My Inspiration

My Inspiration

Friday, 13 May 2011

My first Blog!

Well, hello blogworld! So glad you could stop by! After following a few friends blogs and loving hearing about what's going on in their lives I decided maybe it was my turn! So here it goes. This blog is basically just going to be about my life, and things I like. It's more for myself and if people would like to read it once in a while, I'm cool with that! OK, enough rambling, here goes my first blog ever. Enjoy!

So this week has been a little off. With Cuinn being sick the end of last week and me being sick the whole of this week we haven't really been able to do anymore unpacking. Oh yeah, We moved! We left the city in favour of small town living for our daughter. Cuinn is a small town boy from Saskatchewan and always wanted to raise his family in a tiny town, so he asked for a transfer and here we are. In the smallest town I've ever lived in. It`s definitely an adjustment.

Good things?

It's so quiet! I hear crickets at night time and birds singing in the morning! I also hear the train all day long. So quaint.

People are so friendly. Whenever I set foot outside the door people are constantly saying hello, and waving and smiling.

Our rent/insurance/groceries/gas is cheaper!! Which is such a bonus because all that extra money we are saving can go to my crafting fund, and for our England trip in the fall

Cuinn is so much less stressed at his job. Which means he's less stressed at home. Which means much more smiles for us and much less crustiness from him

Not so good things?

It is so quiet! I'm having a hard time falling asleep without the traffic and sirens, which is probably a good thing.

People are so friendly. Makes it a little difficult to just go for a quick walk around the block since you get stopped for conversation by everyone you meet.

The whole town closes at 5. Which means when I am craving some ice cream, or realize that the craft I'm working on at 10 pm needs some more Modge Podge or a different shade of purple paper, I'm stuck.

All in all, I think I can deal with the not so good things. It will definitely take some adjustments on my part but it really has been a fantastic move. And as soon as I'm able to make this little, tiny apartment a cozy, happy home I'm sure I'll be very happy here.

Anyway, baby Aislynn has woken up and is looking for some comfort from her mummy. More later blogger friends!!!!

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