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My Inspiration

Sunday, 31 July 2011

A weekend report..

Hello my friends!

Well here we are on another Sunday night and I find myself scratching my head and wondering where the last week has gone! This weekend has been a blast. My brother (S) and his girlfriend (AM) and her son (AI) spend the night here last night and we had a great visit with them. Here's what we did!

Saturday Cuinn was working all day (unfortunately) so I stayed home to get things ready for my family. I folded about 100 loads of laundry, I vacuumed the living room/hallway/entrance way, I tidied the living room and kitchen, I unloaded the dishwasher, I (finally) unpacked the last 2 boxes in Aislynn's room and I did all this while still hanging out with Aislynn. I was being such a good wifey. By the end of it, my house was tidy, Aislynn was fed, happy and clothed in an outfit cute enough for family, and I was stinky from cleaning. I really wanted to shower, but since I haven't had the guts to shower while Aislynn is alone yet, my lovely friend A came over and sat with Aislynn while I had a quick shower. Seriously, A is a very dear friend of mine.

So after I had made myself sufficiently presentable for company, A and I hung out until my fam got here. We just kinda sat and chatted with our babies. I love friends you can just relax with, and I feel super relaxed with A. After a little while, S, AM and AI got here. They had only taken 1 and a half hours to get here!! Which is a big deal, seeing as the last time they came it took them FOUR HOURS to get here! Given that last time was Canada Day, I'll give 'em a break, but they still got here sooner than I expected. We all hung out for a bit and it was nice. Well, except with the sudden rush of a lot of people in the house ALL trying to grab at Aislynn, she got overwhelmed VERY quickly and needed a cuddle with mummy to calm down again.

Side note: I have realized this weekend that my baby really is quite the momma's girl. For real. She does NOT like to be away from me. Which is making it a little stressful for this momma. If I'm going to be honest though, I'm really ok with it. What with the whole attachment parenting thing, I feel that I need to be with her and making sure she feels safe and secure and loved by Cuinn and I is our number one priority.

So while we were waiting for Cuinn to get off work, we all hung out a little and just chatted. I miss my brother and sister in law a lot. I really enjoy the time we have together and it's almost always never enough. So time with them was my priority. We all were getting pretty hungry since we weren't going to be eating until Cuinn got home (which would be about 630), so we decided to head on out to Timmies. One of Aislynn's favorite places. So we all went on a walk and got some treats. I got a fruit smoothie. As usual. And it was delicious. As usual. When we got home AM and I decided to get started on some din din. I put Aislynn in her high chair right near the kitchen so she could see me and we got started making corn on the cob (12 for 1.99 at Zehrs! Score!), potatoes, red peppers, mushrooms, parsnips and hot dogs. All on the BBQ! Except the corn. We boiled the corn. While we were getting it ready, Cuinn came home, so he actually BBQ'd. AM and Aislynn and I went out to keep him company though. Mostly because our extremely opinionated neighbor was out there and he annoys Cuinn to no end. So I figured I would try to "save him". I think he appreciated it.

Dinner was delicious!

And guess what else.

We started BLW.

Now, I know I am early. Aislynn is only 5 months old. I'm supposed to wait until 6 months. But BLW also states that I'm to let her pick off of my plate. And the last week and a half has been a fight because she keeps trying to pick off of Cuinn and my plate while we eat and I want to say no because she's not 6 months. I finally broke down and thought, "BLW is about letting Aislynn decide when and what she eats. So I'm going to follow that and go with my gut, which is what everyone tells me to do anyway, and let her eat."

So we gave her a piece of honey dew melon and a red pepper and let her go to town.

And she loved it.

Here's a couple pictures!

So yeah. 
That was the high light of my Saturday!

So Sunday morning came and Cuinn and I got up and ready for church. I really didn't want to wake S and AM and AI up because they were all sleeping, and as a parent now, I don't want to be woken up if my kid is letting me sleep in. Just as we were about to leave S and AM woke up and we felt like since they were up we didn't just want to leave them here to wait for us so we took the week off of church. I am not going to feel guilty. I am not.


I am a bit.

But we ended up having pancakes for brunch! It was so yummylicious! I, of course, can make anything in the kitchen EXCEPT breakfast food. So Cuinn was our chef for the morning. I, of course, hate when someone else is cooking in my kitchen, and I kept going in to "help". Cuinn got very annoyed very quickly and gave me a swat on the bum with the spatula. I got the point. 

This is definitely something I need to work on. I need to learn how to let go and not hover over Cuinn so much. I have the tendency to feel that my way is best and take over. I really need to let go of the control and allow Cuinn to do his thing. I'm sorry Cuinn. I was wrong.

Now that is something you don't see very often.

Anyway, so we had pancakes. And guess who loved them

You guessed it!

Aislynn thought that daddy is a very good chef!

After our yummy brunch of pancakes, berries, cereal, bagels and juice (carb city? of yeah), Aislynn was ready for her nap, so I put her in her crib, turned the mobile on, and she rolled over and fell asleep. Seriously. I have the best baby ever.

Only thing is, we wanted to go swimming. So we had to wait. Which is fine. Of course, Aislynn chose today to have the longest nap she's ever had. An hour and a half! She usually only sleeps for 20 minutes or half an hour tops, during the day, so this was a marathon sleep!! I know it's because there are so many people in the house and there is just so much going on, but man alive!

Finally, Aislynn woke up and I gave A a call, because we had plans to go swimming anyway. We all loaded up and headed out. 

We got to the pool.

We unloaded.

We locked and shut the car door.

With the keys locked inside.


With the keys locked inside.

Luckily, A has CAA so she was sooo generous to let us use one of her free helps. We called the tow truck and they were there within 20 minutes to get the keys out. Of course, with the keys locked in the car, so was my wallet. So we owe A big since she paid for our swimming AND helped us get into our car again.

Again, I am so thankful for great friends.

After our swim, the fam and I trooped back to our place where S got pizzas and we all just chilled out and made plans for S and AM to come back next weekend for.....


Seriously. You have NO idea how excited I am for potato festival. I have a very busy week this week, but Aislynn and I are staying home on Wednesday and Thursday morning JUST to make sure we're well rested for the weekend. We have dinner plans with some friends on Thursday night, but we'll be home early. Oh man, oh man. I am super stoked for Potato Festival!!

Oh yeah, remember how I said Aislynn was feeling overwhelmed? Another way I knew? She fell asleep in my arms at 7 pm. SEVEN PM! She doesn't go to sleep until 930 usually! She fell asleep at 7, I went over to A's to watch Big Brother, it's now 11 pm and she's still asleep! I'm also willing to bet she sleeps until tomorrow morning. Her usual routine is asleep  by 930, wakes at 6 for her soother, sleeps again until 9ish. We'll see how tonight goes. Man though, she sure was snoozy!

Anyway, we had a fantastic weekend with friends and family and I can't wait for our fun filled week. Don't worry, I'll keep you all posted!

Thanks for reading, friends!!

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