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My Inspiration

Wednesday, 2 May 2012

A Birthday Surprise!!

As promised (a day late), I'm here to talk about my fabulous birthday.

So, this year I turned 25. On Monday actually. Now, I know that 25 is really not old. At all. In fact, I think I am the youngest of my friends.

But for me? 25 was a hard one. I was kinda dreading it actually. Not my birthday of course, because birthdays mean presents. And I really love presents. I was just dreading the whole, being a year older.

I will say though, I've done some pretty amazing things in my 25 years. Which you'll hear about soon, I promise.

My hubs, is pretty amazing. And this year he wanted to throw me a surprise party! So sweet. But, being my husband, he had absolutely no idea how to go about that. So he enlisted my fbf (that's effing best friend, in case you were wondering. It's a thing.) and said, "Hey, K, can you plan this? I don't know what I'm doing."

So she did.

She invited my friends, got decorations, got me my traditional ice cream cake, made the reservation and even kept it a secret from me!

I had a bunch of pictures, but they're on my phone, and I don't know how to get them from my phone to my computer yet. But if you follow me on instagram you can totally see a couple of them!

Seriously, follow me, what are you waiting for? Also, Erin, you should follow me, because I follow you darn it!! I'm sarah_pants.

So basically, my birthday rocked my socks this year. I have fantastic friends, I have a fantastic family, I have a fantastic life.

And because I have been slackin' on the bloggin' lately, and I haven't done a Thankful Thursday lately, I'm going to tell you all 25 things that I have done in my awesome life. 25 things because I turned 25.

Ya like that?

So without further adieu...

25 awesome things I've done in my life.

1. Married my best friend.

Sigh. I was so hot that time.

2. Had the coolest baby. Of all time.

3. Graduated high school. Yeah, no big deal. I also got 98% on my grade 12 English final, which totally proved my point that teachers hated me and that's why I got bad grades. The markers for the grade 12 exams have no idea who wrote the exam, so they couldn't have prejudices about me and how little I went to school. HA, take THAT Miss Spackman. And Miss Hays. And all the other English teachers who hated me!

4. Spend a month in England with a baby and a sexy husband. And while there I got to cross 2 items off my bucket list. Cirque and the Globe Theater. 

5. Spent some time, doing the college thing, acting. It was awesome. So many really great memories.

6. Dance, acted AND sang on stage. All at once. There are many days that I miss acting. 

7. Worked with a little boy who had autism. I learned more at that job in 2 years than I did in all the rest of my years. 

8. Best family vacation ever. Florida. I can't even try to describe why it was so amazing in just a couple of sentences. It was, truly, the best family vacation ever. Not just the location, but the time we all spent together. 

Why yes, I am holding the biggest and scariest spider. Ever.

9. Another thing that I got to stroke off my bucket list happened on our honeymoon (no, not skinny dipping in the ocean. Although that happened too...). It had been a lifelong dream of mine to swim with the dolphins. Cuinn knew this, so...


10. When I was about 15, I went to music camp. Yep. I was that cool. Anyway, I went to music camp, for singing, and I competed in the singing competition. I won second place. Yeah, I'm basically an award winning singer. Be jealous.

11. Before I met Cuinn, I used to be really cool. Like, pierced, moody, smoker, drinker, y'know, that kinda cool. I was almost intimidatingly cool, I was so cool that I taught myself how to play bass guitar. So, not only could I sing, I could play bass. And who doesn't want a hot, chick bass player in their band?

12. I have seen the Grand Canyon. I have also made my mum almost have a heart attack. If you've ever been, you will know that they have walkways in the canyon that are about 6 inches thick, and there are no handrails, so basically if you trip you fall to your death. Well, my brother and I thought it would be a good idea to pretend we were falling. It was hilarious watching my mum freak out every single time. Oh mum, I'm so sorry.

13. I have been to both Disneyland AND Disneyworld. Now I just need to make it to Disney in France and I'll be good.

14. I have had, and lost, love. Yes, I married the absolute love of my life, my soul mate, my equal, but before Cuinn (yep, there was a time that I didn't know Cuinn), I fell in love with another boy. As much as it hurt, I am thankful for that experience.

15. Back in middle school I tried out for the high jump team. I made it, but then when we went to the towns track and field meet, I flopped. When you do high jump, you run to the bar, then jump. High. But, if you realize while you are running to the bar that you're not going to make it you can just keep running and circle back to the running starting line. Basically I got so nervous that I just kept running. And running. And running. Until the guy blew his whistle and I was disqualified. Oh well, at least I can say that I was apart of a sport team.

16. When I was in high school, I was on the improv team. We were awesome. See? See how much of a drama geek I was?

17. I've cooked an entire Christmas dinner. By myself. From appetizers to pie. I made it all.

18. I have donated to charity. My time, and my money. I think it is so important to have a giving heart, Aislynn will grow up knowing that we are so incredibly blessed, and there are people in this world who have much less than us. Giving back is a lesson my parents taught me, and it's a lesson that Aislynn will continue to learn too.

19. Learning how to crochet was so much fun. I loved it so much that I made two Christmas presents last year. A blanket for each set of parents. 

20. I wrote a book. Which Cuinn doesn't even know about. But I wrote it. And it's on my bucket list to maybe one day get it published.

21. My brother went to school in Winnipeg, and I love him, so I visited him. In the middle of winter. All of you Canadian's should know how much of a feat that really is. For those of you who are not from Canada? Well, Winnipeg is cold. Really, really cold. Cold, as in, all those jokes that people make about Canada being so cold? Yeah, they are about Winnipeg. Pretty sure the only reason people in Winnipeg get pregnant is because in the winter they really need to "keep each other warm" but without the " ".

22. I have found, finally, the town that my husband and I will grow old together in. After too many moves, I can absolutely say that I am the happiest I have ever been.

23. I started a blog. And maintained it. Sometimes I fall off the blogging wagon, but I am pretty proud of myself that I haven't completely given up yet!

24. I have, and will probably do again, watched all Harry Potter movies in 2 days. 

25. I'm basically the Sudoku queen. Cuinn has been telling me FOR YEARS that I would really love this thing called Sudoku. I kept saying no, because my mom really likes it, and we generally don't enjoy the same kind of games. Cuinn was right though. Sudoku is awesome. And I am awesome at it. I can do expert. Yeah. Expert.

So, that is 25 awesome things I have done. There are probably even more awesome things I've done, but these were the things I could think of right now. So here's to another 25 years of awesomeness. And thank you, all of you, who have been a part of my awesome life! I hope you all stick around for another 25.

Much love to you all!!!


Kelly said...

Yay! Happy Birthday girl!! Thank you for sharing all this fun!!!!

Just Another Mummy Blog said...

Thanks Kelly! My birthday was truly awesome this year. Thanks for stopping by :)

Rachael said...

Just stumbled upon your blog (I am new to blogging and can see it becoming very addictive very quickly!!) and am loving it! Hope you had a happy birthday!