My Inspiration

My Inspiration

Saturday, 2 July 2011

Oh, Canada!!

Another Canada Day has come and gone and I have to say, this has been one of the best I've had in a long time! Let me tell you all about it.

First, Cuinn and I spent about an hour in bed with Aislynn. Playing and singing and reading and just having family time. I am LOVING the morning family bed time. It's so wonderful. When we finally got outta bed, Cuinn and I tidied up the house for company, and I made our picnic lunch for the day. We were expecting Simon, Amanda and Aidan at about 12:30, because it should only take about 2 hours for them to get here. Well, we all kinda forgot about traffic on a holiday Friday. It took them 4 HOURS to get here!! I can just imagine how crusty my brother was driving in that and being so late. 
So while we waited for them to get here, we decided to go strawberry picking!! We went to the same place we went to on Monday. We filled the same bucket, but only paid 8 bucks this time. Obviously Cuinn knows how to pick them better than I. They were delicious anyway. As we were driving home, we passed another strawberry field. Which is about 10 minutes away from our house, as oppose to the 20 minutes for the one we went to. We'll try that one next time.

While we were driving home, we went to the bank to get some cash because the pool only takes cash. And we didn't have any. I was so excited to go to the pool. It was the first time I've been, and I was just super excited. We called Simon and they were finally in town and so we met them at the pool and got all set up. When we got to the pool we found out that, since it was the pools opening weekend AND Canada Day, it was free admission! Bonus! So Cuinn and I got Aislynn in her swim suit, and lotioned ourselves up (no sunscreen for a baby under 6 months), and got out to the pool area! I didn't take any pictures of the pool because I didn't want to post pictures of people I don't know on the internet. But the pool is awesome! It's an outdoor pool, and it has a whirlpool in it. Which is impossible to get out off once you're in it! Also, if you get motion sickness, like I do, it might make you feel a little icky. Cuinn dunked Aislynn under water for the first time. I freaked out, Aislynn didn't like it, Cuinn felt supremely bad. That was the only bad part.
After we swam about for a bit, we got out of the water and unpacked out lunch and dug in. Aislynn had a nap while we munched on tuna sandwiches, chips, fresh strawberries, greek pasta salad, and my Canada Day Rice Krispy Treats. It was so yummy. I think it's so awesome that the pool allows you to bring in food so you can make a day of it. So family friendly! One of Cuinn's employee's was there with his family. 
M and L are such a nice couple and I really hope we can spend a little more time with them. They have a seasons pass for the pool, which Cuinn and I are getting for our family too, and then I can call L up and go swimming with her and her three girls. L had a 13 pounder! Can you believe that? I can't!
Anyway, Cuinn's employee was there with his family and he saw we had brought a packed lunch and said, "Oh man, what a great idea." 
I nearly cried.
It really reminded me of my mum and dad and how my mum taught me so many things about raising a family. My mum always brought picnic lunches everywhere we went. Saving us that money meant we were able to spend that money on a different treat. Because we brought our lunch today, Cuinn and I were able to go out for dinner with Amanda and Simon that evening. Instead of spending the cash on two meals, we just spent it on one. Thanks mum for all the helpful tips. 
So, after we ate, we went swimming again for a bit, then we got dressed and headed back to our place. We all hung out there for a little while and then decided we were hungry again. Swimming does that to ya. So we decided to head out to Shoeless Joe's. Cuinn and I had never been there before and Simon always like to try something new. So we piled into our cars and headed out to Shoeless Joe's where we had a pretty awesome server. Anyone who has ever eaten out with me before knows that I make every server my friend, and that night was no exception. She was really cool, and here's a shout out to her!

I had some BBQ chicken and poo-teen. Or pyou-teen, like my brother calls it. It was....alright. It wasn't fantastic but it was bad. The food wasn't anything special, but the service was awesome. I won't say we won't be back though. Mostly because we only have about 3 restaurants here in our tiny town and we won't want to go to the same one every time we go out. But, we'll probably go to it the least.
Amanda's son got picked up for the weekend by his dad during dinner, so after dinner it was just us adults. Well, Aislynn was there too, but she's a baby, and mostly just sleeps. And doesn't get embarrassed when Amanda and I do weird dances. We made a quick stop at our place for a blanket and then we headed out to the field in the middle of no where for the fireworks. Amanda and I got pretty silly, and the boys basically just put up with it. How can they not? Simon grew up with me being a weirdo, and Cuinn married me knowing that I'm a dramatic, center of attention kinda gal.

 Then the fireworks started. 
Now, I was a little worried about Aislynn. I thought she might get kinda scared by them. 
I should have known better.
She LOVED them! 
She was giggling, and staring at them with wide eyes. Cuinn managed to get a couple pics. It was hard though, as anyone who has ever tried to take pictures of fireworks knows. Well, when you have a crappy camera anyway.

It was a pretty good show. I was thinking about my parents the whole time though. My mum loves fireworks and I was remembering all our Canada Day outtings together and how silly I can be with my mum. Two more Canada Day's until she's back and we can be silly together again.
After the fireworks display, we all headed back to our house. I put Aislynn to bed (finally, after a very long day, she passed right out.), and we chatted for a bit. Since it was getting late, and Simon and Amanda had a long drive ahead of them, they headed out. 
We had a fantastic day with my family and we can't wait to see them again.
I love my country. I am so fortunate to live in a country that I am free. I can worship the God I want. I can love the man I want. I can stay at home with my daughter. I can do whatever I want. I feel safe. I don't have to worry about much. I love Canada. So much. I am so proud to be alive and well in the fabulous country!

I hope you all had a wonderful Canada Day!!


Colin said...

Great pics. I especially like the one of Aislynn watching the fireworks and you in the background. Very artistic. Thinking of you all miles away. Didn't think I would feel quite as whatever it is I'm feeling.

Just Another Mummy Blog said...

Missing you so much dad.