My Inspiration

My Inspiration

Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Let's talk about me.

Hello my lovely readers! How are you doing on this fine Tuesday evening?

I've been doing a lot of thinking about this blog. It's still fairly new, I don't have a lot of readers, mostly just family and friends, but that's ok. Mommy blogs seem to be a dime a dozen now-a-days and I don't really think mine is anything special that would make it stand out. I'm not being self deprecating. I'm just stating a fact.

When I started this blog, I think I just wanted a place to write down some memories so that I would have another place for Aislynn to look at one day and say, "Hey, my mum really liked me." Now that I've got it going I'm beginning to think it was a very rash decision.

Don't worry my 5 followers, I'm not shutting down shop. I'm just musing.

Ask any of my friends how they would describe me and I'm willing to bet they would say something along the lines of:

Hilarious (or is that just my humble opinion of myself.)
A little sarcastic
A little (or a lot) bit of a loudmouth

I really don't think any of the people who know me IRL (in real life) would think to say I'm a private person.

I think a lot of people would be surprised that I feel vunerable a lot of the time and that when it comes to my personal life and my family life I am incredibly private about it.

When I started this blog I think I was a little naive. Actually, I think I was a lot naive. I didn't realize what a personal thing blogging is. The fact that I've put it out there on the interent is starting to scare me. It's an incredible thing that I'm putting myself out there to be judged. I'm finding it harder and harder to sit down and start writing. I mean, I'm basically letting you all read my diary. I find myself rethinking all my posts, wondering if what I'm sharing is too personal. Wondering if I really want anyone reading this.

Now, I am not ashamed of my life. I'm not ashamed of my family or the choices we've made. I'm happy where I am.


I still struggle with all the same insecurities as the next girl. Or boy.

Do you like what I'm writing?
Is it worth it to continue?
Do I sound like an idiot?
Is my writing redundant?
Is it good enough?

I'm not looking for any kind of praise with this blog, just so we're all on the same page. I'm just trying to figure a few things out.

I have been enjoying writing. I think, for now, I'll keep it up. I'll welcome you all into my life for a little while longer.  

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Krysta said...

Keep it up Sarah! It's a great way to keep in touch with friends and family who can't be there to meet Aislynn for themselves. I blogged to save the hassle of writing dozens of emails. Write as much or as little as you feel comfortable, but judged or not you are going to be doing exactly what is right for your family. :)