My Inspiration

My Inspiration

Wednesday, 25 May 2011

She's growing up already...

I'm about to make a comment that makes me just like every other mum in the entire world..

My baby is growing too fast!!

Seriously! When we bought her the exersaucer about 2 months ago we looked at it and thought, "She won't be in this for so long, she's way too little." Well, Cuinn set up the exersaucer last night to save some room in our teeny, tine apartment. Cuinn sat her in it to see what she would do and she LOVED IT!! I thought she was going to be too little and not be able to touch the ground in it, well she can touch, and she even plays a bit with the toys. So while Aislynn was in her new toy, we were able to unpack her room a bit more and try to get it a little more organized. Guess what I found in her room? Her Jolly Jumper! Since we had already let her try her exersaucer, we figured why not let her try to Jolly Jumper too? Low and behold, she loves that too! She was a little confused at first when she was moving about and manged to turn herself around. She kept trying to look behind at us as if to say, "Where did you guys go?" We could see the gears working though as she was bouncing a bit in it. When I put her in it again today she even managed to turn herself back around. Boy, did she look proud. When the heck did my daughter get big enough to use these toys? Next thing I know I'll be sitting in the audience, bawling my eyes out while she graduates from university.

Here's a couple pictures of my big girl!


Krysta said...

She's so, soooo cute Sarah. Ahh.

pippasmum said...

Savour every second and make sure you capture as many as you can. I feel like I do nothing but take photos but I still end up without capturing important moments. She's so special!