My Inspiration

My Inspiration

Friday, 4 May 2012

A Friday Full Of Letters...

Dear Aislynn, please stay sleeping until I'm done this post. I would super appreciate it.

Dear Husband, thanks for paying rent, and all the other bills, while I stay at home with the kid, eating bon bons and watching bad soaps. Wait, that's what stay at home moms do, isn't it?

Dear Storm from last night, you rocked my socks. Seriously. Thanks for last night. 

Dear Weekend, oh wait, the Husband works both Saturday and Sunday, what weekend?

Dear Fridge, why can you not just fill yourself? Why are you so dependent on me to fill your void? Man up, dude.

Dear Toenail, could you please grow back, right now, I would love to get a pedicure and I just can't do that until you are completely healed. C'MON MAN!

Dear Daycare, thanks for looking after my kid this Wednesday. She obviously loved it, loved it so much she couldn't stop thinking about it all evening. How do I know this? Well, she ignored me all night, so the only logical conclusion is that she was too busy remembering how awesome it was to talk to me.

Dear iPhone, why you gotta be so addicting? 

Dear K, why you gotta be so right about my iPhone being so addicting?

Dear small town movie theater that will be re-opening, please don't be as ghetto as I think you're going to be. I'm super looking forward to watching movies in you and I don't want to be scared about getting knifed every time we meet.

Dear today, please be awesome.

Dear night away with my man friend on the 25th, you better rock my socks, because I am kinda wanting to back out because I'll miss my kid too much.

Dear Aislynn, I really love you kid. To the moon and back. And then back again.

Dear Husband, you're alright too.


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Ugochi said...

Hi! Your letter is interesting, and creative, and looks like you are going to make a lovely wife and mom.
Enjoy the fun!
Your newest follower!