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My Inspiration

Saturday, 12 May 2012

A Weekend Update

FYI, writing that title made me think of this:

Also, I have had a huge crush on Jimmy Fallon since I first saw him on Weekend Update. Oh Jimmy Fallon, you're a little bit geeky, and a lot bit cute.

Anyway, enough about my not so secret crushes and back to my awesome weekend.

It's only Saturday evening, and already our family weekend has been amazing. It's Mother's day tomorrow, in case you were wondering, and Cuinn actually has the weekend off. The whole weekend. As in, two whole days off. IN A ROW! You can not possible understand how amazing that is. So Cuinn and I have been taking full advantage of him having a weekend to spend with his girls and we've done a lot.

Just a heads up, this blog is going to be a huge photo dump. You're gonna love it.

I've had some birthday money, floating around in my wallet since April. Which is when my birthday is. Obviously. 

Let me just say, me keeping money unspent, for that long? Pretty sure my dad didn't believe it as he read it. But let me tell you, dad, since Aislynn's come along, a lot has changed for me, spending wise! I have SUCH a hard time spending money on myself. I love to shop for Aislynn, I love to shop for Cuinn, I don't mind doing grocery shopping anymore. Lately though, when it comes to treating myself, or even buying myself a new pair of jeans because all my jeans have holes in them? Man do I feel huge amounts of guilt. So, basically, this birthday money was supposed to be spent on me, and I needed time to allow myself to do that.

I know dad, I can practically see your jaw on the floor.

Anyway, we drove to the outlet mall in a neighboring tiny town to check out the goods. I found a couple things that I liked, but what I really liked was this new hat.

Yeah, I found the coolest hat ever, for my kid.

I did find a couple things, but I was still feeling the guilt about buying myself something, so we left, Cuinn had socks, Aislynn had a hat, Momma had her wallet full of cash.

So we went to the city, and headed to the mall where I stocked up on my fav soaps!

The Malibu Citrus is my fav of the bunch. All those soaps, for just $27. And they are absolutely the best soaps in all the world. Ask anyone.

Then it was time for some lunch, so we got Aislynn some pizza, which she thoroughly enjoyed. I got my rings cleaned, and now they sparkle again, then I went to try on some more clothes. I went to one of my favorite shops to browse in. It has so many cool clothes that I always say I am going to buy as soon as Aislynn stops being sticky and messy. I love the style, and I dream of having billions of dollars to spend on myself in that store. I went in with such high hopes.

Which was a bad idea.

Even though I want to live in this store, and own all the clothing, I didn't realize that all the sizes are off by about 2. Which my friend told me later. But that didn't help in the moment. I'm already feeling pretty self conscious about my body, and trying on clothes in the best of times is awful for a woman. It's even worse when the sizes you normally only wear on a "fat" don't fit. It was terrible. I was having such a wonderful day, and going into that change room. I had a tiny melt down in the change room. I sat on the bench and shed a tear and then thought to myself, "I can either sit here and mope about it, or I can stand up with my head held high, walk outta here, and enjoy the beautiful day with my family." 

So I did just that.

Until I got out to the car and Cuinn made some random comment about not buying anything in that store, and I had another moment. 

I got into the car, and said, "Let's just go home."

But, being the amazing and supportive man that he is, Cuinn drove us down to the waterfront and saved the day.

(This is when the photo dump happens)

Aislynn LOVED the beach. I forsee a lot of trips to the beach this summer. Luckily, her Uncle S lives in a city with a beach, so we'll be able to visit him while taking a trip to the beach.

I just typed beach a lot in the paragraph.


About two seconds after I took that last picture it suddenly poured rain. For 30 seconds. But in those 30 seconds we scooped Aislynn up, grabbed the stroller and started running to the car. By the time we had got out of the sand, it stopped raining, but we figured we may as well head home, since I needed to get ready for our friends birthday BBQ this evening.

On our way home, since I was feeling a lot better (thanks to my hero, Cuinn), I told him I wanted to stop at the outlet mall again and take the plunge and buy the things I saw there. We stopped, I tried a few things on, I felt way better about myself, and I spent the rest of my birthday money. Best part of outlet malls? I got 2 skirts, 2 shirts, a coat and a full length dress, all for $80. Yeah. Awesome.

I don't have any pictures of my new outfits, but I'll give Cuinn a fashion show tomorrow and make him be the paparazzi.

by the way, saying fashion show reminded me of this:


10 cool points to the first person to guess where that quote is from.

Finally, after our big day, we went home and I started getting ready for the BBQ.

Unfortunately I didn't get very many pictures. I didn't take any pictures of me, even though I looked really good. Seriously. I did my hair, I wore make up, I had one of my new outfits on and I looked hot.

Man, I wish I had taken a picture.

But I did take a picture of our super cool daughter in her party clothes

There were a few dogs there. A couple big dogs, and this little guy who reminded me of Dudley. Aislynn loves, loves, LOVES dogs. She was chasing the big dogs around, squealing in delight when they were licking her face, gently patting their backs. It is so awesome seeing her interact with animals. I keep telling Cuinn we need to get a dog, since Aislynn loves them so much.

Then I think about how much work Aislynn is and I really don't want to take on another pooping, eating, sleeping thing right now. So forget it.

Of course, there was food. And Aislynn loves her food. 

We met some new people, had a great time, it was awesome.

For a very busy, long day, Aislynn did so well. She really is such a trooper when it comes to big outings. I'm so proud of her and how well she adapts in any situation. She is so friendly, and open and I am so in awe of her. She really is an awesome kid.

So far my weekend with my fam has been awesome, and I am looking forward to another family day tomorrow.

I'll try really hard to take more pictures of me.

Thanks for stopping by!


Colin said...

Jaw slowly being picked up! Wonderful blog and pictures

Paul Bishop said...

That quote is from "The Office."

Just Another Mummy Blog said...

You are right Paul! Unfortunately, someone beat you to it, no cool points awarded this time.


Maybe you can have 5.