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My Inspiration

Friday, 29 July 2011

A reminder that you're loved.

Hi friends! How are you all doing today? I hope you're enjoying your summers!!

I don't really have a whole lot to blog about today. It's summer, so my mommy groups have been kinda funny. Not ha ha funny.
More like, closed for vacations, funny.
Which isn't really funny at all.
More annoying.
We've been a bit lazy and slacking on our routines.
Although, not too much, or my baby would not be a happy camper.
Which means momma would not be a happy camper.
And when momma ain't a happy camper well, you know the rest.


Life is good.

I've been hanging out with a friend of mine as much as possible. Mostly because she lets me do laundry at her house. For free.

Just kidding A!

For reals though, she's pretty awesome. She's gotta cute little boy who is close in age to my baby girl. Baby Aislynn is even starting to notice baby boy N. He was crying today and Aislynn gave him a dirty look. So, y'know, progress.

I think I've mentioned my friend A before. We met at a mommy group here. It was both of our first time and when we went around the circle telling each other our names, our baby's name and age, and where we live (a process I find incredibly annoying and makes conversation very stilted, by the way), A and I found out that we live a street away from each other and hey, wouldn't it be neat if we walked together next time? Thus, a friendship formed out of our mutual loneliness. 

Seriously though, she's awesome. She's one of those people you just click with and you know you can be real friends. Not just pretend ones. 

Anyway, I've been hanging out with her a lot lately. Because, sadly, she's leaving me.
She's moving far, far away.
And taking her laundry facilities with her.

I'm really not using her for her washer and dryer. For cereal. 

That means for serious.

Back to my point.

She's leaving me.

I can't really get too hurt by it though, because she's leaving me to go be with her man who went away to find a better job. Well, he found it, and now that means A has to leave too.

Is it bad that I kinda hoped he couldn't find a better job? 

Not that I don't want them to do well. I really do.

I just want them to do really well here!

All joking aside, I'm really happy for them. It sounds like a fantastic opportunity for them, and A says that they will be coming back here so that N can go to school here. Plus, her family is here, so she HAS to at least come for visits.

The good thing about her going away is that I kind of realized that I've made some roots here. 

I've been thinking about how when she leaves I would have no friends and I threw myself a bit of a pity party and cried a bit to Cuinn. Who then said, "Are you serious, Sarah? You've got TONS of friends. Plus, you could make friends with the most miserable, anti social person in the world. In fact, you married him. You're going to be fine."

Might not sound very helpful to you. Might even sound kinda mean. But coming from Cuinn, it was exactly what I needed. Which is why Cuinn is so perfect for me. He always knows what I need to hear and how to make me feel better. He's pretty amazing.

So I started to take stock of what I've got here in my little life.

First and foremost, I have a pretty awesome family. My husband might not like people, and my baby might get annoyed with other babies, but they both love me and that makes me feel all happy inside.

I have a couple mommy groups which are pretty great networking places. I have met some really awesome people there. One of the other mommies has a little boy who is named after one of my favorite comics. I don't know if he was actually named after him, but I like to think so and his mommy is pretty cool. A and I actually do cooking days with her, J, and I really like hanging out with her. She's really down to earth and she reads a lot of parenting articles/books/blogs/anything she can get her hands on, so she is always a wealth of baby information. Which is awesome. And she's only ONE of the other mommies that I really like at these groups I go to.

Cuinn and I have an amazing church where we are starting to feel more comfortable at. Seriously. It's so cool to be at a church with other young families and worshiping with them. We've made a few "couple" friends. Which is weird, I will admit. Cuinn really doesn't like people (have I mentioned that?), so it's rare that we find another couple where we are both happy. Usually I love them both and he doesn't, or he finds a bachelor friend and then it's just awkward if I tag along on their boy dates. But there are definite friend potential in our new church friends. We're actually going to have dinner at one of the pastors families homes this week. So. Y'know. That's cool.

By the way, is it normal for a church to have multiple pastors? I never knew other churches did that! In the Salvation Army there is usually only one pastor. Sometimes an assistant, but I think that's even rare. I suppose they have the youth pastors occasionally as well, but I dunno. our new church has a lot of people preaching on a long rotation. It's cool though. It's kinda like a smorgasborg of pastors. One for every taste. Which is good right? I mean, everybody gets their God on in a different way. Anyway, I'll post more on this on another day.

We've also got my brother and his girlfriend here. Well, not HERE exactly, they're about 2 hours away. With no traffic. So we can't just hop in the car and hang out. It takes a little planning. But they're around. My brother is pretty awesome. He's my big brother. He protected me when I was young, he taught me a lot, probably some stuff my parents wish he hadn't of, he was my first partner in crime, and my first best friend. I look up to him. I probably don't tell him that often enough. What? I don't do feelings very well. Not outloud anyway. That's why I blog. Anyway, my point is, my bro's got my back. And I got his.

Sometimes I think we need to take a step back and look at the awesome people we have in our lives. It's easy to get wrapped up in our own crap and feel like we're all alone on this planet and that nobody is there to help. I really get down sometimes and feel like I don't have people. Then I take a breath, take a step back and look at my life. I've got a support system. I've got friends. I've got a life here. Please don't get stuck, my friends, in the "lonely loop". You feel lonely, you feel you have no friends, you don't go out, you become more lonely. It's a terrible loop to get into and once your in it, it can be so hard to get out of it. Please make sure you remember that you have people! Remember that other people feel lonely too and sometimes all it takes to get out of the lonely loop is to pick up the phone, call that new friend you made, and ask them to go for a walk. Or go for coffee. Or invite them to a movie. Just don't get stuck feeling alone. You're not. You are loved.

So, life here in our tiny little town is pretty good. 

Life is good.

Is your life good? I hope so, friends!

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