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My Inspiration

Tuesday, 3 April 2012

A Story Of Real Life...

Once upon a time, there was a girl;

who met a boy.

The boy and the girl went out a few times. It was real sweet and innocent. The boy wouldn't even hold the girls hand until almost a month had gone by. 

They dated for a while. 

Went to concerts together, partied together, spend hang over days together.

Then they moved far away from the drinking and the partying and the crazy-ness of their old lives, and started fresh in a new province.

It was a really hard transition for this new couple (who had only been dating for a few months). The boy had a hard time finding a job. The girl took a job at her parents work. Which had it's own set of difficulties. The boy missed his family and the life he had known. The girl missed the drinking and the partying. The boy and girl had a lot of arguments about what their life was looking like, and there was a couple times where the boy was ready to pack up and go back to his home.

But they trudged through, and faked it until it felt a little more like home.

Things began to get a little easier, the more that their new province felt like home.

After a few more months, the boy started looking at engagement rings. Without the girl knowing.

Then the boy proposed, and the girl said yes.

The girl was so excited, they ran to tell her parents. Her dad already knew, since the boy had asked his permission first. The girl was so lucky to find a boy who her parents loved so much.

After the proposal there was a whirl wind of planning and excitement, until their big day.

Shortly after the boy and girl said, "I do," the boy got a promotion. So they packed up their wedding presents, and the few possessions they owned, and started their married life in the city.

Living in the city started to be a drain on the boy and girl. They were unhappy in the city. The boy was unhappy with his job. The girl was unhappy with her job. They had been trying to get pregnant for so long and it just wasn't happening. Their life just wasn't working the way they had planned. The girl started to brace herself for the possibility that a baby just wasn't in their future.

Then, finally, after so many disappointments, so many tears, a few doctor's appointments, it finally happened. In a month they had decided to stop being hurt by the disappointment. The girl ran out of the bathroom, and whispered the words to the boy.

"I'm pregnant."

The boy didn't believe her. Which was fair, since there had been a false positive before.

So the boy and girl went to the doctor, the girl had some blood taken, and a couple days later, they were told that 1 plus 1 would equal 3. The boy pounded the air with both fists and yelled, "YES!" Scaring the doctor and bringing the girl to tears. They were overjoyed at the news.

The girl watched herself get bigger..

and bigger...

 and bigger...

and bigger...

and bigger...

until she was as big as a house...

Then finally, after a long 42 weeks of pregnancy, the boy and girl welcomed the most beautiful baby girl in the entire world, into their small family.

The boy put his foot down, and said to the girl that there was no way he would raise his little princess in the city they hated so much. The boy grew up in a tiny Saskatchewan town and gosh darn it, his daughter would be raised in a tiny town too!

So the boy and girl left the city, and packed their (not so) tiny baby and all of her things up, and moved to a very tiny town.

The girl started to hate the tiny town. She was so lonely. She missed her parents so much. She had no friends in the tiny town. She had a brand new baby to care for and she had no idea what she was doing.

The boy was pretty worried about the girl and pushed her to find a mommy group to connect with.

So she did.

The girl started getting out of the house once a week.

Then a couple times a week.

She finally had her routine down pat. She got into her mommy groove and figured things out.

The boy and the girl and their amazing little girl started to enjoy the small town living and all that it had to offer. They made some really great friends. Friends who have made the boy and girl feel so welcome and loved. They have made a life for themselves here in their tiny town. Their daughter has some friends, the boy has a job that he enjoys and that is pushing him farther than he thought, and the girl has been asked to help out with a few projects in her area of expertise (more on that later). 

The boy, 

and the girl,

have come so far from where they came from.

Their story is far from over, but it's in a happy place. There have been a lot of bumps in the road for the boy and girl. Especially lately. Sometimes it feels like they'll never catch a break. Sometimes it feels like they are barely keeping their heads above the water. Sometimes, for a short moment, they turn on each other and forget that their in this thing together. For keeps. But they always, and I mean always, remember the promise that they made to each other, on May 23, 2009. The promise that, no matter what, they would face it together and get through it. Together.

This boy and girl might not be millionaires. They might not own their own home. They might not have a car with a muffler. Life might throw them hardships. But they have a love that can not be broken. They have each other. They have a happy and healthy little girl. 

Which makes this boy and girl the richest couple in all the world.


mowcow said...

That is an awesome story!!! Didn't know he hated Brampton that much :P....CONGRATS though on your happiness!!!!

- It's Juan btw lol

Just Another Mummy Blog said...

There are definitely people we know and love who still live there, he just didn't like the city. :)

Anonymous said...

Beautiful :)
Have a wonderful weekend visiting the original tiny town!
Love, Wendy