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My Inspiration

Sunday, 15 May 2011

My wonderful fake Birthday

Fake Birthday? What's that? Well, let me tell you my blogger friends. My real birthday is April 30th, but since we were packing up the moving truck on the 30th, then moving on the 1st and my birthday happened to fall on a weekend that meant that we weren't able to celebrate my birthday that day. And since the next weekend was Mother's Day, Cuinn was adamant that we were going to have a DIFFERENT weekend for my birthday. So, that meant that my birthday happened two weeks after the fact. Made it kind of special though because it meant I got to celebrate twice, kind of. One my actual birthday (also known as moving day), my sort of sister in law "A" gave me a gift card for one of my favorite stores. Bath and Body works! Yay! My brother, "S", gave me a promise to take me to the final Harry Potter movie. All expense paid. Yay! Then after the move, my good friend "N" took us out for dinner to Jack Astor's. Yum!
So what did we do yesterday? I'm so glad you asked! I woke up very early with Aislynn, about 630. Which is very early for my darling little baby. She usually sleeps until about 9ish. That's alright though, we had a little mummy/daughter cuddle time on the couch while daddy stayed asleep in bed. She was so happy and giggly and lovely that it was the perfect start to my day. I really could just spend all day cuddling my little baby Aislynn. We fell back asleep on the couch for a couple hours and daddy came to wake us up and remind us that we all needed to be ready to go for 11 because he had a plan.
 Now, I just need to say, I LOVE surprises. LOVE THEM! I love the anticipation, and the wondering and the execution and then talking about it for weeks afterwards. Seriously. I love surprises! So Cuinn had kept my day a secrets and it was killing me but I was loving it. I know, it's so weird. 
Anyway, I jumped into the shower, and then, since Cuinn was home, I was actually able to blow dry my hair, put some make up on, choose a cute outfit and not have to worry about Aislynn because she was being looked after by daddy. I love it when he's home! After I was all ready Cuinn looked at the time and realized he was left with only about 10 minutes to get shower and get ready. OOPS! I wasn't really paying attention to the time while I pampered myself in the morning. Sorry babe! We were still able to get into the car by 11:05. Pretty good considering I sometimes forget how long it take us to get Aislynn in the car. 

Little side rant here: How is it, that a tiny little person takes so much time to get ready to leave the house? I have to feed her, change her diaper, pack up the diaper bag, dress her, get the stroller, change her diaper again, make sure I have everything I am going to need for the day, grab a sucky, grab an extra blanket, put her in the car and get the stroller in the trunk. All this while hoping and praying she doesn't start crying because if she starts crying then I have to sit in the back seat and calm her down or daddy gets VERY crusty driving and that's just not a good situation. How do other mother's get places on time? I don't know how they do it! I'm just not an organized person by nature, but I'm getting better since becoming a mother. I hope.
Back to the main story. So we were in the car, leaving the house at 11:05. Traffic in our little tiny town moves at a snails pace. I'm taking 15 kms an hour. Grannies with walkers probably walk faster than the cars do. Plus, it was pouring, which means everyone drives even SLOWER! So Cuinn was getting a little testy about how long it took us to get out of town. It is only about a 5 minute drive from our place to getting out of the town, but it took us about 15 minutes to get anywhere because of the slow drivers! So we finally got out of town and on the road! It's about an hour to get back to the city and Cuinn was telling me that he had a time frame for us to eat so we could get to our plans so he was stressed about the time. I was soooooo excited about going to Tucker's Marketplace for lunch. I love it there and I was really so excited about it. But Cuinn kept going the wrong way, and I was thinking the whole time he was driving, "Where the heck is he taking me? This is so NOT the way to Tucker's" but I just let him do his thing. He's a man, and you can't tell a man he's driving the wrong way. They don't like that for some reason. Anyway, we pulled into the Mandarin (Which I'm really not a fan of by the way, so I was getting a little annoyed) and I said, "See? I told you this wasn't the way to Tucker's." Ok, ok, I might have said something about him going the wrong way. Are you really surprised? Anyway, he acted all confused and said, "Y'know, I was looking for directions to Mandarin and Tucker's and I must have gotten confused, but Sarah, we don't have much more time for eating so why don't we just go in and take a look at the food and if you don't like it we can leave. I promise." So, not wanting to bicker on my birthday I sucked it up and we went in. As soon as we got in, he looks around and say, "Do you need to go to the bathroom or something?" 
Now, let me just say, Cuinn and I are pretty open with each other. We're one of those couples that doesn't lock the bathroom door, he knows that I get a period, and shave my legs and go to the bathroom. I know he does gross things too, but this was definitely out of character of him to ask. We do NOT ask each other if we need to go to the bathroom. That's just weird. But since I actually DID need to go to the bathroom I ignored it and said, "Yeah, do you know where they are?" I found them, went and did my business and came out. Couldn't find Cuinn. I looked around a bit and finally saw him in a different area and he motioned at me and mouthed that he had a table. So I went around the corner expecting to just see my man friend and my baby. Nope. There was a table of a few of my friends and a couple of co-workers from my old job. Apparently my best friend and Cuinn had set up a surprise birthday/going away from work party. Awww. So sweet. I was really surprised. It was very kind of "N" to do that with Cuinn. 
So, we ate. And ate and ate and ate and ate and ate!! Then I got a couple presents (which I still say you all didn't need to do!) and basically just visited with some people I haven't seen in a while. Then when we asked for the checks, Cuinn and my lunch was magically paid for already. We really do have some great friends and family. Thank you again all!!
After lunch, my brother "S" and his girlfriend, "A" and Cuinn and I (plus Aislynn of course) went to the mall to spend some time with another friend of ours, "K". Also, I had a couple gift cards I needed to use up and since I don't know when I'm heading to the city again and our tiny town has no shops, I wanted to use them up. So we went to the mall and had coffee with a very special friend of ours. K was Cuinn's assistant manager and he became a very good friend of ours. He is definitely someone we miss from living in the city and whenever we make it back we make it a point to go see him. He even had a birthday present for me. His birthday is coming up and we're going to celebrate with him again. Looking forward to it!! 

So after visiting with K for a bit we went shopping! I spent up all my gift cards and I got quite a bit of loot and only had to spent about 15 bucks extra! Yay! I love a good deal, seriously. I am SUCH a sucker for deals. Just ask Cuinn. 
Anyway, after we had spent a very long but very awesome day in the city, Cuinn and I decided it was time to head on home. I had gotten Harry Potter Deathly Hallows part 1 for one of my gifts so our big romantic plans for the evening were pizza and Harry Potter. Which, to us, really is a romantic date. We're geeks and we embrace it. Aislynn went to sleep early for us, which was her gift to me apparently, so Cuinn and I were able to have some mummy and daddy time of cuddling on the couch and then crashing. What? We're parents now! What do you think we do when we have some time? We sleep!! 
All in all it was a fantastic birthday! Thank you friends and family for celebrating with me! I am missing my mum and dad a lot this week and wish they could have been in the same country to celebrate with me, but such is life. Thank you friends and family for being there when I need you and celebrating in the good times! I had a fabulous birthday and here's to many more!!

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