was so wrong about crab too.

IT WAS AWESOME!! I wish we had taken some pictures, but I got Crab legs and steak and Cuinn had crab legs and shrimp and scallops. I loved it ALL!! Seriously. I think I am just going to eat seafood for the rest of my life. Every day. It was so good. Cuinn was very impressed with me trying scallops and shrimp again. I'm glad I did, because I really enjoyed it and I am now a seafood lover. Aislynn didn't eat any of the crab (for obvious reasons), but she did enjoy almost a whole tomato and some potatoes. I could not believe how many tomato slices she ate. We asked the waitress for a few slices and they very nicely gave us a plateful. And then another one. Oh dear.

After we had eaten much more than we should have we headed on home. Once we got into our tiny town, I wondered aloud if there was a place in our tiny town where I could get Cuinn's bike chain. We realized we do have Canadian Tire so why not ask? So we stopped there and Cuinn went in and asked, they had the tool and the chain for 15 bucks cheaper than what they were going to charge at Sport Check! So I went in and got Cuinn his birthday present. We headed home and Cuinn fixed his bike with his new gift.

All in all, it was a pretty fantastic day. We're looking forward to heading back to the city on Sunday to get her booster seat and to play at the water pad. We're going to ask a couple friends from church if they want to come with us and maybe make a day of it.

What have you all been up to?


Colin said...

Shame about the coffee house. However, here in jolly old England, coffee shops close at 7pm at the latest. Yes that includes Starbucks!

Anonymous said...

Loved reading about your staycation. That's what Sean & I have just had for a week. You seem to have done quite a bit. Coffee in Blairgowrie - Angus Hotel does evening coffees. Looking forward to your next blog!