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My Inspiration

Tuesday, 17 May 2011


Just a quick post for today.

This morning as I kissed Cuinn goodbye as he left for work I got up, brushed my hair and teeth (with different brushes, don't worry), and put on a clean(ish) tee shirt and sweat pants. Man, I am so hot, now that I'm a SAHM. No shower, sweat pants, clean(ish) shirt. Cuinn must find me irresistible. Anyway, 9:00 rolls around and the Welcome Wagon representative knocked on the door. I love Welcome Wagon! They gave me a bunch of free stuff, tons of information, and some more coupons for free gifts from local vendors! She also put me in touch with the representative that does the new baby one. So another lady will come over another day to tell me all about the local baby stuff. The new to the community lady did tell me a few family friendly places to check out  which I'm looking forward to doing as soon as Cuinn leaves me the car one day that he goes to work. I'm hoping tomorrow? We'll see anyway.

After the lady left, Aislynn woke up and was looking for some attention from mummy which I happily complied to.  I changed her into different pajama's (seriously, how fancy am I? Sweats for mummy, pj's for baby!), and we had a cuddle while she fully woke up, then she was full of conversation so we talked about all things baby. Not really. But I am loving this stage where she just babbles all day long. I can't wait until it's words that I can understand! I find myself just staring at her and trying so hard to figure out what the heck she is trying to tell me!! 

Anyway, Aislynn and I had a pretty slack day, I was hoping to get the kitchen cleaned and organized and fully unpacked today, but baby just did NOT want to sleep or be alone in her swing today. Every time I tried to put her down she whined. Cuinn and I are so lucky to have such an agreeable baby that on the days she's not so agreeable I try not to get frustrated while remembering that there are so many other mummies that have babies that cry a heck of a lot more and sleep a heck of a lot less. I'm very thankful for the present of sleeping my baby gives Cuinn and I nightly. 

Cuinn came home early today because of an inventory he had to do on Sunday night, which is always wonderful. So when he got home, he cared for Aislynn while I got to have a shower!! How strange it is that I think that is such a gift. It really is though. Our bathroom vent turns on as soon as you turn the light on, so I never feel comfortable being in there with the door shut when it's just baby and I since I can't hear her if she cries. So that means showers when I'm alone just don't happen. Since yesterday evening, as soon as Cuinn was home I pretty much hit the hay as I was feeling like the cold was rearing it's ugly head. I was dying to feel clean again. I'm grateful for my husband, who allows me to crash when I'm feeling sick and cares for our daughter. I know there are many women out there who are doing it alone, or have husbands who don't pull their weight. I have an amazing man who loves his girls unconditionally and who does more than his fair share. I am very spoiled by my amazing husband.

After my glorious shower that stayed at a constant temperature (more on that in another post!), I was able to unpack boxes!! Yay!! 

Just in case you were wondering, that was sarcasm.

I hate unpacking.

With a passion.

But I hate living in boxes just as much.

So I got the kitchen all done!! Except, I'm wondering where the box went that had all our coffee mugs went. I know we had way more mugs that my cupboards are holding right now, so I'm wondering if maybe they got put in another box with other stuff. I'm hoping so anyway. I also got the front "closet" unpacked so our shoe tree is up and a couple coats are hung. As soon as I find the rest of my coats, they'll be hung too. I've called it a "closet" because it is so tiny I don't even think it should be classified as a closet. More of a nook. I am really missing all the space we had in the city apartment. We have next to no storage here which has meant I had to throw out all my boxes. I am mourning that loss because I love to keep the original boxes. Please don't ask me why. My mum did it after every move and I've done it too, but with absolutely NOWHERE to put them, I've had to throw them out. Which has made me more sad than even I realized it would. Like I said, we have no storage so they had to go, and I'm telling myself that over and over in the hopes that I'll get over it. What a stupid thing to worry about, I know, but what can I say? I like my boxes and I'm a little weird.

Now that our place is becoming a tinier bit closer to a home I'm becoming a tinier bit closer to happy here. I really can't stand having our place such a guddle (as my mum would say). What I really need is for Cuinn to take baby out for an entire day so I can just giv'r and finish it all up, but since I'm still breastfeeding, that's kind of an impossibility. Oh well, I'll just keep plugging away, and one day soon it will all be finished and I'll have you all for some tea. Some Berry On The Run, or maybe some Georgia Peach Rooibos?

Man, quick post turned into long post, didn't it? I'm going to have to learn to stop rambling or else my one follower will stop reading.


Krysta said...

I'll never stop reading! :) Loyal follower. Hehe.

Just Another Mummy Blog said...

Yay! I'll never stop reading your blog either!