My Inspiration

My Inspiration

Thursday, 25 August 2011

A crafty, yet simple, idea.

So last night, I was sitting on my couch, staring at my ugly lamp.

It looks like this.

Pretty basic.

Pretty boring.

Pretty much a great fit for a bachelor pad.

I started looking around the ol' apartment and was realizing something.

I have a LOT of bachelor pad things!

I have a coffee table and end tables from the 70's.

I have a yucky plasticy, used to be white, dining room table from the 80's. (With matching chairs)

I have a big screen tv.

Tons of video games AND video game paraphernalia.

But I sure don't have much on the very pretty, very homey, very decorative side.

Now, I scrapbook. I craft. I like to make really pretty things, but I also have a husband who really hates to shop.

And also hates when I shop.

He also hates it when I say things like, "Man, I would LOVE to get a new table. A wooden one. A really gorgeous dining room table with really beautiful matching chairs."

That's about the time he starts hyperventilating.

I am combing two of his worst fears.


And spending money.

So over the years I've just learned to deal with it, and be happy with our college dorm, miss matching furniture, and just not look at things in our apartment too closely. 

Then I realized.

If this beautiful woman can re-do her house on no budget. Mostly for free. Than I can do a few things around this place to make me feel like it's more of a home and less of Cuinn's place where Aislynn and I live too.

Sidebar: I have to say a quick something. I do have a couple things that are very nice here. Please don't think it's all junk. I'm just feeling a little pretty things deprived right now. Especially since a few of my girly friends have MUCH more beautifully decorated houses.

SO back to my very basic lamp.

I decided to jazz it up a bit.

Make it a little more light fixture than yucky floor lamp.

So I grabbed my glue.

I grabbed my coffee filters.

And turned my boring old lamp into.....


I am so ridiculously proud of myself!

And it only cost my 97 cents!!

I didn't have enough coffee filters, and Cuinn was getting mad that I was using all the coffee filters so I had to run to Giant Tiger to get some more. Coffee is a hot item in the house. Well, for Cuinn. I don't drink the stuff, I just make pretty crafts with his filters.

It was super easy to do too!!

Do you remember when you used to make flowers out of tissue paper in elementary school? Y'know, with the tissue papers squares, white glue and the end of a pencil? They looked something like this:

Well, it's the same basic idea. Just with much bigger pieces of paper and a much larger pencil.

I actually used my nail polish, because the bottom of it was the perfect big circle for it, and it was also on the coffee table and handy. But I think you could use a big, magic marker? Or maybe...umm...uhhh....small shampoo bottle? Whatever you have on hand.

I wish I had taken photo's during the process, but I wasn't sure how it would turn out, and if it was a flop I was planning on hiding the evidence and pretending I never did it.

In true perfectionist fashion.

Ha ha.


I am in love with my new lamp!!

Cuinn only complained because it is pretty poofy and girly, but that's ok.

He's a boy.

He doesn't like poof.

He likes basic.

Hence the first picture of the lamp and why he bought it.

Anyway, this lamp makeover has me inspired to start doing some projects around the house.

On the cheap.

Because I have shown myself that I can do it. So. If any of my lovely readers have any suggestions or tips or DIY projects you've done and loved, by all means TELL ME!!! So I can then steal the idea!!

Don't worry, I'll give credit where credit is due, but let's share our crafting idea's together!!

Now, go get decorating!!! Make that space of yours..well...YOURS!!

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Colin said...

Lights create lots of heat. Watch out for the fire risk!