My Inspiration

My Inspiration

Monday, 4 July 2011

A bit of a ramble.

Here we are.
Monday again.
I never used to like Monday's.
When I was a kid it meant back to school after two days off. 
Which I hated.
Then I graduated.
and basically partied all the time.
And Monday was no exception.
Then I got a job.
Monday meant getting up to work after two days off.
And Monday's started to suck again.
Then I got married.
And everyday was awesome.
So Monday wasn't so bad.
Then I got pregnant.
And every day was fatter than the last.
Now I have a baby.
And Monday means my New Parents group at the OEYC
Ontario Early Years Center for those of you who were wondering.

I love the groups that I have joined. I've made myself a little routine here in our new tiny town. I'm kinda loving it. 

Although, today I'm finding out I like routine more than I thought.

Cuinn accidentally drove to work with the stroller in the trunk.

Which means I either baby wear the whole way to my group, or I stay home.

Neither of these options appeals to me because it's very humid today, and my baby gets really sweaty when I baby wear that far.

But not going really doesn't seem like an option to me.

I really, really, really, REALLY need to go to my groups.

Because I'm going to admit something that not a lot of mums don't like to admit.

I need help.

Since my mum and dad went back to England, and we have moved to our tiny town, I have felt like I'm on a precipice. 

I feel like I could fall over and land in the pit of Post-Partum.

I feel myself getting very weepy some days.

I feel that some days are really hard to get through.

Harder than others.

I feel that some days I'm just not doing it right.

But when I am able to get out, and meet other mommies, I feel in control again.

I have a very fantastic, supportive, amazing man who understands that I need a break sometimes. When I called him to let him know he had the stroller he felt real bad. It made me feel good that he felt bad. Wait! Before you think I'm some kind of mean wife, let me explain! The fact that he felt bad is just so Cuinn. He knows how important my groups are, and he knows how I love to get out and walk with Aislynn. He thinks about me. And he thinks about my feelings. I really love him for that.

We had a great weekend.

Friday was Canada Day. And you can read all about my adventures here. What a fantastic day to celebrate!
Saturday Cuinn was working. As usual. So I just had a day with baby Aislynn. She was pretty crusty because she was all of routine. She went to bed so late on Friday night, still woke up at her regular time, and we were both a little bit (actually a lot bit) cranky and tired. So we snoozed and hung out.
Sunday was another fun filled day. Church in the morning. Where THREE babies were dedicated. It really reminded me of Aislynn's dedication. 
What a wonderful day that was to spend with family and friends while we gave Aislynn back. Promising to love her and guide her and teach her all about how much God loves her. Even more than mummy and daddy. Almost seems impossible.
 After Church, a new church friend (it seems as if I say new friend a lot lately. That's what happens when you move to a new tiny town.) invited us to their house for a brunch. Her baby was one of the dedicated babies that day so there was a bit of a party at her house. It was so nice to be included. We went and had a great time. Again, Cuinn showed me how much he cares for me by going and being social. In our family I am the social butterfly and he is the recluse. He would be so much happier if we just stayed home all the time. We compromise a lot. Him by going out and meeting new people with me, which he almost always ends up enjoying, and I opt to stay home and watch a movie when I can see that Cuinn's had a bit too much people meeting.
After the brunch, I said in the car how much I would love to go swimming with Aislynn that afternoon. Cuinn responded by saying, "Why don't you give A a call and see if she wants to go?"
Hey, I can take a hint.
I got home to a message from A asking if I wanted to go swimming, perfect!
We went swimming, then Cuinn, baby Aislynn and I went over to A's for BBQ. Cuinn helped out BBQing since us girls don't do that. BBQing is a mans job. And he did it so well.

Now today baby Aislynn and I are heading out to our mommy group. We're getting picked up early by Cuinn because we're meeting our new doctor today. Which is exciting. I already have a list of questions to ask. I hope I don't get nervous and forget them all. Which happens a lot to me. Especially around Doctors. 

I hope you all had a lovely weekend, and here's to a lovely week!!

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