My Inspiration

My Inspiration

Monday, 30 April 2012

A Bit Of A Catch Up...

Where the heck have I been?!?!?

Well, I have so many things to share with you, because I have been oh so important in the real world.

I'm so sorry that I have neglected you my poor blog. I really do love you, but I just got sidetracked by life. I'm here now though, so that's what counts, right?

I feel like I have been abandoning my blog a lot lately. New leaf, right now, don't ignore blog anymore.


So, it's my birthday today. I turned the big 2-5. I'm going to do a post about the last 25 years tomorrow, but telling you it is my birthday is important to why I have been ignoring you.

Cuinn bought me the most awesomest gift ever. But he got it for me a couple weeks ago, which will help you understand my leave of absence.

Are you ready for it?

I got this.

An iPhone 4.

And it's pretty awesome.

I am still giddy about my new toy! I am also on instagram, so you all must follow me. Or whatever it's called when you look at my pictures. I'm Sarah_pants. Paying homage to my man friend.

I have been playing Draw Something with EVERYBODY. So find me on facebook and let's play!

I downloaded Sudoku. Do you know how awesome Sudoku is?

Now if I could just figure out how to blog on my phone, I wouldn't need to touch the computer at all anymore!

So, there ya have it. The other electronic love of my life. 

Well, for now, until I get sick of it.

Stay tuned until tomorrow, when I share with you just how amazing my birthday really was!!

For now though? I desperately need to catch up on my blog readin'. I've missed all you guys too!

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