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My Inspiration

Tuesday, 31 May 2011

An update.

Hello my blogger friends, it's been a while!
Well, let me catch you all up.
Thursday was a big day, our little baby had her first needle. She took it like a champ. The first one was pretty easy, no tears, just a shocked look at mommy and daddy. Then she was fine. The second one was a little worse. She had a bit of a yelp and a quick cry, it was all better after a cuddle with daddy. I, on the other hand, was a little worse for wear. I was sitting in the other seat while Cuinn held her for the actual needle. I felt completely useless, then I felt even more helpless as my little baby was crying and had her biggest pout ever and all we could do was cuddle her and say, "I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry!" I hated seeing her in pain like that, even if she was a tough cookie and it only lasted a minute. I know she probably doesn't even remember the pain, but I was in pieces. I had a bit of a cry at the doctor's office (so completely embarrassing, especially with Cuinn telling me I was being silly), and then felt incredibly guilty the rest of the night. She was a completely different baby. She was asleep by the time we got her to the car and slept for hours after. But when she woke up she was so fussy and sad and crying and obviously not our happy go lucky baby. Unfortunately this was Cuinn's brother and sister in law's first day here. We were so happy to see them, but Aislynn was just so miserable that it wasn't a great first meet. Of course Cuinn and I got our first dose of parenting during a family visit reality. We kept saying things like, "She's usually so happy!" and, "She's never cried this much before." I wasn't exactly embarrassed, but I was feeling like a terrible mummy. I'm sure it won't be the last time I feel like that, but I hate that I was feeling like that in front of Cuinn's brother and sister in law. So needless to say, Thursday night I went to bed feeling pretty crappy. 

The rest of the weekend was fantastic though. We decided that (Aislynn's temperament permitting), we would head to Niagara Falls on Friday since Cuinn's brother, A, had never been before. Cuinn and I are feeling like old pro's at giving tours of Niagara Falls, having been there so many times before. Every time we go is just as great as the time before. We packed up a yummy picnic lunch (again), and L (Cuinn's girlfriend) and I waited (im)patiently for the boys to finally stop playing Mortal Kombat. We had a blast at Niagara Falls! We started with the picnic lunch that L and I prepared. Right at the falls, as usual. Then we walked down towards the Canadian falls.
 Everytime I go to the falls I am so impressed with God's handiwork. Seeing the falls reminds me of the vast power of the God I love. For Him to make something so huge and impressive as Niagara Falls then to make a tiny little baby for me is just so amazing. 
The weather was kinda yucky on Friday. Not pouring, but it rained for the majority of our visit. So we got pretty wet, then we decided to get even wetter and A and L bought us tickets for the Behind The Falls tour. We've been before, but since it was A's first time, we had to do it so he could see it. It was a good thing we brought the Sleepytime Wrap again, because we weren't allowed to take the stroller down. Not that we'd want to since it was crazy wet down there. I can't find my camera right now, so all these pictures posted were from L's camera. They're way better than mine anyway. Her camera is about 100 times better than mine.
After we saw the falls up close and personal, we walked up Clifton Hill. For those of you who don't know what Clifton Hill is, it's the big hill that's right on Niagara Falls. The kitschy, touristy area. It has mini golf, and haunted houses, wax mueseum, Ripley's and lots of other over priced places. Of course we had to head to the Fudge Shop. It's not a trip to Niagara without a stop at the Fudge Shop. L and A decided to try the Skywheel but since Cuinn and I have been on it many, many times, we decided to let the lovely couple go themselves while Aislynn, Cuinn and I waited in Timmies. After that, we piled in the car and went on home.
Saturday Cuinn and I had a previously arranged engagement (sounds fancy don't it?). It was our very good friend's birthday. He and a bunch of friends had all booked a hotel in Toronto for the weekend and obviously we aren't able to partake in all the other things they are doing but we were able to go up for a dinner for his birthday. So L and A came along too and we went to the city for Jack Astor's for K's birthday. It was a great time, then we went back to their hotel rooms for a couple drinks and games. It was a lot of fun and laughter. 

Sunday, we all slept in a little and had a relaxing morning. Cuinn had an inventory Sunday evening in Newmarket, so we all went so that we could check out Costco. I love Costco. We don't have a membership because Cuinn really didn't think it was worth it, so L and A and I all were trying to get him to see the value in it. We got there a little late and Cuinn had to go right to his inventory and Costco turned out to be closing at 5. Earlier than L and A's does where they live. So while Cuinn was counting things, the rest of us went to BP's for dessert and just chatted. I really like L (A's girlfriend), and I didn't really know her that well having only met her twice before. This visit I've gotten to know her better and I like her even more! I also learned more about what A does. He's an underwater welder, along with having other qualifications under his belt and I didn't really understand what his job was. Now I understand his life a little more too. We talked of other things as well, more personal, and it was just really great getting to know them both a little better. 
Monday we decided to head back to Costco so Cuinn could actually see it. By the time we left, Cuinn was fully convince we need to get a membership! Yay! I'm so happy about that!! After Costco, we took Aislynn to the water pad for the first time. She wasn't quite sure about it, but I think it's definitely something we'll be doing more of this summer. It wasn't as hot as it will get, but A and L were not impressed with the humidity. Good thing they didn't come in July or August. After the waterpad we headed to Wild Wings for dinner. They don't have Wild Wings out west so it was a must for L and A's visit. The boys used to go to wing night when they lived in the same city so it was nice to do that again. It was delicious. As usual. It's one of Cuinn and my favorite places to go. We had left overs and that's probably what we'll be having for dinner again tonight. I'm really ok with that. After we got home, Aislynn was pooped so she went to sleep for a couple hours while the grown ups cooled down a bit, when she woke up we all went for a Slurpee run. Another Simpson Boy tradition. It's a farther walk that their old run, so by the time we got home all of our drinks were demolished. Then we did a Bain tradition and played Phase Ten. I got stuck on 2 sets of 4 for about 7 runs which sucked, but all in all the game was pretty fun.

Unfortunately, all trips have to come to an end, and Tuesday morning came quickly. We woke up around 6ish to say goodbye to A and L who were headed more east to see L's family. We live about 4 provinces away from A and L and it makes it very hard to say goodbye because we don't know when we'll be seeing each other again. We miss them, we love them, we hate the distance. Unfortunately they are happy in their home and we're happy in ours and it doesn't look like the distance will be changing anytime soon. Thank goodness for Skype!
Anyway, we had a fantastic visit with Cuinn's brother and sister in law. It was busy, lots of walking, lots of laughing and lots of teasing. A typical visit. We're back to reality now though. This visit has given me the push I needed to get out and make a life for myself in our new little town. I'm heading to the mommy and me group tomorrow and I have been looking for other things to do as well. 
That's all for now.

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