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My Inspiration

Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Our long weekend

Well, the long weekend has come and gone. This week Cuinn worked Friday, Saturday AND Sunday so that next weekend he could take the whole weekend off. Cuinn's brother A and his girlfriend L are coming for a few days, so Cuinn has worked the schedual so we can have some time with them. So this weekend was a bit of a wash since it was just Aislynn and I for most of it. But on Monday, we had a lovely family anniversary day. We started out the day in the family bed. We are a proud bed sharing family. Aislynn's favorite spot at sleep time is right in between mummy and daddy in the big bed and we love it too. So Monday morning we all stayed in bed a little longer than usual. Cuddling and giggling and having a lovely family time morning. I really cherish those moments. Just Cuinn, Aislynn and I. 
After we had our morning cuddles, we all got ready for the day. While Cuinn was showering and then bathing Aislynn and dressing her and what not I got our picnic ready. Growing up, whenever we went anywhere as a family, my mum would pack up a lunch for us. Going to Wonderland, Niagara Falls, Marineland, African Lion Safari, and many other day trips. My mum would pack us sannies, chips, pop, fruit and granola bars. I used to complain all the time. I would whine, "But muuuuuuummy, I want french fries!" Now that I'm older, and a little wiser, I see what my mum and dad were doing. Saving money on the mega big bucks lunches so that they could spend that money on other things. Like day trips. So now that I have my own little one, Cuinn and I invested in a beautiful picnic basket (5 bucks from the thrift store!), and whenever we go anywhere we pack up a lunch. So we decided that for our holiday Monday we would pack up a lunch and head to the park for Aislynn's first picnic on the grass. Unfortunatly, the only park we could find was the rinky dink playground around the corner. For all the lovely, picturesque things about our little town, it's surprising that there isn't a park. Like Harrison Park at Owen Sound. That's alright though. We laid down our blanket and ate our sannies and strawberries and our oreo puddin' cups. It was lovely!

Aislynn has been sticking her tongue out a lot lately. I have been trying to get a good picture of it because it's just so darn cute! She literally sticks her tongue right out down to her chin! Cuinn always laughs and says, "She's definitely got her mummy's tongue!" I don't know whether to love that or be embarrassed by that. I'm leaning towards loving it. 
We had a really nice time, even if it was a bit windy. We could feel a thunderstorm coming all day, it was very humid and the storm clouds were moving in. So we were taking advantage of the no rain while we could. While we were eating out Oreo Puddings (so worth the calories! They are so yummy, and only 2 bucks at Walmart, as opposed to 4 bucks at Zehrs.), Cuinn asked, "Do you think Aislynn would like this?" I kept saying No! No! No! She's too young! No! No! No! 

Cuinn gave it to her anyway. She did NOT like it. She kept looking at Cuinn as if to say, "What did you do to me? I don't like this!" So we had a giggle, and Cuinn wiped it away and all was good again.
After our picnic, we went to Walmart so I could use my 30 dollar gift card I had. I have been wanting to get "Cars" for a very long time but it's just so expensive. All the Disney movies I want to get are so much money! 40 bucks for a movie? Jeeze Louise! Anyway, "Cars" at Walmart was only 30 bucks, so I got to get another Disney movie to add to my collection. 

Now, I should explain something. I really hate the Disney corporation. When I was younger, it was just a movie. When we watched Beauty and The Beast, it was the movie. That was it. No tee shirts and dolls and video games and everything. Now it's a whole big thing. I know that this is probably a losing battle, but Cuinn and I have made the decision that when it comes to Disney and Aislynn, she can watch the movies. Well, some of them, I'm still not entirely sold on the "princess" movies. They all protray an impossible standard for little girls. Aislynn is already at a disadvantage being a girl in this day and age and all the ridiculously high standards girls place on themselves, I'm not going to help that out by showing her the "perfect princesses". Aislynn can watch the Disney movies we think are appropriate but we are NOT going to be buying her all the clothes and extra crap that Disney pushes out. It's disgusting. OK, rant over.

So after our Walmart trip, we came home and it was nearly time to get ready for our fancy dinner out! I love dressing up! I love it when Cuinn takes me out on a date, because I have an excuse to wear a cute outfit, do my hair and wear make up! Our tiny little town has a very fancy restaurant that Cuinn made reservations at. One of his staff is also a waitress at this restaurant so she set it all up for us. It was great! The food was so amazing. It was the best food I have ever had in a restaurant. It didn't taste like restaurant food if you know what I mean. It really tasted like it was homemade. I ordered pork. Yep, for those of you who know me, you read that right! I ordered pork! And I was NOT disappointed. It was just amazing.
I didn't get a picture of what Cuinn ordered, but he ordered peanut chicken. He loved it! As you can see, Cuinn and I decided to order things we don't usually order. For Cuinn to order chicken was very unusual. He usually gets a burger, or a steak, or something like that. Anyway, the restaurant was one of those places that does a set meal. An appetizer (ceasar salad for me, potato leek soup for Cuinn), an entree and then a dessert (strawberry rhubarb pie and hershey pie). Oh my goodness. The desserts. I can't even describe it. Suffice to say, the pies rivaled my mums pie. And I don't say that lightly.

After our fantastic dinner, we rolled ourselves to the car and as soon as we shut the car doors, BOOM!! There was the lightening and thunder and down pour. We got home and RAN from the car to the door, still getting wet. We got into our comfies and put Aislynn down for a nap and turned on a movie. And since it was our anniversary, we cuddled up on the couch to watch our movie and...

Fell asleep.

Yep, old married couple, right here! We fell asleep about 10 minutes into the movie. All in all, a pretty awesome anniversary weekend. Thanks, Cuinn for the memories. 


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Sounds like a nice day out though.

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